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Informative Essay

So you’ve received a task to write an informative essay. It is a quiet widespread type of essay assignment. In this sort of essay author have to take the role of expert. Your purpose is make topic clear and exciting to your readers. Therefore, you’ll need to know a lot about your topic because you will have to inform your readers on a given topic. It may seem hard but let’s try to solve this problem.

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Before writing such a type of essay, you should know all the details of your assignment. You should clarify the length and font size.

So it’s time to choose the topic of your essay. Try to make the right choice. Some pieces of advice:

Then you should research your topic well. Use only objective sources and try to look into your topic. Note what you have found. A notebook will help you not to forget the most interesting things and systematize your ideas.

Brainstorm. An ideas map will help you to distribute all the information into groups. Write your topic in a circle in the middle of a paper and then take down the most interesting ideas in circles near the topic. Then connect them with the lines. Write as more details as you can around each idea. Put these details in circles and connect them with the lines too.

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Outline your essay

When you are writing an informative essay, you need three paragraphs: introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.

Introduction. Concentrate on telling what your essay is about. Write your thesis in this paragraph. You should have some ideas, which you need to develop in your thesis to show the main direction of your essay. Attempt to start your first paragraph with a hook to interest the readers. It could be an anecdote or quotation from a famous person or, maybe, a surprising fact.

Body paragraph is the basic part of your essay. Write down the most major and interesting details. Now you've taken down the most important details. Then you should note less significant details, which are called, supporting details. They will help the reader to understand better your main idea. They can include examples and facts. After presenting your arguments, you should write a few counter arguments, which will show things from the other side. Tell the audience something new or tell common things in a new light.

Show your thesis from the other side in your conclusion. In this paragraph, you should sum up everything you've written before. Bring something new to your thesis in this paragraph or you can generalize all your thoughts. Finish your essay with a zinger.

Writing your an informative essay

Create a rough draft. Use all the information you’ve found. Don't pay attention on mistakes. You should write a topic sentence. It usually goes first and shows readers the direction of the paragraph. For example: "While some people say that animals shouldn't live in zoo because they can't live in captivity, others say that they have a good care in zoos."

Use your supporting details to make your arguments more meaningful.

Work with your rough draft. Look over it and ask these questions:

Finish your final draft. If you have the rough draft, it won’t be hard to do it. Proofread your essay. Look for mistakes and errors. To make checking your essay easier read it aloud. It can help you to find more errors and some places, which sound a little odd. If you are not sure about spelling, ask a friend of yours to check your work. He could find some errors.

Things to remember while writing an informative essay:

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