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Writing College Application Essays

Applying for college is a stressful matter, especially in the part where they call for your creativity. Many universities see this essay as one of the main documents for your admission, since they check your resourcefulness and ability to intelligently answer the most unexpected questions. These questions posed by the universities may differ from the standard: "What has been your most inspiring academic experience?" to very unconventional ones, like "You are on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean. What do you do?" In many cases writing college application essays is a challenge in itself, and often in my life I've thought I wanted someone to do my essay for me.

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Doubtlessly, before writing anything you need to think about what not to do. First of all, read the task carefully and make sure you understand it. Some colleges require a minimum or maximum of characters or words; some want you to write by hand or on the computer. Their requirements, however bizarre they may be, are the baseline of your success, so make sure you impeccably follow them. Secondly, don't let your parents do all the job concerning your college application. Be in control of the writing process and make sure you contribute to your essay, since it's your way of thinking that matters and that the admissions office is going to be looking at. Remember to always proofread and check everything thoroughly. The level of thoroughness tells a lot about your overall motivation and commitment to the college you're applying to, that's why it's so important. Finally, make sure you submit everything in advance and don't wait until the last minute of the application deadline. And be original! The best college essay tells the admissions commission what they have never read before, something original and smart at the same time.

When submitting a college application, you almost always have time to plan in advance what to write about. And that's an advantage. Address precisely the task you have, don't sidetrack on other seemingly relevant topics, and plan the volume, the structure and the content of your essay. If you don't have any upper limit for characters, make sure it still isn't too big; otherwise you can make the person who's reading it nervous and impatient. Be very succinct. I often write my paper online in a word count tool in such cases to see how many words/characters I have in order to control the volume of my essay. In terms of structure, always pay attention to the number and sequence of paragraphs. The very point of the structure is to make your essay logical, readable and easy to follow. It's difficult to disagree that, when you read just about anything in the world, you want the reading to be pleasant and easy. That's exactly what the college admissions officers think too. Make an introduction and a conclusion, and write the body paragraphs each one with a separate central idea, make sure they are approximately of the same size. Any undergraduate research proposal sample or capstone research paper has similar requirements and structure.

When it comes to the content of your essay, make sure you are original and vivid. Don't write any standard things that many of the applicants have written a thousand times before you. Make sure you stand out in the very way you're thinking. Don't be afraid to touch upon controversial topics like politics or religion. Colleges want people with their own point of view. However, remember to seem socially desirable. If you express strong negative points that may hypothetically get you into conflict with other students, it may reduce your chances of admission. Here are some points not to forget to include in your essay:

  • Put a decent "hook" in your introduction to catch the reader's attention about your personality and the story you're going to cover.
  • Use linking devices throughout your essay to connect parts of the text.
  • Don't overload your essay with difficult words. Put meaning over form.
  • Writing college application essays always involves checking if the information you provide in the body paragraphs actually corresponds to the overall topic and the introduction of your essay Stay logical and coherent throughout.
  • Make a good conclusion by summarizing the experience and stating what it meant for the society and for you personally. Make future predictions on the implications of such a conclusion. The conclusion is vital for highlighting your thinking skills as well as a moral compass.

Working on your essay also involves a great deal of proofreading and checking. Leave your essay aside for a day or two and then come back to it and reread it, making sure that the thought sequence and the entire essence of the essay make sense. Give the essay to your tutor or parents to read and express their opinion, this way you will know if other people easily understand what you meant and whether they perceive the information on the correct way.

Each year, the process of application is getting more rigorous and challenging. That’s why you need to be smarter and more original than you’ve ever been. That’s why buying an essay or a cheap research paper is such a good idea if you feel you need some assistance in the process. In any case, the college application essay is a way of saying who you are and it is important that you pay a thorough amount of time and dedication to its success.

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