What Is the Best Way to Become a Good Person?

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What Is the Best Way to Become a Good Person?

There is no complete definition of what a good person is. Is it someone who follows rules and regulations? Is it a person who has high moral values? Or just a normal helpful being. There is no guide to becoming a good individual. If you are wondering how to be a better person, then just try to become a better version of yourself. If you weigh yourself with another person, someone who might be your role model, you will only lean to look down upon yourself. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, all good things and changes take time before results show.

Who is a Good Person and How to Become a Better Person?

A good person is not someone who has all the riches in the world, or someone who drives the best car, or someone who has the best job. A good person is one who has self-awareness. You might have come across some individuals in your life who have positive energy pouring out of them.

Values Honesty

A good person doesn't hide behind a cover of lies. They value their self-esteem and will always speak their mind. Even in personal relationships, they might try to hold everything together when it's falling apart, but they won't force it on the other person or take their lies.

Outspoken But Polite

A person with a good heart will remain polite to others. Not just for their well-being, but because they are respectful. They might talk sternly, but they never use harsh words that can demean someone or play with their confidence.

Never Shies Away From Putting in Effort

Someone who is trying to be their best self will always invest effort even in little things. They put in that extra spark of effort to please others. They will help you with your homework, try to make you happy on a gloomy day, and even be the life of the party when others are low. Going an extra mile for anything doesn't bother them.

Tries to Bring Out the Best in Everything

We aren't saying that a good person doesn't experience downtime, but they don't unpack and sit in their sadness or complicated situations. They will cry once, get up and charge towards their goals. They will work with what life has given them and make the best out of it. At least as much as they can, they will do it without letting it impact their mental health.

Curb Your Anger

Start with anger management issues. Try to hold it in you when you want to hurl abuses and scream at someone else who has angered you. Know that aggression is never the answer to any of your problems. Anger deprives people of their ability to think. Be cautious and control it!

Try to Make Others Happy

We are not asking you to become a people's pleaser. At least try to make the ones around you happy as much as you can. Get them something nice to eat for lunch, help them resolve issues within themselves, listen to their story, be there for them, and surprise them. You will feel like something in your heart is changing, the warmth you start receiving from these people will be satisfying.

Be Fair

Have the same rules for others as you have for yourself. Never judge people for something that they do. Some might smoke but can be great individuals. Help them out of their problematic behavior or quit a nasty habit, but don't get on their nerves for it. Try to improve yourself more than others. Be fair in everything in life and to everyone. Not just the people who can do you a favor.

Pick a Role Model

Nothing happens without an example. Betterment also needs something to look forward to. Choose yourself a role model who you feel is a good person and has a heart of gold. It can be anyone. Don't restrict yourself to your family members, look beyond that. Follow your role model for inspiration but don't change yourself entirely.


To improve and enhance your personality, you have to accept it first. Dive deeper into understanding your behavior by yourself. Accept yourself entirely before you try to change yourself for the better. Being good is a personal choice and you will only be able to work on yourself if you know who you are and how you are the way that you see yourself.

Change Your Attitude

Have a positive outlook on everything that happens in life. You can't control external negativity, but the negativity brewing inside you is something you and only you can control. Be sensible and realize that you will only hurt yourself and others if you spill this out and end it the moment it begins. A bad attitude will drive people away from you and yourself away from the true essence of your personality.

Focus on Small Acts that Can Make a Difference

Making a difference doesn't mean solving the problems of two billion people together. The world is turning into a weird place for us to live, why not start with the environment to help everyone have a fresh surrounding? Many such tiny things can be seen as positive.

  • Clear the trash;
  • Avoid the use of plastic;
  • Don't liter;
  • Teach children basic manners;
  • Help an old person clear a mess they have made;
  • Educate people about the environment.

Shower People with Compliments

Imagine you're having a bad day and someone compliments you. It can be about anything like your dress sense, your smile, your hair, your perfume, your habits, and so on. You would feel nice, right? Then why not do it for others? Everyone in the world is looking for validation. Never let go of an opportunity to put a smile on the face of a stranger.

The Abilities of a Good Human Being

Becoming the best version of yourself isn't something that anyone else can force on you, it must come from within. It might be a long and time-consuming process, you might even feel like quitting after some time, but you must stay strong and keep striving for your betterment. To help you, we have shortlisted some of the traits of abilities of good people.


Self-improvement requires us to know how to share items and memories with others. Selfishness will only take away from your aim of betterment. Try to value the things that matter, like people and happy events. Sharing one thing with someone like a sandwich or your homework notes, or just showing concern for the wellness of your co-worker can reflect your generosity.

Trying to Understand Other People

Social media can be misleading at times. People go through a lot in their personal lives. So always be mindful of the fact that emotional intelligence is key to understand and help them. Be there for others, help them out when they feel alone.


Such people are persistent. They don't believe in living a haywire life. They will not sleep for sixteen hours a day, work a bit, and then go out. They know they have responsibilities and will also be consistent about taking time out for their well being. They are consistent when it comes to responsibilities as well as self-care.

Seeking True Happiness

If someone isn't happy in their own life, they can't possibly reflect positivity and kindness towards others. So, a good person values happiness and knows how to keep themselves happy. They would help others to feel satisfaction in life that they used their existence to make a change in the world. They find happiness in small things like watering plants, going to watch their favorite movies, a small appreciative gesture by a loved one, or their boss for good work.

Learn From Mistakes

Such individuals will learn from their past. They don't constantly feel bad about their mistakes, but they do change their strategy and thinking to avoid failure again. It is not playing safe, it is called playing smart and changing yourself according to the need of the hour. A good person sees the value of what a mistake can teach them and the people around them.

Ability to See the Bigger Picture

The present moment might be enjoyable, but they don't lose focus in the heat of the moment. They know their end game and will work for it. The sky is their limit when it comes to developing a bigger picture for the best life. Small talks are of no interest to them. They would rather spend their time working and helping others.

Maintaining Their Manners

The value of good manners is matchless. The ability to not react to every inconvenience is what manners are. They will avoid people who throw harsh words that hurt like bricks and stones, instead, they will use these things to build themselves. They don't misbehave or treat others badly to feel superior.

Your aim to become a better person is one of the best targets you could've set for yourself. It will completely change your outlook towards life and the situations you face. Go over this article to make sure you are well-prepared for whatever comes towards you. It may not be easy, but you will surely but slowly transition into the best version of yourself.

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