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Whether you are applying for a work position or internship, you must be wondering how to provide the best cover letter you can. If you are not sure what it takes to produce a cover letter that will bring you onto the path of success, turn to Studybay's professional cover letter writing service. More info below!

Outperform Competition With Studybay's Cover Letter Writing Service

An average hiring manager sees hundreds of job applications daily. What can make you stand out from the crowd of talented candidates? A well-made CV, good work experience, and a great cover letter, obviously!

Essentially, a cover letter is a one-page document that you attach to your application to provide additional information to the potential employer. However, in fact, it goes far beyond being informative and gives you an opportunity to unveil more about your personality and motivation.

Our professional writers at Studybay know what a struggle job search can be. After all, it takes approximately 100-200 applications to get a job offer! Luckily, we are aware of the powers of a masterfully written cover letter and offer our expertise and help to our clients. Our cover letter writers will happily assist you in your job search as you try to win the recruiters' attention. So whether you need to review and upgrade your cover letter or create one from scratch, you're at the right place.

To get started, fill up the order form and wait for our prompt response or to reach out to our experts directly. But that is not where the process ends because you'll receive much more than just a piece of paper. You'll be carefully guided through all the steps of composing a cover letter - from gathering ideas to final editing touches.

Years of Successful Cover Letter Writing Service

Our authors have produced over 12 million written works since 2013 and have managed to maintain an impressive client satisfaction rate of 96% throughout all these years! We make your success our priority, so each and every expert employed at Studybay will put maximum effort when working on your request. Therefore, you can be confident when deciding to pick Studybay as your job application helper.

Custom Offers for Cover Letter and Resume

Studybay's talent pool consists of over 50,000 experts in a variety of spheres, including job search. That's why you are sure to find an author who will be able to guide you through the whole application process, from updating your current resume to producing a personalized cover letter tailored to the job description of the workplace you are aiming for. You can also rely on them for all additional services that come with the offer - proofreading, formatting, or anything else.

Boost Your Application Success Chances With Studybay

Why opt for a professional resume writing service or qualified cover letter help? Here are just some of the reasons why it is a great idea:

  • It helps you make the best of your time even when you have urgent tasks.
  • It helps you figure out how to go about formatting and templates, while also leaving some time for preparation for common questions during job interviews.
  • It spares the stress of thinking about whether your CV and cover letter turn out to be of high quality.

The list goes on! Simply describe to us the specific job you're applying for in as much detail as you can and rely on Studybay for comprehensive guidance.

Transparency at Every Step of the Process

We absolutely understand if you wish to participate in the writing process of your cover letter! Whether you want to make corrections to the first draft or wish to add extra information when revising the cover letter, you can count on our understanding and eagerness to perfect the result. That is why you are more than welcome to keep in contact with the expert you hired and request free revisions, should those be required.


How Long Does It Take for a Cover Letter to Be Ready?

The writing process of a cover letter typically takes one to two business days. However, we do take urgent orders as well, so you could request having your cover letter to be completed in a matter of hours.

Keep in mind that the more time you set aside for the work to be done, the less stressed you will be. Besides, remember to leave yourself a slot in the schedule to review the result and request changes if needed.

Is It Fair to Use Studybay Services?

Absolutely! Applying for a new job is a lot of work, so there is nothing wrong with asking for help because you're not just handed the finished letter without your involvement. Studybay cover letter and resume writers are happy to provide you with assistance on your journey to your dream job! We always follow the Honor Code and keep all your information private.

What Job Positions Can Studybay Assist Me With?

Whatever position you're applying to, whichever the niche - Studybay is here to help. You could request our assistance, no matter if you are looking for an internship, seeking to apply for an entry-level position or a senior manager role. You can even get professional advice from career coaches on our platform!

Does Studybay Guarantee I Will Be Hired?

As much as we would love to guarantee the success of your application, unfortunately, we cannot do that. After all, the hiring process depends on a variety of factors.

However, what we can promise is that your application will follow the best practices of applicant tracking systems, making you a noticeable candidate for HR. Studybay is among the best cover letter writing services, so you can rest assured that our experts will give your job application a boost in the right direction.

Can I Afford Studybay's Cover Letter Writing Service?

Most likely, yes! We know that job seekers are typically on a tight budget, so we keep our pricing reasonable. Whether you need the best resume or an outstanding cover letter, we are here to provide it without any unnecessary charges. The price you pay is the compensation for the work of our experts with years of experience - nothing more. Also, we hope you enjoy our welcome discount: you will receive a 15% discount on your first order at Studybay.

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