Writing a Marketing Paper With a Bang!

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Writing a Marketing Paper With a Bang!

Marketing is a trendy college and university course since it is the profession of the future. Thousands of people take it yearly, even if they are going to work in other fields. It is essential to know how to create your brand, promote it, develop the pricing system, and interact with customers.

Pursuing a marketing degree, you will regularly deal with various creative assignments. Students should generate new thoughts and ideas and be able to formulate them on paper. If you want to impress your professor and become a decent expert, you should read this article. We’re going to share top-notch tips to help you with your academic papers. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your writing skills!

What is Marketing Paper?

To understand what the paper is, you should start with the definition of the marketing itself. It is the process of attracting prospective customers interested in the services you offer or products you produce. The main word here is the “process” since there is no final point. Marketers are continually conducting research, looking for insights, and new opportunities to promote.

As a discipline, it focuses on the study of market and client behaviors. It is about psychology and technologies simultaneously since its primary goal is to interact with people, have an impact on them, satisfy their needs, and exceed their expectations.

What Kinds of Marketing Papers Exist?

Studying at a college or university, you face various written assignments. They may have different structures, goals, challenges. In any case, you should work to develop particular skills that are important for any student. You can’t work with customers and offer them something if you cannot come up with convincing arguments, find the necessary information from reliable resources, and generate the call to action. It is crucial to understand different formats because some day you will need marketing coursework help online.

Marketing Essay

Usually, it is a 5-paragraph paper that includes your reflection on some marketing-related topics. To make the task more specific, your professor may ask you to write a descriptive essay, an argumentative one, a piece of cause and effect, etc. You may analyze some famous books and provide your analysis or review, compare different promoting strategies, write content about challenges modern marketers face developing their business, etc.

Marketing Case Study

This assignment is a bit more complicated than the previous one. Your task is to choose the case (successful or not) and to write about it. The primary purpose is to work through your analytical skills, understand the reasons for a particular event, why it is essential to write about, and the consequences. Some business case studies may be theoretical when you need to find the information in books, articles, the Internet, different other resources, and analyze it. But many marketer students deal with a practical task when they have an internship in the company, and should define its issues to offer some creative solutions. This task requires not writing skills only; you should be able to evaluate circumstances, determine the company's strengths and weaknesses, and come up with actionable decisions.

Marketing Research Paper

Marketing research papers are pretty different from other students’ assignments. It would help if you had weeks or even months to complete the task, depending on your professor’s requirements.

The first necessary thing is the research question. You have a problem (or you need to formulate it yourself), and your task is to explain its importance and relevance. You may use a research proposal template to create your one. Once the professor accepts your ideas, you need to conduct full-fledged research that includes several stages. Develop your hypothesis, look for the information, speak with professionals, analyze your target audience, and take various other measures to prove or decline this suggestion.

Quality researches can’t be just thoughts from your head. Everything you write should be evidence-based and have a particular value. Submitting your marketing research paper, you contribute to the field. It is also important to format the document correctly, according to the style accepted in your scientific community.

Marketing Term Paper

The term paper may be the voluminous and the most challenging document you’ll deal with. It combines features of the research paper, essay, business case study, and so on. The main idea is that you synthesize all the knowledge you’ve gained during the course. Perceive this task as a vast project that consists of different stages. If you aren't sure whether you can come up with it on time, it would be better to accept professional help.

How to Write a Marketing Term Paper

Firstly, you need to define the writing process stages and set your own deadlines for each of them. According to the format style, you should come up with:

  • title page;
  • table of contents;
  • introduction;
  • main body;
  • conclusion.

Some professors also require you to provide a bibliography with the list of resources you’ve used.

Writing a term paper, you should focus on your main topic and work it through different angles.

The Right Marketing Paper Structure

It is not a secret that each business paper you write should be structured. It is crucial for you as for the author, and for your readers as well. Imagine that you need to read a messy unclear article. Most likely, you won’t go beyond the first couple of paragraphs. And the structure is especially important when it goes about the academic paper. It shows how organized and responsible you are. That’s why you should follow the next tips.

Winning Paper Introduction

A good introduction is half of your success. Your goal is to grab the readers’ attention, to show that you’re going to offer something interesting.

Of course, the introduction primarily depends on the type of paper you deal with. But overall, you should explain the importance and relevance of the topic, what impact it has on your content. Why have you chosen it? Are there some significant issues? How can your readers benefit from the information you’re going to provide them with?

If you’re writing an essay, you may start with an exciting hook, e.g., the rhetoric question, or a joke. Working on the case study, find the non-banal fact about the company or marketing event. However, marketing research and term papers should be more reliable, and business-oriented.

Great Paper Body

The body is the most informative part of your content. In most cases, it consists of 3 paragraphs.

Your main task is to develop the thesis statement: the point of the whole paper. It may also be called a marketing research question. You need an issue to provide a solution.

It is then important to know that though all your body paragraphs should support this thesis statement, each of them needs its idea. Remember this rule: one paragraph one idea. If you have more, get rid of those that are not good enough. It is better to focus on quality, not on quantity.

Paper Conclusion

This is a place where you can summarize your thoughts and provide some final ideas. Imagine that your readers finish the paper and think, “So what?”. Answer this question for yourself. What did you want to say? Did you succeed with your initial goals? Why yes? Why no?

Try to make your conclusion inspirational. Come up with a call to action or some ideas your readers may follow to find out more about your topic.

Marketing Paper Topics For Your Inspiration

It is not so easy to come up with a decent topic. Your professor may tell you what your marketing research paper should be about. However, most likely, the choice is up to you since you should analyze the field and understand what your audience wants to read about. It is also essential to choose the topic you like. If you’re not interested in your writing, you’ll never create a good content. It may be structured, literate, and so on, but without passion, it will be just boring and an ordinary one.

We have prepared a list of great topics you may choose from.

Marketing Essay Topics

  • Factors affecting shopping behavior in the USA.
  • Who is a marketer? Pros and cons of this profession.
  • What is brand personality, and how to develop it?
  • Can brands interfere with political campaigns?
  • The importance of understanding purchasing psychology for marketing research.
  • What kind of behind-the-scenes marketing strategies are not ethical?
  • Basic principles of the word of mouth, pros, and cons of this strategy.
  • How can marketers learn from the mistakes of their peers?
  • Why do fashion brands overcharge?
  • The unpleasant consequences of deceptive advertising.
  • Entering new markets: main risks.
  • What are the differences in consumers from the US, Europe, and Asia?

Marketing Research Paper Topics

  • Banking ethics and marketing.
  • How to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Do gender differences affect purchasing behavior?
  • Why do people make impulse purchases?
  • Is social media the best platform to promote the product?
  • How are social media changing marketing?
  • Why should companies ignore Black Friday?
  • How to communicate with different audiences of buyers?
  • Pros and cons of telemarketing.
  • How to attract your first thousand followers?
  • Building the multilevel marketing.
  • How to use gadgets to influence consumer decisions?
  • Marketing success: a strong leader or a good team?
  • How can loyalty programs increase your sales?
  • Working with influencers: the main pitfalls.
  • Changes in purchasing behavior depending on the era.
  • Promotional strategies for children's products.
  • Is marketing unethical?
  • Differences between B2B and B2C marketing.

What Are The 4 P's Of Marketing?

Marketing is a lot like preparing a gourmet meal. The chef mixes certain ingredients to get the final result. Each of them, be it a hot sauce or a pinch of salt, are very important. If you miss any of these or out of proportion, you go wrong with your meal.

When you do marketing, you also mix different ingredients. Perhaps you have already heard about them, and now you want to know more on what are the 4 p's of marketing, and how you can use them to make your meal perfect.

You should know that this concept was developed by a professor from France, Edmund Jerome McCarthy. His revolutionary for 1960-s year approaches were focused on the challenges people in this profession face and on solutions that may help them. Read more about 4 crucial ingredients you can’t ignore.


At the time of Edmund Jerome McCarthy, one of the biggest problems was to decide where to locate your product. Consumers, entering the shop, should have seen goods immediately. It is the secret of the bright Coca-Cola’s label. The place where you first meet the product is of high importance.

These days the main principle is a bit different. Most consumers use the Internet to look for products they need. And when you have not the shelf in the supermarket only, but billions of other websites and social media platforms, choosing a place for your offer is a bit challenging.

Think about your target audience and the places it visits. Your task is to make it easier for them to find the thing you promote.


There is a reason that a product that costs $99 is more attractive than the one with a price of $100.

The marketer needs to come up with a price that is affordable and profitable at the same time. Even though there is only a dollar difference, people unconsciously think they have found a better deal.

Developing a price offer you should consider:

  • Your costs for the production and promotion of goods;
  • The prices your main competitors have;
  • The market features analysis;
  • Supply and demand.

But these factors aren’t the only strategy you should follow. Sometimes you may artificially change the price, even losing immediate benefit to your company to increase customer loyalty.

Working on your marketing case study, you can find an example when companies ask more for their products than they cost. There is no need to look for examples: most fashion brands offer pretty expensive clothes compared to almost analogical ones from the mass-market. And people are ready to pay for them.


Without a doubt, the product is the most critical ingredient in your meal. You can’t do anything without it. Of course, you can start with an idea and gather money at some platform like Kickstarter, or attract investors with your minimum viable product. But it is impossible to build your customers’ community without any idea about your product. It is the lifeblood of your company.

And of course, it is not just enough to have it. You should know its value, its uniqueness. Why is your product better than the competition? Why should customers choose it and pay for it? If you have answers, you can build your marketing campaign on them. But if you don’t, your meal will definitely be spoiled.


This is the fourth P and the most creative one. It includes various types of interaction with your prospective customers, such as online ads, social media marketing, collaboration with influencers, etc. Some methods are explained in marketing manuals, while others may be just a fruit of your imagination. Marketers should always keep abreast and communicate with their target audience. It is important to know everything about modern trends, know-how your consumers live, what they feel, what they dream about, and so on.

5 More Actionable Tips To Go

You should know that if you want to get an A-grade and impress your professor, you need something more than just come up with a good essay. It is important to make it outstanding, to add something that your fellow students haven’t. That’s why we have prepared some additional tips that may inspire you.

Go Back To The Origins

You may think that marketing is a new science that is tightly related to the Internet, social media, modern gadgets, and so on. However, it appeared and developed long before that. If you don’t know which channel to use for promotion, you can’t imagine how difficult it was in, for example, the 1960’s. People had limited opportunities, and therefore needed to create something really unique. That’s why you should go back to the origins. Read about Philipp Kotler, who was the first person proposing the societal marketing orientation. Or discover the history of the Coca Cola and Pepsi confrontation. How did they start and conquer their audiences? Reading these cases, you may come up with some interesting insights.

Be Creative

It is not so easy to be creative when it goes to computer science or chemistry. But marketing students are fortunate. You can make any suggestions you want. It doesn’t matter that they sound crazy if you can support your ideas with some evidence. Think deeper and try to find something that wasn’t used before. Marketing is always about creativity.

Organize Your Time

The bad news that even if you’re a very creative person who considers one’s profession to be an art, you should be familiar with time-management. Your professor expects that you’ll deliver your content on time. You may have the best marketing research paper, but it doesn’t mean anything if you submit it with a delay. Make sure you know how much time you need to finish the writing. Don’t wait until the last week since you’ll need a day or a two for the next tip.

Don’t Forget About Proofreading

Writing the content, you should follow the flow of your thoughts. Don’t let any distractions bother you. If you’ve organized your time well, you still have the opportunity to read your paper several times and get rid of all your mistakes. It goes about grammar, punctuation, syntaxis, logic, and other aspects. Once you’ve finished the paper, let your brain have some rest. Then get back to the text and make it flawless.

Ask For a Professional Help

If there was a place for one more character in the 4 P’s, it would be E that stands for experience. You can read many textbooks, study cases, manuals, interviews with the best marketers, and other resources. But all this information doesn’t work until you try it.

And when you need to come up with your content as soon as possible, you can’t experiment and take risks. You need a proven result right now. That’s why you may need marketing assignment help. Send your requirements and enjoy the custom paper written from scratch just for you!

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