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One beneficial method used by professors/teacher to provide an appropriate study process is the use of articles. In the world, where you can find an article for any needed and tiny topic, you can rely on articles and learn from them quiet productive. Your assignment of writing a review directly depends on the complexity of the chosen article. In case of complicated and detailed article, you need to follow a certain structure not to miss the important details, and it can be a heavy job sometimes, especially, if you write your first article review. You can find a similar article review example and present it as your own, but nothing saves you from being accused in plagiarism. To avoid such consequences, you need to pay enough attention to the subject and be as careful and plain as you can. That is why we would like to offer a presentable solution. Our team of professional writers is ready to produce a high quality article review example at a procurable rate. We know what a major of professors/teachers are looking for in academic papers, and we would like to share this knowledge with you. We are able to take into account all tiny details of your request and provide you with a written article review example that is following the necessary requirements.

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Each article review example has a certain topic behind it and some examples are poorly illustrating the main idea of how to write the actual reviews. However, a certain structure and the sequence exists in each article review example, even if it can be hard to detect.

  • First comes a title of your review. You can use different styles for that, either declare or describe your title. The general question is also a good approach.
  • After titling your work, it is advised to show a citation from the article, which provides a good idea of what is it about.
  • You need to give some exact information about the article. Identify the author, the actual heading of the article and a year of publishing.
  • Each review example contains introduction. That is the preview of the whole work. You need to introduce the main topic of the article in a more certain way. Key arguments and author’s points of view should be mentioned as well. The main ideas are not always lay on the surface, so, it may not be simple to identify author’s thesis and you need to put enough effort for it. The quality of your further review will depend on how well you diagnosed the thesis, which can have multiple points. Given task would be easier, if you studied thesis methodology sample Some article review examples suggest to write your impression, which introduce your critique, but in that case, you should remember to use formal style which explains ideas in third person. The introduction length is up to 20% of your review and the last part should support the mentioned above and give an idea about next steps.
  • The best article review example is the one which is easy to read and understand. Therefore, you do not need to give some specific examples in your main body, but concentrate on the key arguments and claims. As each article review example provides enough proof/support for understanding the issue, you should do the same by organizing quotes from the article and the arguments plain and well-structured. Paraphrase and assess conclusion of the article and provide a clear opinion on it. Even if your article is a business case study, you are required to be enough persistent to provide some good conclusions for further research.
  • This part is mostly based on previous paragraph. In here, you need to criticize the article on different questions. «Was the article well-organized? How clear the author presented the main arguments? Is the writing style for the article chosen right?» and many other. You can give your formal opinion on the points, but it is not advised to talk about your preferences. No «likes» in this part. Do not forget to support your critique with argumentative statements. The right approach can develop your Critical Thinking and Study Skills homework help will be needed only in complex tasks.
  • In the last paragraph you summarize the main points of the article. The right article review would have an opinion about the importance of the article in a given field, the statement about article’s structure, (how well the arguments are organized) and the possible future research based on it. This part should not be long, approximately 10 percent from the whole review. Do not forget to reread your review especially, three last paragraphs. If you have a relevant article review example, it could be useful to compare two papers.

Listed above can be considered as an excellent structure of article review example. Many variables depend on what professor is expecting to see in your review, and whether you were given special writing requirements or not. However, you will find some similarities in perfect article reviews, because a good work demands to be well-structured, clear and consistent. Our team of writers is able to follow all these rules and requirements. You can get help in writing high quality article reviews as well as essay proofreading service. We have different knowledge about paper’s formats, including turabian paper example. You pay for essay to professional writers, who can make an exemplary work following all required standards and rules.

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