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Capstone Project

It is a well-known fact that all high schools and colleges present the Senior Capstone Project as an extremely significant and beneficial experience that prepares their students for further education and life in general. What is a Capstone Project? First of all, it is an information-gathering work followed by a public presentation; the essential and leading purpose of this work is to demonstrate the qualification of senior students, as they venture into the real-life professional realization of their learned abilities. Every student must show their readiness for an immersion into the field of potential interest. The performance of an ideal Senior Capstone Project is not circumcised by choosing a dull scholastic project theme and speech topics. On the contrary, the project should be based on an intensive communication with salient scientists and professionals in the student's sphere of interests. Students establish connections with social, health, scientific, art and business facility experts in order to create original ideas related to their college or school majors.

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Usually, the immersion of students takes place in their selected field as follows: future medics go to an actual hospital; students of law are allowed to visit a courtroom while an active trial is going on there; future musicians prepare to play a full-length recital. It is recommended for students to keep a daily journal, where their reflection of the Capstone experience should be diligently written. Later, the journal will assist the student in reviewing and providing fully all the details for the Capstone paper, as well as these notes will provide help writing an essay for the final public presentation.

What is Capstone project: requirements for writing and presentation

A proper and thorough Senior Capstone Project begins from the student's preliminary work during their Junior year. At the beginning of the project, each student should be coordinated by the faculty adviser. The adviser succors students in choosing their particular interest and goal for the future work and undergraduate research. Most commonly, the Capstone Project consists of two important parts: a written paper and a research presentation that must be carried out in a public professional forum. Let us see what stylistic and content requirements these parts impose:

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I need to write a paper: useful final recommendations for your Capstone work

Usually, the initial time when you are given the Senior Capstone Project is quite far from the deadline. Therefore, you have all chances to accomplish it successfully and timely. At first, contact your project Supervisor immediately and consult with them about goals and specifics of your creative/investigative work. There is no necessity to tell them directly - help write my paper, please! - because on the preliminary stages the resources for your Capstone is the first thing to consider. Discuss the nuances of your project organization: what institution or facility will be serviceable to work with? What kind of plan, schematics or basic artwork do you need at the beginning? How long does it take to assemble all the elements into the functional prototype?

So, what is Capstone Project? It is a unique and fascinating opportunity to create a real-life showcase of student's artistic, researching and/or academic abilities. You should not dread this exclusive chance to expose your creativeness and artfulness. Prospective employers appreciate open-minded young people, who boldly present their innovative solutions to considerable real-world problems.