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We have said that the capstone projects are mainly used in high school, middle school, and the universities. When they are used in the high schools, they are mainly used for the purpose of preparing the students for life in the colleges, their career in life and how to make informed decisions in life too. A high school capstone project is meant to push the students into an investigation into a specific area. However, this must be an investigation into something that has never been done before, at least in their immediate environment. Now, you have to know that a capstone project is not the same thing as s creative writing coursework because it involves getting down to look into something and not just writing on something that comes to your mind. In the high school capstone project, the emphasis lies more on the investigation done by the student, how it is done and the outcome of the investigation than on how the investigation report was written. The manner of presentation of the report containing the capstone project result is even more valuable than whatever that is written down. However, this does not mean that the result should not be written properly. Because of the fact that this is a high school project, you are not expected to write something that is as complicated as those written with the college paper styles like APA paper format. But you are still expected to write it with a good format as instructed by your teacher.

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When you are nearing your final year in the high school, you should start thinking about something you have never done before, which you really want to do. It can also focus on something, which you have engaged in previously but want to take to a different level this time so as to garner and showcase a new level of mastery. It is advised that you start thinking about this in the fall of your senior year in high school. This may be the time you enroll in the project depending on the type and duration of the project you want to do. Your high school capstone project can come in several forms. You can choose to do a thesis as a result of a field research or an independent study conducted by you. You can also opt to engage in a performance or an art opening. Some students according to their interest opt to go for an internship program while others will choose some other non-streamlined educational experiences. So far as this involves an investigation that will give the students new knowledge and increase their mastery of a particular field, it is acceptable. We can help you in choosing the project that will be good for you in high school. When your friends come with the questions, can you write my research paper, you should just direct them to us. We will not only help in writing research papers for them; we can even conduct the research for them if they wish. It does not end there, all types of writing services are offered on our website. So, you can even get an NSF grant proposal guide from us.

The high school capstone projects are meant to offer a critical learning experience to the students and to teach them how to solve problems intellectually. With this, students can gun for social change, and make meaningful contributions in their communities. The major point is for enhanced community service, and this element must be there whenever you are considering the high school capstone project ideas to go with. When you choose the idea to go with, you have to bear in mind that any idea you choose will leave you in the position of an expert, where you are expected to make evaluations and synthesis of your experience. This is not an area where people are aided. No, students can get guidance from experts, but not aided to come out with results. It must be the brainchild and handiwork of the students. The function of the school is to offer the students the resources that will give them intellectual and personal challenges. The major competencies on test in high school capstones include data mining and gathering, data analysis and data reporting skills. They are given the chance to integrate and interweave their learning in real time and unpredictable practical situations in the real world setting. Our capstone project helps to ensure that all these competencies are taken into consideration. However, there is no academic service that is too small or too big for us. We can teach you how to make a cv and we can as well offer excellent book report examples.

The problems being investigated must be ones that are meaningful to the students and they must be related to the field of careers that the students are looking up to in the future, solving a particular problem in the field. The high school capstone projects are never done for the sake of doing them. They must be beneficial to students in the long run. The student must pick one adult as his advisor from the advisory community and this adult must provide the project context to the student. When you are investigating and writing your project, you have to work with the acceptable report rubric. As much as you are doing this not just to gain points but also to learn and master something, the rubric will show you the areas to focus on, which will also help you to come out with the best outcome in your experiment and investigation. The format for the writing will include the abstract, the speech outline of PowerPoint presentation, a summary of the articles or the synthesis, the explanation of the primary source, visual documentation, experiences during internship and others. Before you choose a topic, you must ask yourself some pertinent questions.

  • Will you get enough challenge from the topic?
  • Are there people around you who you can approach to help you within the course of the project?
  • Is there a long term project interest inherent in the chosen topic?

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