How To Make Your Valentine's Special in 2024

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How To Make Your Valentine's Special in 2024

Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to make life a bit more romantic. It is like a kindly reminder that there are people who we love and who deserve to see how we can express our feelings and emotions.

It's hard not to deny that marketers in the United States have spoiled our perception of the most romantic day of the year, but it doesn't mean that you can't organize the date night in your way. Being a student, you hardly want to spend a lot of money to celebrate, and you actually shouldn't: this day is just about feelings and emotions. Especially this year, when the whole planet is stuck at home, a change of scenery is just a must.

So, whether you are spending St. Valentine Day with a significant other, having a date with yourself, or hanging out with friends, here are some interesting ideas you should try.

Evening with Netflix

All we need from the last winter month is a bit of relaxation. Though sleeping all day long isn't the best idea for Saint Valentine's day (however, we won't judge you), the second thing we offer is Netflix. Fortunately, it has a lot of shows for every taste.

We have made a list of the most romantic movies and shows for students so that you shouldn't spend hours thinking of how to impress your Valentine:

  • Pride & Prejudice;
  • Leap Year;
  • Holidate;
  • Notting Hill;
  • Bridgerton;
  • Dating around.

Some movies like Bridget Jones's Diary or Eat, Pray, Love are just perfect if you're spending Valentine's Day alone. It doesn't matter actually if you've already seen them, it is a day to make you relaxed and happy, not to expand your horizons. Marketers even have the name for the holiday for girls who don't have boyfriends. It is Galentine's day that is celebrated on 13th February. Don't miss the opportunity to spend time with your student friends.

Enjoy Cooking for Two


You shouldn't cook alone or wait until your partner comes up with something tasty. Just do it together, and think about trying some interesting receipts, not something you're used to eating daily. What about Asian food? The Italian one? The good idea is to cook from ingredients that are considered more “romantic” than others, e.g., seafood, cheese, fruits, etc. Open a bottle of wine before you start to keep things simple.

Remember that the point is not to prepare a culinary masterpiece but to spend quality time together. Play with flour, feed each other, taste blindfolded, and so on. If something goes wrong, you can always order a pizza. But the courier will never deliver you emotions from spending time together doing something amusing.

If you both are not pretty experienced in cooking, try some virtual cooking classes. There are masterclasses from chefs from all over the world who share their secrets and tips so that you can prepare a restaurant-quality meal with ease.

Craft Valentine's Day Gifts


When was the last time you did something with your hands? February 14th is the perfect day to restore long-lost sewing skills, origami, drawing, pottery, etc. You can make Valentine's day cards, paint your beloved one's portrait, or write a romantic poem. It will cost you nothing, but it will really give you some brownie points with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

If you think that your skills are not enough to come up with something creative for a day of love, don't give up too early. There are not only cooking classes online but also many DIY videos for different levels.

Gifts made by yourself are always sweeter and more valuable than the regular ones. It is an amazing way to express your feelings when you think that words are not enough. Of course, you can make crafts together with your loved one since joint creativity always brings people closer. For example, you can create a scrapbook of your relationships: with your photos, nice notes, plans for the future, etc.

Ask Each Other Questions


Whether it is your first V-day together or in a relationship for years, there are definitely many things that you don't know about each other. The daily routine doesn't leave much room for intimate conversations, so the 14th of February can become the perfect opportunity to discuss what's on your mind but in your heart.

You can install some applications for couples that will offer you interesting questions or actions, e.g. Love Nudge, Happy Couple, etc. Or find the list of "questions that lead to love" compiled by professional psychologists. It includes questions about your plans, dreams, hidden wishes. Pay attention to the fact that sometimes not an answer itself is the thing that matters, but the words your partner chooses.

If you're going to spend this evening with your friends, you can find various board games and fun apps that will not let you feel bored, such as Trivia, Alias, etc.

Map out a Future Trip


We all hope that the COVID-19 pandemic is over this year, and we'll have the opportunity to travel around the world. Dreams of future travels give us additional energy. Especially when these dreams include people we love.

Discuss expectations of future travels, check incredible Airbnb offers, work out routes on mountain tracks, or make the list of New York museums that you would like to visit together. It doesn’t mean that you should book tickets and hotels right now, but you’ll definitely spend good time planning.

Give Each Other Massage


There is nothing more romantic than massage. Set the mood with soft music, flickering candles, rose petals, some wine or champagne, and don't forget to grab a bottle of body oil. Massage therapy is a perfect choice for people who prefer to express their feelings with actions and consider a physical touch to be their primary love language.

There can be more ideas for an incredible SPA-night, especially if you have a big bath. They may sound too complicated when it goes about the regular day, but you really deserve this kind of relaxation, so don't stop your imagination.

The Best Gifts for the Valentine's Day 2024

Of course, handmade greeting cards look sweet, but you're not in high school anymore, and you may wish to make your soulmate happy with your gift. It shouldn't necessarily be luxurious and expensive because your primary goal is to show your feelings and express how you appreciate this person. So bet on symbolism. It's perfect if you already have a wish-list to choose from because you'll not have to suffer trying to guess what kind of gift your other half dreams about. But if you do suffer, check an article on gift ideas for college kids.

List of Nice Unisex Ideas that May Get You Inspired

  • Electric wine bottle opener;
  • Watch with an interesting belt;
  • Nespresso machine;
  • Pajama;
  • Romantic board game;
  • Mini blanket;
  • Personalized mug;
  • SPA-certificate;
  • Salami bouquet;
  • Creative wallet;
  • Box with thematic items;
  • Craft alcohol.

It doesn't matter what day it is today when you're covered with romantic love. However, everyday life is full of troubles and worries, and it is so difficult to stop and relax. So, try to get the most out of this public holiday even if you're not the type of person that sends hearts and kisses all the time. Even the most desperate skeptics have a place for romance in their souls. So, celebrate Valentine's day, and set your hearts on passion fire!

Why Do We Celebrate V-day?

Actually, many legends are related to Saint Valentine's day. The most popular one is said to have its routes in the third century in Rome. Emperor Claudius II believed that single men were better soldiers than married ones, so he just outlawed marriage to keep young men focused. The only hope for men who wanted to marry was the priest named Valentine. He didn't support this law and began ignoring the decree by performing marriages for couples in secret.

Once Claudius discovered these actions, he had Valentine arrested and even sentenced to death. In jail, the young priest fell in love with his jailer's daughter, and when he sent her letters, he signed them "from Your Valentine". And February 14th was the day of his execution. Only in the Middle ages, people decided to pay tribute to Valentine and founded this holiday.

Valentine is considered the Patron Saint of couples, regardless of their gender, status, and other details. Even if you don't have someone to tell you about your feelings, it is always a good idea to send greeting cards with sweet Cupid to people that you appreciate.

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