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The World Largest Brand Name Outfits Marketers Marketing Essay

Levis Strauss and Company is one of the world greatest brand-name outfits marketers. Levis Strauss and Company is one of the successful Jeanswear shop in the us States. The invention of the rivets in the jeans differentiated Levis jeans from others due to its increased resilience. (Levi's) The Fast changes in consumer preferences, competition from both lower and higher-end brands, the fast development in the modern distribution and sales technology has brought about a carrying on lack of market talk about. (Levi Strauss & Co. Marketing Plan)

Levi's Strauss and company was founded in 1873, Levi's skinny jeans will be the original, authentic denim jeans. They will be the most successful, more popular and often imitated clothing products clothing product in the history of clothing. Over successive generations, Levi's denim jeans have captured the attention, imagination and commitment of diverse individuals. (Levi's) As the inventor of the category, the Levi's brand continues to identify jean wear with the widest range of products available, from quintessential course like the famous Levi's 501 Original jean, to favorite works with and styles in the Red Tab and superior collections. (Levi's)

1. 1 Mission

To sustain sensible commercial success as a worldwide marketing company of top quality apparel. They must Balance goals of superior profitability and go back in investment, management market positions and superior product and services. They'll execute their business ethically and display leadership in fulfilling their responsibilities with their communication and modern culture. (Levi Strauss & Co. Marketing Plan)

1. 2 Vision

Levi's Strauss brands are filled with examples of the main element role their value have enjoyed in interacting with consumer needs. Four main values are in the center of Levi Strauss & Co Empathy, Originality, Integrity and Courage. These four values are linked. As Levi's take a look at their history, a story of how Levi's core values interact and will be the way to obtain their success. Moreover, Levi's brands embody lots of the core worth that consumers live by. That is why Levi's brands have stood the test of time.

2. Objective

The targets of Levi's brand continues to define Jeanswear with the widest selection of product available, from quintessential classics, like the famous Levis Original jean, to favourite matches and styles in Red Tabs and premium collections. Levi's denims have captured the interest, imagination, and commitment of years of diverse individuals. The brand has continues received critical acclaim from industry insiders. The brand's account is growing internationally. Levi's Strauss and company next aim for focus to grow more in different city flagship store.

To review Levi's Jeanswear market situation of the global highlighting the competitive positions and branding strategies of the market.

To identify the successful branding strategies Levi's Jeanswear has hired to achieve its prominent market position.

To evaluate on the effectiveness of Levi's Jeanswear branding strategies in sustaining its sales performance.

3. Situation Analysis

Situation evaluation is a marketing term, and involves evaluating the situation and trends in particular company's market. Situation evaluation is categorised as the three C, which refers to the three major elements that are Company, Customers, and Competition.


Despite these reductions Levi Strauss & Company had almost all of its early success because the firm was behaving monopolistically. The business copyrighted the riveted denim jeans, increasing longevity, and gathering popularity.

Levi's Strauss & Co. maintained its corporate liable image and intensifying stance on sociable, labor, and environmental issues, which might have long haul income opportunities.


There is many Levi's Jeanswear devotion to maintain existing customers.

Levi's Jeanswear is the youthfulness with their brand denims.

The 501 products and the Red Tabs collection offer trousers that charm to younger consumers competing with the high-end jean competition.


Competitors successfully could actually take from Levi's market credited to heavy advertising and branding. Branding was especially effective for companies like Calvin Klein that targeted high-end consumers.

Levi's trousers may be in physical form the same as its competitor actually competitor's, consumer personal preferences are influenced by brand name.

3. 1 SWOT analysis

Levi's opportunities and threats

Levi's Strauss, Levi's Strauss & Co. is one of the world's greatest brand-name garments marketers with sales in more than 110 countries. There is absolutely no other company with a similar global occurrence in the denim jeans and casual trousers markets. Nowadays Levi Strauss grows technological higher development and coordination activities. In addition, Levi Strauss also develop new website is convenient for consumers shopping and also develop new products and services.

The frequent of threats is possible recession and people less likely to spend money on development items and economic downturns in a few countries. Bad economical is also an issue for Levi's Strauss such as recession and the weakness of money, people will probably spend lesson craze items. Other than that, increasing competition from product of the bigger end of the marketplace and price wars with competition.

3. 2 Value string analysis

Support activities

Primary activities

Primary activities

Inbound logistics: Inbound Logistics is the transport planning in one of the major business functions. To be able to achieve operational brilliance, raise the merger, Levi's Strauss programs common needs and exterior traffic inbound logistics, acquiring their suppliers purchase. They stored goods creation or assembly line needs. Goods may maneuver around the organization.

Operations: At this time of product set up or developing. Self is co-produced fashion industry product packaging. The design of the packaging presents the image of Levi's Strauss.

Outbound logistics: Gather, store and distribute the product to send over the supply chain to retailers in different countries. The retailers will send goods to retailers.

Marketing and sales: The marketing communication strategies are the best ways to provide message to consumers that Levi's Strauss applied were advertising through the newspapers, bill plank and fashion show. Prepared to provide targeted, to be able to meet consumer demand.

Service: To satisfy consumers desirable, that are some things must have to concern on these; consumer always has clothes fitness problems, thus after sales service is important to switch how big is Jeanswear or alter it. Besides that, to provide stuffs training how to service difference behavior of consumers and updating their Jeanswear information.

Support activities

Procurement: Levi's Strauss needs of all goods, services and materials procurement. It is because for the cheapest possible price to choose the finest quality possible. This includes outsourcing that is usually done in-house business for the same from other companies and use of IT and networking technology to attain procurement goals.

Technology development: The technology of technologies helps the Levi's Strauss to maintain competitive benefits. Technology can be an important of the competitive gain.

Human resources management: Levi's Strauss is guided by a strong progress strategy in taking care of and growing its human source capacity. Potential employees are assessed in terms of their alignment to the business's winning characteristics which can be directly linked to the Levi's business strategies, quest and perspective of integrity, courage, empathy and originality.

Firm infrastructure: The formal systems of planning fund quality control, information management and the structures and routines that are part associated with an organization's culture.

3. 3 Infestations analysis

The distant environment includes factors that originate beyond and usually irrespective of, any single companies operating section: politics, economic, interpersonal and scientific factors. That environment reveals companies with opportunities, threats, and constraints, but hardly ever does an individual organization exert any significant reciprocal effect.

Political factor: Political factor is very important to be sure the growth of the clothing industry in the us States. While using peaceful environment, America States became one of the worlds attractive fashion destinations. (Easy membership)

Economic Factor: Among the primary beneficiaries of the downturn is the value clothing sector as consumers spend most on discretionary items with an increase of caution. Regarding to Verdict forecasts, America Says clothing spends in '09 2009 had declined 0. 6%. However, estimation that value clothing sales will expand by 5. 0%. Grocers are anticipated to make further gains in 2009 2009 and increase their share of the worthiness clothing market to 34. 2%. In long term, the gains that grocers to be produced will prove a further threat to value clothing specialists by increasing store conditions and completely exploiting multichannel functions.

Social factor: People in america become more enjoy fashion nowadays; they will conservative and old-fashioned image of traditional outlets. They favor on those retailers with a trendier image, such as Levi's elderly and often affluent consumers continue to be fashion conscious.

Technological factor: Levi's have combined the four key technology are at the heart and soul of Levi's Strauss & Co Empathy, Originality, Integrity and Courage, durable and easy to look after. However, further technology on textile with other characteristics will produce, such as cellulite-reducing hosiery or moisturizing properties. Prices are likely to increase as the result of these changes in the textile technology, therefore helping in growing the value of the marketplace.

3. 4 Porter's 5 Forces

Industry Competitive: Jeanswear industry is seen as a small fashion 501, but there's been a recent pattern towards consolidation and economies of level. Businesses be competitive on price, quality, differentiation and marriage with key suppliers. However, there are not many players that set up a reputation for taking style and innovation to the high street. Because of this Levi's has the advantage of being a high roadways retail occurrence.

Bargaining ability of suppliers: Suppliers do not have much bargaining the fashion industry because their products and their commercial nature of the sales causes of developed markets. Can affect the garment industry from the initial type price fluctuations, but the change is a worldwide determinants of supply and demand, as opposed to the bargaining ability of suppliers triggered.

Bargaining ability of customers: The buyer's power is significant for the reason that buyers can drive prices down, demand higher quality products or services, and, in essence, play opponents against one another, all resulting in potential loss of industry profits. Buyers exercise more electricity when they are large-volume clients, the merchandise is a significant aspect of the buyer's costs or purchases, the products are standard within Jeanswear industry, there are few changing or transitioning costs, the clients earn low profits, potential for backward integration of the buyer group prevails, the Jeanswear is not essential to the buyer's product, and the customer has full disclosure about supply, demand, prices, and costs. (Reference point for business)

Threat of new entrants: New entrants can also expect a barrier by means of government policy through federal government and state regulations and licensing. New organizations can expect retaliation from existing companies and also face changing obstacles related to technology, tactical planning within the industry, and manpower and knowledge problems.

Threat of Substituted: The substitute product popular industry is low. Every individual must wear clothes in their day to day activities to prevent wintry and bad for their skin. There is absolutely no substitute other than wear clothes. The only alternative is specific can make clothes their own but this substitute hardly ever happen.

3. 5 Ansoff matrix

Existing Product New Product

Existing Market

New Market

In Ansoff Matrix, Levi's Strauss happens to be constantly in place of market penetration as Levi's Strauss intends to sell its existing market segments to keep up or increase the market share of current product. This is attained by a blend of competitive rates strategies, advertising, sales advertising and perhaps more resources dedicated to personal selling. Other than that, increase usage by existing customer by presenting loyalty schemes; the business enterprise is focusing on marketplaces and product it is aware well. It is likely to have good information on competition and on customer needs.

On the other hand, Levi's Strauss also in various position of market development intends to sell its existing product into new markets in different countries. In such a stage, Levi's Strauss is facing medium-high risk in entering new market as there in many popular clothes shop in the market. The issues of new physical, product packaging, distribution channels and different pricing regulations to draw in different customer or create a new market sections that is Levi Strauss likely to enter must consider. Therefore, Levi's Strauss calls for risk segmentation into different countries.

3. 6 Porter's Universal Strategies

Cost Differentiation



Levi Strauss is paining to hire differentiation technique to make Levi's Jeanswear to become more common, Levi's Strauss provides Levi's 501 Original Jeanswear for men, women, teens, and children. Since launching the advertising campaign, worldwide sales of 501 trousers have increased considerably. Although it is pushing to start to see the flagship 501 series growing again, these sales raises were not incremental. So many people are a potential customer for Levi's. Levi's generally attracts more mature years not necessarily looking to make a fashion statement. Levi's makes an attempt to appeal to all customers in a single way or another, which been a key to their success over the years.

4. Evaluation of Suitability

The suitability of the strategic options is evaluated based on their compatibility with the current competitive environment of the style industry, Levi's own commercial vision and objective and how it would sustain or enhance the competitive position of the company.

Strategic Position


To understand

Strategy must address


Key environmental Driver/ Changes in industry Structure

The remote environment comprises factors that originate beyond and usually regardless of, any single firms operating section: politics, economic, sociable and technological factors. That environment reveals firms with opportunities, threats, and constraints, but seldom does a single organization exert any meaningful reciprocal effect.

Porter's Five-Forces

Industry attractiveness competitive forces

Porter's essential subject matter is the fact where these five pushes are high, then market sectors are not attractive to compete in. There will be too much competition and too much pressure to allow reasonable income.

Value Chain

Opportunities for vertical integration or outsourcing

A value chain describes the categories of activities within and around an company, how Levi's create something or services

4. 1 Tows matrix

Levi's Strauss chosen since it demonstrates what sort of successful company experienced great difficulties in the early 1853, but developed a strategy that resulted in an excellent market position in the later 2003. The TOWS Matrix shown will give attention to the crucial period from late 1853 to early on 2003. The exterior dangers and opportunities pertain typically to the situation Levi's Strauss experienced in the United States.

Strengths (S)

Brand name.

Access to focus on market with over 300 stores nationwide.

Finance and usage of international capital.

Distribution stations and global sourcing.

Weakness (W)

High costs of brand cover.

Lack of control over quality.

Lack of control over distribution.

Distribution issues.

Opportunities (O)

Largest brand-name garments marketers with sales in more than 110 countries.

Technological development higher development and coordination activities.

Develop new product and services.

A new market on website transport.


Increase sales and supply to different countries. (S1, O1)

Build scientific development higher production and new production and services in several 300 stores countrywide. (S2, O2, O3)

Create channels and website shipping and delivery to global sourcing.


High costs of creation brand in marketplaces. (W1, O1)

Lack of control in technological development development and circulation. (W2, W3, O2)

Improve distributor services and website transport benefits. (W4, O3, O4)

Threats (T)

Possible recession and people less likely to spend money on pattern items.

Competition from product of the higher end of the marketplace.

Economic downturns in a few countries

Price wars with competitors

Increasing competition.


Meet competition advanced design of the marketplace. (S1, S2, T2)

Economic and money are the secrets of the problem. (S3, T1, T3)

Globalization increasing competition and price wars with competitors. (S4, T4, T5)


Reduce risk of competition by producing flexible products. (W1, W2, W3, T1, T2)

4. 2 Way for Growth

Strategic option

To summarises these point from early on section and examples of reasons why strategy directions or might be regarded as suitable.





Market penetration

Levi Strauss intends to market its existing market segments to keep up or raise the market show of current product.

Increase utilization by existing customer by producing loyalty schemes; the business enterprise is focusing on marketplaces and product it understands well.

It is likely to have good information on competitors and on customer needs.

Market development

Levi Strauss is facing medium-high risk in coming into new market as there in many popular clothes merchant in the market.

The issues of new geographical, product packaging, syndication channels and various pricing plans to attract different customer or create a new market sections that is Levi Strauss planning to enter must also take into consideration

Levi Strauss intends to sell its existing product into new market segments in various countries and calls for risk segmentation into different countries.


Differentiation strategy to make Levis jean to become more common.

Levi Strauss provides Levi's 501 Original Jeanswear for men, women, teenagers, and children. So many people are a possible client for Levi's.

Levi's generally attracts more mature generations not necessarily looking to make a fashion declaration. Levi's makes an effort to appeal to all or any customers in one way or another, which been a key to their success over the years.

Ranking proper options

Options are evaluated against key factors associated with the strategic position of the company and a credit score or ranking proven for each option.

Key tactical factors

Strategic option

Family ownership

Increased globalisation

Low-price imports

Increased of marketing

Good of quality control

Increased sales


Market penetration








Market development
















O=favourable; X=unfavourable;? =uncertain or irrelevant.

A=most ideal; B=possible; C=unsuitable.

Evaluation of Acceptability

The acceptability of the proper options is assessed predicated on the stakeholders' goals.

5. 1 Stakeholders' Expectations

The stakeholders of Levi's Strauss are comprised of shareholders, management, employees, suppliers, contributors and the customers.

The shareholders are likely to recognize all the strategies as they have already witnessed Levi's Strauss successful turnaround and regain of success.

The management developed more positive steps in attaining its vision and objective these initiatives illustrate the improvement Levi's Strauss have manufactured in building strong, collaborative romantic relationships with their general customers. To working tightly with these customers and developing ideas to ensure Levi's brands continue being broadly accessible to consumers despite continuing retail door closures and bankruptcies in america.

On the other palm, the employees may be very supportive of the differentiation strategy and market development business simplifying procedures recommended.

The suppliers and contributors could have learnt by now to have with Levi's Strauss differentiation strategy and market development their functions to match themselves into Jeanswear functioning style.

Levi's customers are likely to welcome the Jeanswear creativity capabilities with the creation of a Global Market Development Centre at their owned-and-operated manufacturing facility in different courtiers.

Strategy 1- Market Development

Key stakeholders




Higher income, performance, clear course.

Unpredictable economics turmoil.


Performance, targets, expansion, bonus.

Cultural problems.


Rates of pay, high work rate.

Job security, time period.

Trade unions

Working conditions, income rate.

Legal requirements.


More Levi's Jeanswear available.

Ethical products.


High demand of resources.

Delivery problems.



Explicit Federal regulations in certain countries.

General public

Jobs, participation, shares

Environmental issues

Strategy 2-Differentation

Key stakeholders




Higher revenue, performance, clear course.



Performance, targets, progress, bonus.

Time take in, sales size.


Rates of pay.

Job security.

Trade unions

Working conditions, minimum wages.

Legal requirements.


More selections, better quality and customer care.

Ethical products.


High demand of resources.





General public

Jobs, involvement, stocks.

Environmental issues.


The feasibility of the three strategic options is assessed predicated on the Levi's Strauss current resources.

Current Resources

The real resources required for the execution of the three strategies are summarized in Desk 4 under four categories: (1) product/service feasibility, (2) market feasibility, (3) organizational feasibility and (4) financial feasibility.

Strategy 1- Market development

Key resources


Product/ Service feasibility

Levi Strauss market development intends to market its existing product into new market segments in different countries. Levi Strauss must control their product and service quality, the patent strategy to maintain steadily its brand reputation.

Market feasibility

The issues of new geographical, product packaging, distribution channels and different pricing guidelines to get different customer or create a new market sections that is Levi Strauss planning to enter must consider.

Organizational feasibility

The brand and solution have to carefully designed and properly perform. Levi's Strauss able to expand rapidly will take risk segmentation into different countries.

Financial feasibility

According to the Levi's Strauss twelve-monthly article 2009 that company sales and profit has increased, so are there no financial problems to aid market develop strategy.


Strategy 2- Differentiation

Key resources


Product/ Service feasibility

Levi Strauss provides Levi's 501 Original Jeanswear for men, women, young adults, and children. Since launching the marketing campaign, worldwide sales of 501 denims have increased substantially.

market feasibility

The flagship 501 collection growing again, these sales rises were not incremental. So everyone is a potential customer for Levi's. Levi's generally appeals to more mature decades not necessarily seeking to make a fashion affirmation.

Organizational feasibility

Levi's generally attracts more mature decades not necessarily seeking to make a fashion declaration. Levi's makes an attempt to appeal to all or any customers in one way or another, which been an integral to their success over the years.

Financial feasibility

According to the Levi's Strauss twelve-monthly report 2009, the sales and income of the company has increased, so there is no financial problem to support franchising strategy. However, the in-store consultant service is free of charge; Levi's Strauss must cover this expenditure from other sectors.

Selection of One Strategic Option for Implementation

The above analysis data have suggested that in reality all both tactical options are evenly important and necessary for the future growth of Levi's Strauss and should be put in place to the long term great things about Levi's Strauss. The complexness and risks in execution of both options are summarized in below.

Strategic Option

Implementation Requirements

Complexity & Risk


Market development

Involves higher capital shot & management ingenuity to implement in view of other competitors

Hardest with higher risks



Involves strong management will and fix to apply. Changing staff's working behaviour and instituting a fresh Levi's 501 Original Jeanswear for men, women, teenagers, and children. Starting the advertising campaign, worldwide sales of 501 skinny jeans have increased greatly would need a lot of endurance and tact.

Medium hard, needs management will and tact

Naturally, among both proper options, the tactical option 2 should be preferred as the first choice since it could be executed quickly and getting faster results.


From the analysis above, Levi's Strauss select differentiation strategy to achieve their perspective and quest. Differentiation strategy helps Levi's Strauss to increase in addition different gender and different age range to wear Levi's Jeanswear and create the brand as a fashion authority in every city. The execution strategy can express in three sections, which is resources management, organizational structure and management of change.

Key issues


Resources management

Resource management refers to the possibility under conversation is a factor. Levi Strauss has established that the factor is the probably way to work. Levi Strauss can use the budget or other performance management tools to study the effectiveness of differentiation strategy.

Organizational structure

In this level Levi's Strauss must deal with issues regarding levels of hierarchy, as well as structural form and style of management.

Management of change

Some management of Levi's Strauss might not aware of the need for changes in strategy implementations. Thus Levi's Strauss must review the quickness, scope and style of the changes, in order to acquire full determination to them.

The company retained profits by providing a wide range of products, recording new markets and increasing its market stocks. The business created barriers to entry by patents and trademarks, and by differentiating its product from generic trousers. However as more firms entered the marketplace, the company began burning off customers and incurring loss. The upstart companies captured niche market shares from Levi Levi's s huge market domination. Not surprisingly reduction of sales, Levi Strauss & Co. retained its corporate dependable image and progressive stance on cultural, labor, and environmental issues, which may have long long-run earnings opportunities.


This report got analyzed the situation and the development strategy of Jeanswear type of Levi's Strauss. The analysis of the suitability, acceptability and feasibility got evaluated on chosen options. The options are products and services development and differentiation strategy. The strategy chosen is differentiation technique to achieve the quest and vision. The launch of differentiation strategy helps Levi's Strauss to develop their business effectively and proficiently.

By reply quickly to appearing trends, Levi's Strauss has turned into a successful fashion store within the shortest possible lead times to carve out a reputation for its ability.

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