The New Product Development Process Marketing Essay

The first step of new product development requires gathering suggestions to be assessed as potential product options. Idea generation can be an ongoing process with contributions from inside and outside the organization. Early morning foods might use research techniques such as research to get a concept of types of cereal that they might enjoy, encouraging customer responses and recommendations via toll-free cell phone volumes and website varieties. It is very important that the marketing manger gets a great deal of information from the customers because they're the ones who'll be buying the product, and getting information on competitive product innovations through extra data options. One important research approach used to create ideas is brainstorming where open-minded, creative thinkers from outside and inside the company gather and show ideas. The energetic dynamics of group members floating ideas, where one idea often sparks another idea, can yield an array of possible products that can be further pursued. Idea generation stage is very important for morning hours food to ensure that this new product is successful. When it comes on to cereal, needs differs especially for breakfast.


The reason for idea generation is to generate a large volume of ideas. The purpose of succeeding stages is to lessen that number. The first idea lowering is idea screening process the company personnel helps spot good ideas and drop poor ones, for example, the idea of creating a cereal that the whole family will love but also lower in calorie consumption or as some would say light on the waist or a cereal pub that one may grab along the way out to university or work. These ideas would be considered a good one because we all want to enjoy our cereal rather than worry about getting too much weight. Product development costs go up in later phases, so the company needs to go ahead only when the merchandise ideas will turn into profitable products. The brand new product idea, is written on a typical form; detailing explanation of product, marketplace, and competition. It also includes estimate of market size, product price, development time and cost, developing costs and rate of go back. This information has to be reviewed and assessed against a set of generated criteria. Satisfactory ideas move to the next step.


With some ideas at hand the professional now attempts to obtain initial feedback from customers, distributors and its particular employees. Generally, focus organizations are convened where in fact the ideas are provided to a group, often by means of concept board presentations. For example, the idea of a cereal club that the complete family will love but lower in energy was chosen, customers may be shown a thought board showing drawings of the product idea or even an advertisement featuring the product. In some instances focus groups face a mock-up of the ideas, which really is a physical but generally non-functional version of product idea. During concentrate organizations with customers the professional seeks information that can include: favors and dislike of the concept; level of affinity for purchasing the merchandise; rate of recurrence of purchase (used to help forecast demand); and price details to regulate how much customers are prepared to spend to acquire the merchandise.


At this aspect in the new product development process the professional has reduced a probably large numbers of ideas right down to a couple of options. Now in Step 4 the procedure becomes very dependent on market research as efforts are made to analyze the viability of the merchandise ideas. (Take note of, oftentimes the product has not been produced but still remains only an idea. ) The main element objective at this time is to acquire useful forecasts of market size (e. g. , overall demand), operational costs (e. g. , creation costs) and financial projections (e. g. , sales and profits). Additionally, the business must determine if the product will fit within the business's overall mission and strategy. Much work is fond of both interior research, such as discussions with creation and purchasing staff, and exterior marketing research, such as customer and distributor surveys, secondary research, and rival analysis.


If the merchandise concept including the new cereal bar passes the business enterprise test, it moves into product development as the concept may only have existed as a word, description or sketching or possibly a mock. Ideas passing through business examination receive serious awareness for development. Research and development can help develop the concept into a physical product. The marketers will also get started to create a marketing plan for the product. Once the prototype is ready the internet marketer seeks customer suggestions. However, unlike the concept testing stage where customers were only exposed to the theory, in this step the customer gets to experience the real product as well as other areas of the marketing mix, such as advertising, costing, and circulation options. Effect that is less advantageous may suggest the necessity for alterations to components of the marketing combine. Once they are made the internet entrepreneur may again have the customer test the merchandise. Furthermore to gaining comments from customers, this step is utilized to gauge the feasibility of large-scale, cost effective production for manufactured products.


The new cereal bar is now prepared to be analyzed as real products. In some instances the marketer allows what was learned from concept evaluation and skips over market trials to launch the idea as a completely advertised product. But other companies may seek more suggestions from a more substantial group before moving to commercialization. The most frequent kind of market screening makes the product open to a selective small portion of the mark market (e. g. , one city), which is exposed to the full marketing work as they might be to any product they could purchase


If market screening displays guaranteeing results then your cereal bar is preparing to be introduced to a wider market. Early Morning Foods may introduce or roll-out the merchandise in waves with elements of the market getting the product on different schedules. This will likely allows the business to ramp up production in a more controlled way and fine tune the marketing combination as the product is distributed to new areas.


Creativity refers to the technology or origination of any new thing (something, solution, artwork, literary work, joke, etc. ) that has value.

Creativity is the essential first step in innovation, which is vital to long-term organizational success. Each folks can be creative. Creative people tend to be known for originality, open-mindedness, attention, a focus approach to problem fixing, persistence, a relax and playful frame of mind, and receptivity to new ideas. Creativity can be designed into organisations. Most companies want more highly creative employees and often seek to employ creative individuals. However the individual is only part of the storyline, and everyone has some prospect of creativity.

Innovation is the procedure by which a concept or invention is translated into a good or service that people will pay, or something that results from this process.

To be named an innovation, a concept must be replicable at a cost-effective cost and must fulfill a specific need. Innovation entails deliberate request of information, creativity, and effort in deriving better or different value from resources, and includes all processes where new ideas are produced and changed into useful products. In business, advancement often results from the use of a medical or specialized idea in lowering the gap between the needs or anticipations of the clients and the performance of your company's products. In a very social context, technology is similarly important in devising new collaborative methods such as alliance creation, joint venturing, flexible working time, and in creating potential buyers' purchasing power through methods such as layaway strategies. Examples will be the multiblade shaving razor, fluoride toothpaste, and laptop computers, fax machines, instant picture taking, and handheld computers.

The development of a Culture of Imagination and Innovation

Creating a culture of Imagination and creativity is not really a strange process whereby imagination and practicality magically merge. Creating a culture of development requires thought, work, a higher tolerance for change and risk, and the ability to combine traditional organizational agreements with fluidity and non-traditional imperatives.

There are two important elements that produce an innovatively-driven culture work: Good ideas come from anywhere, not simply from a "product development" group.

Everyone has a vested affinity for the success of an idea; and many people are rewarded for his or her contribution to the idea's success.

For Example Kirk (whose job is in Customer service) is fired up. He's received his meeting with the Exec Product Development Committee, the group that vets new ideas from all over the company. His company promotes a person with an idea to be its advocate, and Kirk has spent weeks of his own time gathering the info to aid his notion in this new product idea.

Two weeks later, and Wow! The Exec Committee, after some discourse and figures crunching, agrees with him. So now the company will generate a "Kirk's Idea Product Development Group, " with members from all the relevant areas of expertise.

At this aspect, Kirk's company does indeed something very brilliant. It rewards everyone mixed up in project, fiscally and with company-wide acknowledgement. The other staff members who helped, when the ideas Group was not open to do their regular jobs. Along with the executives who handled the areas that were short-staffed receive recognition as well. Now, definitely, not all products that are brought to market are successful. Some are just marginally profitable, plus some fail. Some, however, aren't merely progressive at the margins. Some can become breakthrough products. This is true for just about any product development process. But check out what this type of approach can give a company, beyond potential market show and income:

The vested fascination with the success of the merchandise is spread extensively throughout the business, far beyond just management and the folks directly involved in it.

Kirk and all the people in his development group have extended their knowledge platform beyond their prior functional knowledge, making them better-rounded, more valuable and (preferably) more beneficial employees.

Cross-functional cooperation becomes a commonplace.

Employees throughout the enterprise - no matter where they fit in the organization chart - are motivated to be progressive and creative to the good thing about the company

Marketing Research

Market research is the function that links the consumer, customer and general public to the internet entrepreneur through information. Information is used to recognize and identify marketing opportunities and problems; to create, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; to screen marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing process. Every professional needs research.

Marketing research maintains informing company about the changes in tastes and personal preferences of consumers every once in awhile. This is very helpful for the companies to adjust t the production consequently. Marketing research is effective in obtaining new marketplaces for the merchandise and maintaining the prevailing markets. It is greatly helpful in the improvements of the quality of the merchandise and produced as it will keep informing the company about needs and wants of consumers. If the product is not of desired quality, improvement can be produced in its quality based on information disclosed by marketing research.

Marketing research is crucial to business success. They provide the information that links marketers with the customers, and the background information had a need to make effective decisions on an array of issues. Market research will create communications at Early Morning Foods with current and prospects. Once you have good research, you should be in a position to formulate far better and targeted marketing promotions that speak directly to people you're trying to reach in a way that interests them. Market research can help you identify opportunities available on the market. It also uncovers and recognizes potential problems. It is important to know, for later comparisons, the position of your business at particular moments in time. Ongoing market research allows you to make comparisons against your standard measurements as well as graph your improvement between research intervals thus creating benchmarks and helps you track your progress. Market research best of all helps you evaluate your success.

Information gathered through general market trends helps you to determine if you are reaching your goals.


The Main and Extra data collection method are an integral part of the new product development process.

To gather information the administrator at MORNING HOURS Foods can accumulate secondary data. Secondary data contain information that already is available anywhere else, having been accumulated for another goal. Secondary data can be acquired quicker and better value than primary data. Secondary sources sometimes can offer data an individual company cannot collect alone, information that either is in a roundabout way available or would be very costly to collect. For instance, it might be too expensive for Early Morning foods to perform an ongoing audit to find out about the marketplace share or opponents brands. However through supplementary sources these information are created available to companies, sources such as Data - Ref: Mintel Article - dated 17th August 2011

Total sales in the united kingdom cereal market rose by 17% between 2006 and 2011, to attain an estimated 1, 472 million.

Nine in ten (88. 5%) consumers ate breakfast cereals in 2010 2010, three in five of these doing this daily, so opportunity for volume development is relatively limited. Must carefully measure the quality of secondary data, they need to also take great care when collecting principal data to make sure that it'll be relevant, accurate, and impartial information. Main data consist of information gathered for the precise purpose accessible. Early morning Foods has to make lots of decisions or research approach, contact method etc to accumulate primary data. They are able to use observational research, which is gathering data by watching relevant people, actions, and situations. For instance, if morning hours foods mangers need to get home elevators wither their new product or existing product they can pick to see their behaviour to the merchandise by handing out samples and have the customer check it out on spot. In the case of the new product development process observation helps manger s in their decision whether to continue with the merchandise. Like this helps to provide information that individuals are unwilling or struggling to provide. However due to its constraints such as not having the ability to watch a customer's thoughts behaviour and motives it is also recommended that observation is used with another method such as study research.

Survey Research is an approach use to gather data by asking people questions about their knowledge, attitudes, preferences and purchasing behaviour directly. Survey research is quickly becoming the number one tool that market researches use to assemble data. The advent of online survey tools has resulted in popular use of quantitative surveys in order to collect, evaluate, and use data that can contribute to a far more effective business model, better marketing strategies, increased customer service and more. Study research methods have been proven time and time again to gain market experts. The study method is very cost effective. Data collection is a lot easier, which have a tendency to use readable data sources that may be compiled and analyzed as needed for your market research needs. Sample size is one of the most underrated areas of all types of research, including market research. Far too many companies make the error of assuming their small test of only a few dozen participants is enough to make any company conclusions. Surveys enable you to reach a large number of possible participants if necessary, which ensures a more accurate sample in which to draw conclusions. The anonymity of research allows people to feel more candid with the replies. To get appropriate data, you need your participants to be as honest as possible with their answers. Research provide more honest responses than other styles of research strategy, particularly if it is clear that the answers will stay confidential.


Marketing strategy is the marketing reasoning by which the business enterprise unit hopes to accomplish its marketing goals. It includes specific approaches for target markets, placing, the marketing combination, and marketing costs levels. Online marketing strategy should detail the marketing sections on which the business will concentrate. These segments differ in their needs and wishes, responses to marketing, and profitability. The business would be best if you put its effort and energy into those market segments it can best serve from a competitive viewpoint, and then create a marketing strategy for every targeted segment.

The manager should also outline specific strategies for such marketing combination elements as new products, field sales, advertising, sales promotion, prices, and circulation. The director should make clear how each strategy responds to risks, opportunities, and critical issues spelled out earlier in the plan. Through proper planning, the company chooses what it wants to do with each business device. Marketing planning will involve choosing marketing strategies that will help the company attain its overall strategic objectives. A detailed marketing plan is necessary for each and every business, product or brand.

A marketing plan is a small business document written for the intended purpose of describing the current market position of any business and its online marketing strategy for the time included in the marketing plan. Marketing plans usually have a life of in one to five years.

The purpose of creating a marketing plan is to plainly show what steps will be carried out to attain the business' marketing goals. A marketing plan might include a explanation of its competitors, the demand for the merchandise or service, and the advantages and weaknesses from market standpoint of both the business and its competition. Other elements usually within a marketing plan include: Description of the merchandise or service, including special features, marketing budget, including the advertising and promotional plan, information of the business location, including advantages and disadvantages for marketing, costing strategy and market segmentation. A marketing plan also describes a company's overall marketing work. Marketing process can be recognized by the marketing mix. The last step in the procedure is the marketing managing.

The marketing plan can function from two tips: strategy and tactics (P. Kotler, K. L. Keller). In most organizations, "strategic planning" is an total annual process, typically covering just the year ahead. Sometimes, a few organizations may take a look at a sensible plan which exercises three or even more years ahead. Such as a business plan, a marketing plan can be an important document that needs to be updated on a regular basis. Even five yr marketing plans should be revisited routinely - at least once each year - to address changes in market conditions, demand, costing issues, etc.

Therefore it is very important for MORNING HOURS Foods to build up and keep maintaining a marketing strategy and plan.

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