2024’s Best College Student Discount Opportunities

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2024’s Best College Student Discount Opportunities

Offering a student discount is good business. That is why numerous brands are joining the list of student-exclusive deals, earning new customers in the college sector, and creating word-of-mouth excitement. And a demographic of $20 million people is worth fighting for.

If you’d like to reduce those $35,720 of average expenses per year, check out Studybay’s extensive list of promotions. Having some percentage off your purchase might not make a big difference, but small wins count. The habit of finding the best student discounts will go a long way, so we're happy to share what we discovered for you!

Technology and Electronics for College Students

Technology and electronics

If you’re upgrading, trade in the old version and get a little money back. If the manufacturer doesn’t have a trade-in program, you can sell the item to offset the cost of a new one. If your current device is in good condition, you might make a considerable dent in the purchase price.

Don’t buy extended warranties just because you’re offered to. In some cases, they turn out pricier than the actual repair, which you may never need. Read the fine print to understand what exactly the insurance covers and how you can make a claim.

But most importantly, calculate the amount of money you’ll pay over your commitment period. If you pay a four-year warranty of $30 + tax, you’ll pay over $1,500. It might be a better idea to save the money on your bank account, creating your own device protection plan.




Education pricing for all Mac and iPad models comes at a discount for separate apps and app bundles


15% off selected items in many categories; it can be combined with other deals for a total of up to 30% off laptops


Exclusive college student discounts up to 40% with membership benefits. The deal requires a .edu email address


Up to 50%, the discount usually ranges from 10 to 20% off retail prices. Members must be registered for the B&H Photo EDU Advantage program


25% off for full price items with UNiDAYS verification


15% off the HERO12 Black through UNiDAYS verification


Up to 40% off, benefits (deals, rewards, best price guarantee, easy financing), exclusive offers through the Dell Member Purchase Program


5% off sitewide (verified by ID.me); it can be combined with other deals, excluding doorbusters, clearance, and other select items


Save up to 30% with your .edu e-mail

Best Buy

Special limited-time deals on selected items within all categories, regular updates on the selection of electronics

Study Apps

Some people don’t like the very idea of paying for software and mobile apps. But there are several examples of beloved free apps that were discontinued because they weren’t profitable. Besides, developers have a vested interest in maintaining apps with paying users, and you will be able to enjoy all features without a paywall or severe limits. Now, here’s how to cut costs.

Look for combo student promotions, e.g., cloud storage + free mobile apps + file sharing features. Ideally, you want your apps to extend to and synchronize both desktop and mobile devices. This way, you double your opportunities to study and create without having to pay twice.



Adobe Creative Cloud

Over 60% off (20+ apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat Pro), $19.99/mo for the first year, then $29.99/mo

Microsoft Office 365

Free for students and educators from eligible institutions, availability check on the website, additional discount for Teams


50% off the first full year of Squarespace (annual subscription plan only), student status verified by Student Beans


50% off one year of membership, scholarship for 10 recipients to get one free year of membership


40% off a full year of Evernote Personal, does not apply for the monthly subscription


Free basic plan (limited to five projects), only $3/mo for EDU Plus and $4/mo for EDU Pro under the Students & Educators Tab

Ableton Live

60% off Live Intro, Standard or Suite. You can also benefit from the discount when buying Live with Push


$10.99 for six months; it ends automatically but can be renewed as long as you’re enrolled


Many perks on third-party services, including a 90-day free trial for Balsamiq Cloud, 2-month free trial at FreshBooks, and free InVision Prototypes for six months


25% off or $26.99 for a full year of TickTick Premium after submitting the required documents

Streaming Services

Streaming services

Before buying new subscriptions, drop the ones you don’t use. If you’ve exhausted a handful of decent original shows on one service, there’s no point in keeping it. Plus, you can always resubscribe.

While you're weighing the question of canceling existing accounts, consider getting ad-supported subscriptions. You probably don’t like watching commercials, but the pleasure of ad-free viewing doesn’t make up for extra costs.

See if there are any package offers for students home internet or phone service plans with a free subscription to Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, etc., or streaming bundles with two or more services. Finally, if the service supports several user profiles, always share your subscriptions with friends and family.




75% off or $1.99/mo for ad-supported plans, requires student status verification by Sheer ID

Spotify Premium + Hulu

$5.99/mo for the music and television bundle, saves up to $12.99/mo

Apple Music

Discounted monthly rate for up to 48 months, up to 50%, verified by the student discounts website UNiDAYS


$7.99/mo for a monthly subscription, 15% off an annual subscription, available at UNiDAYS


25% off on the essential monthly subscription plan, up to three devices, offline access

YouTube Premium

$7.99/mo with a one-month free trial (YouTube + YouTube Music + YouTube Kids), only for first-time subscribers, requires annual verification via SheerID


As of June 1, 2023 student subscription offer is no longer available


50% off both TIDAL Premium and HiFi plans, $4.99/ mo for Premium, $9.99/mp for HiFi, eligibility check by SheerID


50% off or $4.99/mo for Pandora Premium for up to four years


$1.99/mo for 12 months with annual student verification


50% off or $4.99/mo for SoundCloud Go+ for up to four years

Phone and Internet Plans

Explore three uncommon ways to fund lucrative deals:

  • Commercials At this point, we’re practically wired to ignore or skip commercials. But cable providers tend to also offer internet service, which means you can score a bundle deal lurking in traditional advertising spots.
  • Mailers Before tossing flyers in the trash as junk mail, take a look at them. Some cable and internet providers give valuable promotional information or codes specific to your local area.
  • Call center agents This is your chance to discover non-publicized plans and discount deals. Explain your circumstances, and the agent might come up with a unique deal that you wouldn’t find online.

Monitor your phone and computer usage and consider it when looking at data caps. If you’re into data-intensive tasks like downloading large files, streaming video, or playing online video games, don’t underestimate the plans you really need.




$10/mo off for one line, $25/mo off for two lines for unlimited plans


Save $10/mo per line with student discount and get additional benefits based on your school or university


Special plans for Spectrum Internet® and Spectrum Mobile™


10% off on select plans, one Sprint Perks discount per account

US Mobile

20% off any plan for all students; get 25% off and student-specific perks from the company’s partners


Up to a $150 Visa prepaid card with fast Internet + streaming


Special student Internet plans, available in certain areas (can be checked by ZIP code)


Discounted plans starting from $5

Planet DISH

Up to 25% off DISH TV and Internet, $50 gift card to sign up for DISH with the promo code: DISHE50


$34.99 for 500 Mbps Internet + 2 months free + free installation, $9.95/mo for TrueMesh WiFi

Books and Magazines

You can easily get magazine freebies at your local library or books store. These places typically keep only the two or three most recent issues of a magazine on their racks. Perhaps you can even get an older issue they’re about to discard.

If you have a friend or neighbor with similar interests, you can share magazine subscriptions or swap them. After all, you’re unlikely to read the same issue many times, so pass it on to someone in exchange for another magazine.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly books for personal reading, go for e-books sold at a fraction of their printed counterparts. But if going digital isn’t an option, buy them second-hand.



Guilford Press

50% off for full-time students ( promo code at check-out: STU32W) and other special student deals

The Economist

75% off an annual digital and espresso subscription; it cannot be combined with other promotions like Black Friday deals


50% off for print edition, newsletter, digital magazine in one offer for students

Financial Times

50% off for standard subscription (access to all standard-access articles, apps, email briefings, alerts, and portfolio tools)

The Wall Street Journal

WSJ+ college discounts (website and app, events, offers, complimentary e-books, newsletters, podcasts, and discussions)


$11.45 monthly subscription for students with a verified UNiDAYS account


Localized students exchanges, price comparison engine

Rakuten Kobo

30% off selected items, with a confirmed student identity on UNiDAYS or Student Beans

Book Outlet

5% discount with Student Beans


You’re in luck because there are tons of ways to minimize your insurance expenses (and you can combine most of them):

  • Buy different types of coverage from the same insurer Bundling doesn’t guarantee savings, but it can. Major insurers advertise savings of anywhere from 5% to 25%.
  • Avoid unnecessary add-ons Only pay for what you need. For example, if you don’t drive long distances, choose a low-mileage driver program or customizable plans based on usage.
  • Pay annually and on time Many companies, not only insurers, give you a discount for paying in full and for a long time. As for on-time payments, they help your credit history, saving your money in the long term.
  • Ask about a group or joint insurance Joint policies are often cheaper than buying two individual ones. Make sure other parties aren’t considered high-risk; everyone should be relatively on the same level.
  • Be healthy, take care of your house, and improve your driving habits Whether it’s life, house, or auto insurance, do everything that will make your insurance low-risk.




Personalized discount up to 30% for unmarried, full-time students under the age of 25, other requirements also apply + up to 10% off ePolicy

American Family Insurance

Good student discount (16-25 years old), must prove academic achievements

Farmers Insurance

Car insurance discounts for good full-time students under 25, quotes available from sales agents


Up to $200 off an auto insurance policy through Good Student, Good Driver, Fraternity, Sorority, and Honor Society Membership, and Alumni Associations discounts

National Insurance

Personalized good student discounts; requires a current grade card and a form signed by a school administrator


10% off for good students on average but depends on the state (under 23 years old), additional discounts for distant students and teen drivers

State Farm

20% off for good students under 25; it can be combined with other programs like Steer Clear

Liberty Mutual

Policy discounts for good students (GPA of B or better), student-away-at-school discount

Travelers Insurance

Combined offers for good student + student away from home; the discount amounts vary based on individual cases


Up to 10% off policy for unmarried, full-time students in states where auto insurance discounts are allowed

Clothing and General Merchandise

Clothing and general merchandize

If your favorite online store doesn’t have massive year-round student discount deals, they will definitely have several big sales throughout the year. With a bit of advance planning, you can time your purchases for the best sales. This is especially valuable for trendy statement pieces because basics get on sale less often than collections.

Don’t shy away from online clearance sales you will find a much larger selection than most real-life stores. Usually, there isn’t anything wrong with them; the manufacturer just made too much.




10% off with a SheerID verification, available once every 30 days with a new promo code each time


15% off full-price items, discount up to $1,000, claimed through UNiDAYS code at check-out, exclusions: YEEZY, 4D, Ivy Park, Pharrell, limited edition Originals, and other select items

Urban Outfitters

10% off online and in-store for customers verified by UNiDAYS


20% off with a verified account with Student Beans; it can't be combined with other deals, e.g., H&M member and first purchase rewards

American Eagle

20% off online and in-store, must be verified by UNiDAYS


25% off all items once the student status is verified with Student Beans


15% off all apparel on the website, unlocked by a simple questionnaire


10% off all items, including new collections, eligibility confirmed through the website form


10% off sitewide for those with a valid account at Student Beans

New Balance

15% off and free shipping for students with Unidays


15% off online and in-stores with a valid ID


15% off with a valid account at Student Beans

The North Face

10% off for US students from all eligible colleges and universities with verification through SheerID

Eyewear and Contacts

If you have good health insurance, see what your benefits cover. You might be able to use funds from your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) and pay nothing for eyewear at all.

Most contact lens prescriptions last for one year, and packaged lenses have a four-year shelf life. This means you can buy in bulk not only is it more convenient, but you also save money per package.

As for glasses, think about getting two pairs through buy-one-get-one-free promotions. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. So, you’ll always have a spare that was also free. If you break the glass lens or when your prescription expires, don’t change the frames.




30% off through Student Beans; it can be combined with other sales and free shipping deals


30% off every item with Bluelight Lenses with a code from Student Beans


20% off for select full-priced items with a Unidays account, unavailable for limited-edition merchandise


20% off; it can be combined with deals for free shipping, can be accessed through UNiDAYS


10% off any purchase with a valid student status with UNiDAYS

Zenni Optical

10% off that can be used multiple times but cannot be combined with other promotions, eligibility verified by ID.me


10% off on orders over $100 via Student Beans ID, available for all sunglasses and eyeglasses

Vogue Eyewear

15% off for students with verified UNiDAYS status, cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, product exclusions may apply

Museums and Entertainment

Review the venue’s online calendar for information about special lectures, tours, and programs. Those are often free but require a reservation. You can also find great discounts or free tickets during the slow season.

Some sightseeing cards like CityPASS & Go City can help you save 50% on admission to museums and attractions, as can regular bank cards (e.g., the Museums on Us program for Bank of America cardholders).




A special discount with a valid student ID, more details at the box office

AMC Theatres

Special student pricing every day at participating theaters

Regal Cinemas

Discounted pricing with a student ID presented at time of ticket purchase

Art Institute of Chicago

10% discount on first-time memberships, free general and special exhibition admission with a valid student ID at partnering colleges and universities

Lincoln Center New York

Up to two $20 discounted tickets at the Alice Tully Hall or David Geffen Hall Box Office for select performances for full-time students with an ID

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Free general admission for students presenting an art-related assignment and through University Partnership Program

The Metropolitan Opera

Special student rate for select performances, full-time undergraduate or graduate degree programs with a student ID

Carnegie Hall

$10 a ticket for selected presentations, exclusive access to Hope and Robert F. Smith Chairman Student Seats

New England Aquarium

$2 off one full-priced adult Aquarium admission ticket or $2 off tickets for standard presentations at the Simons Theatre; combo tickets are also available

Houston Ballet

$15 rush tickets 90 minutes before the performance for select performances

Best offers for students: Christmas Mix

Christmas student discounts

Make the most of the Christmas week bargains this year and find great presents for friends and family. Given the limited selection and lengthy shipping delays, you may wish to begin shopping sooner rather than later. We encourage hunting for early offers since after they're gone, not even a Christmas miracle will be able to bring them back! Keep in mind, these deals aren’t exclusive to students, so you won’t even need a .edu email address to take advantage of these great savings.

Christmas Trees



Christmas Tree Shops

Text them the secret code, 47283, to save $10 on orders over $50.

Balsam Hill

Up until the 31st, if you enter the code BALSAM25OFF at checkout, you’ll save $25 on orders over $600.

Technology and Electronics




Almost all Apple products are on a discount for the holiday season, even if there is no dedicated offer.


Costco is offering select home appliances at a reduced rate for the holidays.


XBox games and affiliated services are available for next to nothing now, so grab something while you can! You can get 3 months of the Xbox Game Pass for only $1.

Fun Places To Visit



Radio City Christmas Special

Tour Radio City! Tickets are available at a discounted rate, though this varies based on where you buy them from.


There are multiple offers listed for Disneyland! Pick what works best for you!

Health and Fitness



Planet Fitness

While Planet Fitness isn't offering a holiday discount for its membership, the gym's members can get 20% off orders from 1800Flowers.com, as well as Harry & David.

Fit Nation

Get 15% off equipment with code SPRINGFEVER. From treadmills and ellipticals to live classes, plenty of fitness options are offered.

Clothes and Merchandise



Good Housekeeping

If you are looking for holiday sweaters, Good Housekeeping has a lot of them on sale for the holidays.


Shop Amazon’s Epic Daily Deals to get crazy discounts on any product category imaginable.

Urban Outfitters

Get 50% off stylish gifts! Scarves, throw blankets, candles, and more

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks is offering a designer sale of up to 70% off.





Ring in the holidays with a piping hot pizza! Use Coupon Code APP50 to get half off on your order.


The holidays can be stressful — what better way to unwind than with a glass of wine? Use Coupon Code AFFW10 to get 10% off on your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prove you are a student at online stores?

Some websites use third-party services like UNiDAYS, SheerID, or ID.me. You can verify your student status through these services by providing your institution name and your school email address or authorizing it via your student portal.

Some stores check your student status directly, so you’ll need to upload your dated student ID, class registration, or school bill before check-out.

How do I claim student discounts online?

Some websites ask you to contact customer support and let them know you are seeking a student discount. Their agents will instruct you on what to do next. In other cases, you will need to enter your unique code (generated on UNiDAYS, SheerID, ID.me, or similar services). But it can be as easy as just clicking “Claim Your Discount.”

How can I find student discounts online?

The safest option is to use the discount directly offered by your chosen retailer. For your convenience, we’ve provided the links for the best deal above. You can also check out the Student Advantage Card website for exclusive college deals, some of which aren’t even explicitly advertised by brands.

Can I get a full refund for items purchased with a student discount?

Most brands’ refund policies would exclude limited-time price reductions during special events or student sales if the item arrived undamaged. But in the case of year-round discounts, you will likely get a full refund. The item must be returned in new condition, with valid proof of purchase.

Can international students get college student discounts in the US?

Yes, if you have an International Student Identity Card (ISIC card). It is the only internationally recognized form of student identification. Before traveling to the US, find local ISIC issuing outlets or apply for one through your university. The ISIC card can also help you get a free drink or dessert at a cafe.

How can I save on taxes as a student?

Claim American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), find out which education-related expenses qualify for a tax credit or deduction, apply for scholarships (those aren’t included as taxable income), take advantage of sales tax holidays, and seek out volunteer income tax assistance programs.

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