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Product Traits Of Nestle Marketing Essay

Developing a product involves defining the huge benefits that the merchandise will offer you to the customers. These benefits are communicated and provided by product characteristics. Product quality means the ability of a product to execute its functions. Product quality includes the product's overall strength, reliability, consistency, detail and other valued characteristics. Nestle has chosen such quality level that are according to the marketplace needs and wants.

Nestle PURE LIFE provides a wide selection of packaging types and styles that suits all consumer needs, would like and consumption events. Packaging is the most attractive part that affects the customer action and meets the individual needs of consumer all around the globe.

The range of formats extends from the average person container for on-the-go intake (0. 33l to 0. 5l), to the family size bottle (1. 5l) and on to larger types of 5 gallons (18. 9l) for in-home and office use.

Nestle PURE LIFE 18. 9-liter bottles have a defensive cover, scheduled to which the consumers can immediately define, that the product was sent from the factory. Its proprietary design equally protects the brand from counterfeiting.

Nestle Pure Life's originality place in the use associated with an all-new vinyl, P. E. T. (polyethylene teraphthalate), which is more robust and more elastic than the PVC. Besides, P. E. T. is recyclable.

Nestle PURE LIFE is bottled when possible in the united states, or at least in the region where it is sold, combining the advantage of a local creation and the strength of a worldwide brand.

Eco-efficient presentation:

Packaging is essential for food protection. For retaining the freshness of the consumers, it can help to avoid wastage before and after purchase. Nestle strategy is dependant on optimizing materials, developing eco-efficient product packaging, and providing significant information to consumers on recycling and removal.

Innovations in Design and technology also help a whole lot in order to lessen environmental effects without diminishing consumer needs and wishes.

Nestle is securely focused on finding packaging alternatives that donate to make environment better. The business supports on built in way that favours source reduction, reuse, recycling and energy recovery. Whenever possible they use recyclable product packaging materials.

Packaging waste recovery:

Nestle Malaysia has established national waste restoration schemes for the collection, separation and recovery of used presentation. Nestle has participated actively in creating and controlling these schemes. Nestle used recycled materials whenever it seems sensible and is legitimately permitted.


The label is a straightforward tag attached to the merchandise or an elaborately designed graphics that is part of the package. It could carry the brand name, or a great piece of information.

Labels perform several functions.

First, the label recognizes the product or brand.

Second, the label might also grade the merchandise.

Third, the label must explain the product and its own features like: who managed to get, where it was made, when it was created, what it includes, how it is usually to be consumed, and how to use it safely.

Fourth, finally the label must promote the product through attractiveness design.

Understanding labeling:

Nestle food product labels show a variety of information to help the customer, choose the right foods for you and your family. Law provides a great deal of information, while some is added by manufacturers to clarify a bit more about the merchandise. Because matching to law increasingly more information should be provided to the clients about food labels, they can be just a little confusing to understand and use. However, the info that is provided is intended to help customer to find the right food, and also to tell customers precisely what they can be buying.

The information found on food brands varies from the brand, food name, substances lists, country of source, use by dates and safe-keeping instructions.

It is the believe of Nestle that by providing translucent and easy to understand nutrition home elevators all our products, that we can help customer to make healthier options.

Nutrional information:

Simple, leading of pack nutrition labelling on our products performs an essential role as it allows customer to see at a glance, that which nutrients are located in a offering of the foodstuffs customer choose as well as the contribution the portion make to customer Guideline Daily Sums(GDAs).

On the back of the majority Nestle packages, full nourishment labelling is available. Where we've space, showing at length the amount nutrients in the product. The 'pre serve' information shows what customer enter each suggested portion and customer may use the per 100g information to compare the nutrients in two different foods.

All Nestle product's features help a lot to the customer recognizes more about the product. In addition to the nutrition information and GDA information, our many packs include communications about the merchandise in Good to learn boxes as well as tips or good practices to look at in Goods to remember boxes. The Good to Know and Good to Remember boxes give customer more detailed and helpful information about main nutrition and also tips and hints on including the products in a healthier healthy diet.

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