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Marketing Strategies Of Hong Thai Travel

As the tourism is important industry in Hong Kong, more and more travel organizations use different marketing strategies to attract vacationers. These travel businesses have like Hong Thai travel and Smart Vacation. Hong Thai Travel is a large organization. It is proven in 1966, and now has several thousand employees. Alternatively, Smart Holiday break is a small organization. It really is proven in 2007, it has been only 2 yrs since it proven. They can be existence together through use different marketing strategies. In this particular proposal, I'll compare Hong Thai travel and Smart Holiday can be living reasons together. I'd give attention to Hong Thai and Smart Holiday in Hong Kong to deeply find out about the marketing strategies, that's mean I would like to compare on marketing strategies of Hong Thai and Smart Getaway as well as what factors will impact /attract travelers, what promotion stations use for tourists etc.

By using questionnaires, 140 holidaymakers will be asked, in other to research which may attract traveler between Hong Thai and Smart Vacation. Relationship between factors such as deal price, travel agency location, service quality etc. Besides, I will use the info collection method to finish this proposal like communication methodology. Beside, sampling method was used by this proposal. I will through interview, cell phone, e-mail, internet to study and analysis the online marketing strategy of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday. And I'd like to work with those methods to test what are strategies usefully. In additional, I am refer to some relevant literature to evaluation and review about marketing strategies, such as Medial Travel and leisure Business Plan (Medial Travel and leisure Business Plan 2009) plus some reasons lead to consumer to choose travel firm (V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu 2000: 52-59).


A assessment of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday concerning about the aspects of marketing strategies is conducted and information regarding of that is going to be shown in this project where some elicitations ideally can get out. Besides, because the marketing strategies must be affect travel organizations sales, I have interest to study their marketing strategies.


Hong Kong travel agencies developed very speedily. Before, Hong Kong has only large corporation of travel agency, such as Wing On Travel firm, Hong Thai travel company and so on. In some study showed that travellers are rather well education with 34 percent having post extra school and another 37 percent university or college qualification or above. (Eturbonews 2009) Increasing numbers of people have money to travel because a lot more individuals have high education plus they involve some pressure in working. Also, they would like to reduce a lot of pressure through a trip. Therefore, the travel industry needs greater. In travel businesses, large organizations of travel company has use difference preferential price to appeal to more individuals. Besides, small firm of travel firm has use difference online marketing strategy to get more peoples, therefore, these operation are significantly successful. Now, Hong Kong has more than 133 travel agencies. It is including small and large organizations of travel firm. In the past a decade, Hong Kong has only 105 travel agencies. It meaning travel industry developed very speedily.

In some travel firm make a review in the past a year, 37 percent of visitors visited mainland china and Macau, 34 percent of them want to north and northeast Asia that including Taiwan, 15 percent of them went to south and Southeast Asia. (Eturbonews 2009) It signifying china trip, north trip and south trip and so forth, it is very popular excursions. Also, travel agency can make above journeys to attract individuals. It really is a selling point for vacationers.

In smart holiday break travel agency, it is concentrate on to provide Southeast Asian lines for visitor because this brand trip has cheap cost price. So, Smart trip travel firm can establish increasingly more stores in one to eleven branch stores. Also, south and Southeast Asia line excursions have big development areas.

In some travel industry survey, it showed that when Customer chose excursions, they are thinking about reliability of the branch, price, quality, customer services and acceptance. So, in this example, Hong Thai travel organization has above superiority. it is large travel firm which have a lot more experience functioning. So, it can make tourists stability and satisfaction.

For the lately tourism, increasingly more rivals have different marketing ways of improve their sales. Such as Hong Thai Travel and Smart Getaway. They are use different solutions to attract consumers. In aspect of Hong Thai Travel, it is established in 1966, and now has more employees around thousand. A branch stores was sent out in different location like Kowloon, Hong Kong, New Territories, Macus and China. You will discover 30 branch stores because Hong Thai Travel is a major group. In additional, based on Nielsen Marketing Index Hong Kong Statement of 2001 to 2008 show that Hong Thai Travel has maximum holidaymakers in Hong Kong. Hong Thai travel is a full services travel company. It provides head to packages, cruise likely to single and groups. Hong Thai travel concentrate on travelers throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore and so on. Hong Thai of Hong Kong is a complete service company, it offer group and sole tour packages, cruise trip packages to a variety of locations, ticketing and hotels and more. Hong Thai travel offers the best level of travel services and quality of tourism to customer. It offers quality services as a strategy it leads business attracts more travellers. It includes business and personal travel. Hong Thai travel agency is a one-stop travel office store to provide extensive travel products and services. Travel agency managing director Mr. Jackie Wong is widely recognized as one of the leader in travel industry of Hong Kong. Hong Thai motto "we make it for you", that is Hong Thai's commitment to continuous to build up better plus more innovation and services. In aspect of Smart Holiday break, it is set up in 2007, which is it's been only two years since it founded. Although Smart Holiday break is only 2 years operation experience, it has been own important position in travel agency. Smart Getaway have 11 branch stores that was distributed in different place such as Kowloon, Hong Kong and New Territories. Hong Thai Travel and Smart Trip have different feature. In aspect of Hong Thai Travel, it always provides a lot more different trip collection to consumer. Thus, Travellers have more choice about tourism.

Hong Thai eye-sight is among the most customer's most much loved travel agent. Hong Thai's have capacity to develop new products with their success. They work strongly with tourism boards and handling agencies worldwide to bring the hottest travel vacation spots to customers. Hong Thai's a location of open up communication and preferred spot to work in. Hong Thai's provide concrete service promises, namely is "office promise", "price make sure", and "Itinerary warrant". These pledges make their customer worry-free given that they always book their trips weeks in advance. They match up potential opportunities and risks from external environment with their strength and weakness in inner competence, forming proper initiatives in four aspects. It offers financial, customer, inside business process, learning& progress. They use "customer touch point" tactical for the customers.

Its objective is progressive, receptive to changes and socially in charge in offering high quality travel services. In aspect of Smart Vacation, it only focuses on to provide Southeast Asian range for tourist. Because of Smart Holiday is small travel organization, there trip price is cheaper than other big travel businesses. Its mission offers high quality travel services and cheaper price tourism. Smart getaway enhance multilevel marketing for their effectively. Much smaller travel agency tells us obviously that the market has performed an important role plus they maintain close contact existing customers and attract new customers. Smart getaway ensure that the business name, logo, concept and shade in constant from a communication tool in other to help fortify the brand recall. Smart trip should build a links to their website, blog and social network throughout almost all their communication programs. And, this makes it possible for interested reader to determine more about their company and what their can provides. Smart vacation use a meeting marketing tool to control their event, and promote it via their social networks. Smart holiday can provide some discount incentives in shopping event and customer understanding.

Above information's is vital for me. I will refer to above information to compare their marketing strategies, and I would like to know they can be existence reasons collectively. Alternatively, travel organizations are afflicted by monetary environment factor and social-culture environment factor and so forth. For example, a travel organization sale was influenced by economic environment terribly.


Below are the key tips of the aims of the research:

Comparison of 4'p online marketing strategy of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday (place, price campaign and product)

Examine why they sign up for the trip from that route? (Hong Thai Travel and Smart Getaway)

Examine the relationship between factors (offer price, travel agency location, service quality, training between personnel etc. )

Study the consumer habit of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday

Examine the most favorite tourism lines? (in Hong Thai Travel? In Smart Holiday break?)

Compare travel services in Hong Thai and Smart Getaway ( customer services quality)

Examine Smart Holiday break can be existence reasons( have lower cost? Focus on Southeast Asian line?)

Research Methods

I use the data collection method to finish this proposal like communication way. Beside, sampling method was utilized by this proposal. I take advantage of sampling method since it is leaner cost. In additional, it includes greater correctness and greater speed.


During doing the task, I need to execute a research for collecting the info from manager of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday and some vacationers. Therefore, I decide to design the questionnaires for research with my concentrate group. I will discuss some questions about collecting the data which I wish to know from interviewers. Also, I have to think that what types of format of questionnaire that will assist me to analysis the data more easier, for example, yes/no questions or open-ended questions. After decision in the decision in format of questionnaire, Then i print out some questionnaire and make an outdoor research by in person method or by uploading the questionnaires onto the internet for collecting the useful data. 100-200 interviewers will be asked about the questionnaires.

Sampling: First I sample the tourists that happen to be to get of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday break. Those places are extensive tourist trips that place every day. After that, I sample the administrator of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday break. ONCE I am doing the study at that time, I use convenience sampling the vacationers or managers who are female or male.


The Internet is the worldwide, publicly accessible network. On internet, I could find a lot of information such as reports, also many other services including e-mail, file and sharing. About my survey, I am going to find the principal data or the next data although discussion regions of internet, on conversation area, I could find the specify one such as travel companies area. On this area, I could leave the concept to folks who are the travel enthusiast or I could see whether there are tourist in discussion website, waiting for their response within some days.

Sampling: I use the convenience sampling, because I do not know who are on internet, I post the questionnaires on internet and they will doing the survey who are informing me are guides. One other way is searching the visitor on the internet forum, I concentrate on the travel and leisure part to determine the holiday.


Tele-interviewing is simple process of by using a telephone interview as a way of collecting data about the interviewees' experience in tourism and lifestyle. I can get the info about the customers' satisfaction of travel and leisure though cell phone. By cell phone, I find friend, family member, colleague, classmates etc. Additionally, differing people have different explanations, so, their respond to my questions will have different results. Those in creation just limited to my reference to more understand tourist and I can gather some primary data about the marketing strategies of Hong Thai and Smart Vacation.

Sampling: I am going to use the quota sampling, first I might be told to Hong Thai and Smart Trip to ask about the marketing strategies, To interview holiday who are stay in at home at that moment, ask about the marketing strategies of they think.


Send the data and questions by e-mail which include my college or university name, course name, subject matter subject, major questions and our goal are to travel and leisure hobbyist, leader, guides and other relevant individuals.

Sampling: I'll use the quota sampling, first I may find out to Hong Thai and Smart Getaway to enquire about the marketing strategies, I dispatched e-mail to above travel firms in Hong Kong because I wish to know their marketing strategies. Also I do not expect these are asked the question about marketing strategies.


I gather the info by using face to face interview. Interview is a procedure designed to solicit information from a person's oral reactions to oral queries.

I will utilize structured interview for gathering the info from interviewees in that research. I am going to put together the questions that'll be asked prior to going out. During setting up questions on questionnaires, I have to analyze the current situations in the Hong Kong in order to make the questions on questionnaires more updated. Besides of the, I also make a decision if the dialogue will be documented or not. As interview have to be allow by managers, I am going to send them a require letter, wish they will allow me to execute interview. Or, maybe to interview vacationer who are stay static in travel agencies at that time, ask about the marketing strategies of they think.

Project plan

Please refer to other paper

Critical review of relevant literature

The books review is targeted on information search. Referring to that topic, I shall take about travel marketing strategies and choice of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday break.

According to Hong Kong General Chamber of Business in 2006, HKGCC Judging Panel said that now is Hong Thai Travel has successfully marketing strategies. It demonstrates Hong Thai Travel has efficiently identified market role and provided "love seeking head to" to specific band of consumers who expect companions. Using by a strong innovative culture, Hong Thai Travel is able to develop new gimmicks continually, adding value to its traditional services, and enhancing its control in a highest competitive market. Thus, the company can success is showed by remarkable accomplishment in Hong Kong (HKGCC 2006).

After that, Tourism Consultative Council suggests that travel firm may encourage innovation in future. Travel comes with an integral component in marketing strategies. I feel that an integral element can use in marketing strategies of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday Travel. If travel companies has integral aspect of marketing strategies, it will explore how this will impact areas of manpower and technology in travel and leisure market (the Tourism Consultative Council 2003).

On the other palm, matching to Medial Tourism Business Plan information, it implies that Travel organization should offer consumer VIP services and it ensures the best degree of consumer services. Besides of the product strategy, in facet of campaign strategy, travel company may hire a professional manager to create publicity that reinforce their images and entice more consumers by focusing on consumer satisfaction. Thus, it could be prepared to achieve strong word-of-mouth advertising as consumes show their tourism experience with their close friends. Hence, it can be to minimize advertising cost through this way. Furthermore, travel agency may use the internet to market themselves, they can choose best-in-class website that was created to charm to the sensibilities of upscale consumers. Other way, travel agency can make limited use of direct mail by creating an extremely high quality email piece which will be send to the consumers. In facet of sales strategy, Medial Travel and leisure Business Plan suggests that travel firm may employ professional case manager who'll be first point of contact with potential consumers. Thus, it can encourage up-selling of these VIP services. Above strategies might be use to Hong Thai and Smart vacation (Medial Travel and leisure Business Plan 2009).

In additional, there are multiple reasons lead to consumer to choose travel firm. A complete of 183 Hong Kong consumers were surveyed and were asked to rate 29 traits that might have an impact on their choice of travel organization for all- inclusive offer trips by V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu. The results revealed that 29 features were afflicted about choice of travel organization in travel agency reputation. V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu said that Travel agency reputation was rated as the main attribute in travel agency selection, followed by 'word-of-mouth communication' and 'personnel attitude'. V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu recommended that might use seven factors to analysis choice of consumer. Also, Hong Thai and Smart Trip are use seven factor to analysis selection of travel firm of consumers. It offers namely, Interactive Agent Quality, Formal Communication, Overall Convenience, Costing, Product Features, and Image. Those factor may use to analysis marketing ways of consumers (V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu 2000: 52-59).

Besides of above strategies and some information, Susskind, A. M. , M. A. Bonn, and C. S. Dev advised that travel organization must let consumer has trust and standing of an information options as well as arranging channel (Susskind, A. M. , M. A. Bonn, and C. S. Dev 2003: 256-64). Nysveen H suggested that travel organization has on series booking channel, that ought to be security and trustworthiness. So, Hong Thai Travel has online booking services, which website should be predicated on added values first of all aimed at the reduced amount of risk and uncertainty (Nysveen, H. 2003:113-127).

On the other hands, Susan Segal-Horn suggests that manager needs to improve operational efficiency which through programs, such as total quality management, time-based competition, and benchmarks. Also, both smaller and large group may changed how they performance of the activities, to eliminate efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction and successful the best practice. To keep tempo with changes in the output of boundary management has accepted the ongoing improvement, empowerment, change management, and so-called learning company. (Susan Segal-Horn 2001: 75).

In additional, Combes, G. C. and Patel said that the internet offers a potentially low-cost Retail circulation channels to reach customers 24 hours a day all over the world. In addition, as the transfer of customer deals to electronic channels, the thorough data that can be stepped up to accumulate Targeted advertising and marketing work, and reduce other operating expenditures. THE WEB has increased the price of access to information and products, so that Clients determine the best treatment, in the web and traditional programs to boost their communication with suppliers. Hence, Hong Thai travel and Smart Trip is open 24 hours communication channel for his or her customers. (Combes, G. C. and Patel 2000: 1)

After that, Susan Segal-Horn implies that companies are success that only it can create different strategies, and the necessity to save the proper. So, Hong Thai travel and Smart Vacation are must provide better value to customers or at a lower cost to create a higher value, or both. Arithmetic superior success is as follows: to provide increased value, enabling the business to fee higher average product prices, higher efficiency resulting in lower average product costs. Lower or higher prices in the price of time and energy to the creation, creation, marketing products and services to them, such as matching to customer requirements, can increase the final product set up and train their workers. ( Susan Segal-Horn 2001: 74).

Besides, Shohreh A. Kaynama, PhD and Christine I. Black colored, shows that many service business, travel agents consider the Internet can be an opportunities and dangers. So, some of the smaller companies like Smart Getaway Travel Organization will choose to use the internet merely as a medium of communication, in order to promote with their business Static site or in an effort to acquire e-mail with the client. These small establishments Wish to be involved in the competition and offer highly special travel services to customers and catch the attention of customer's attention. Other traditional travel businesses are in a state of transition. These hybrid organizations also provide specific customers by concentrating on Walk in and telephone services, while at the same time through their Internet sites to develop programmed reservation and arranging system. Hence, it can increase company benefits. (Shohreh A. Kaynama, PhD

Christine I. Black colored, MLS 2000:65).

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