How to Get ChatGPT to Write an Essay

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How to Get ChatGPT to Write an Essay

Students often struggle with essay writing because of the many interrelated parts involved: planning, researching, and presenting an argument convincingly. Occasionally, the question arises, “How do I get ChatGPT to write an essay?”.

ChatGPT is a great resource for students, especially for those who are up against tight deadlines and need access to relevant expertise. This novel technology serves not just as a knowledge store but also as a collaborative partner, supporting the construction of well-articulated and captivating writing. Its value can go well beyond that of a simple information source; it also helps students negotiate the complex terrain of academic writing.

Understanding ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT to write essays is like having a virtual editor help you write. This strong language model can create text that sounds like it was written by a person. An AI-based tool can become your smart friend, someone who is ready to help and improve your conversation style and grammar. You may use the model not just for writing papers; it also helps you answer questions, come up with new ideas, and improve the quality of your documents.

ChatGPT and other generative AI models are here to stay, so it’s worthwhile to learn how you can leverage the technology responsibly and wisely so that it can be a tool to support your academic pursuits. However, nothing can replace the experience and achievement gained from communicating your own ideas and research in your own academic essays.

Jessica A. Kent

How to Use ChatGPT to Write an Essay

It’s not plagiarism to use ChatGPT to write reports; the model enhances your writing, but it doesn’t replace it. It helps you come up with new ideas and deepen your arguments. It’s not advisable to simply copy material, but you may use the resources it offers to get better at writing. Write an essay with ChatGPT to improve the way you write and present your ideas.

1. Selecting a Topic

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide on a topic for an essay. Chat GPT paper writer can help. You can create a prompt like “Come up with five essay topics about XYZ.” Then, watch as it quickly suggests a bunch of different ideas that will help you get creative. You can also dig deeper with prompts like “Elaborate on XYZ subheading.”

This feature helps you research a topic without getting distracted and gives your writing a strong base. It’s also easy to get help with how to approach each generated topic — just ask your AI-based term paper writing assistant to “Provide an approach to each generated topic,” and the tool will do it. Remember that it’s not just a chat room; it’s your path to a well-written piece.

Generating essay topics with ChatGPT

2. Structuring an Outline with Chat GPT Essay Writer

Choosing an interesting topic is the first step in essay or thesis writing. Next comes creating a structured outline to present your ideas. This is where you, as a prompter, will need to give the AI model clear instructions. Don’t worry if the answer doesn’t match what you had in mind. You can always give it more detailed prompts later.

For instance, you can start with “Make an outline based on the topic ABC.” Watch as it puts together the main parts of an essay. To get even more specific, you can further add word count, layout, whether you want tables in there, and so on.

Writing an essay with Chat GPT means having a personalized essay architect with multiple customization options. It helps you not only generate tips and ideas but also keep a clear and organized structure as you write.

Creating an essay outline with ChatGPT

3. Utilizing ChatGPT for Essays Citing Is Easy

When writing an essay, it’s very important to back up your claims with reliable sources. For this, ChatGPT is helpful because it facilitates choosing appropriate sources and conducting research. Users can get a hand-picked collection of materials to support their arguments by telling it, for example, to “Make a list of five resources for research on XYZ.”

Finding research resources with chatbot

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the information proposed in the ChatGPT essay may not be up-to-date. Although it can help you find resources, you may need to look for new papers online.

Prompts like “What kind of resources can I use for an essay on XYZ?” make it easier for people to find exactly what they need. Furthermore, users can improve their citations by asking for the right style. For example, ask the model “Use the MLA format for the listed resources,” and it will ensure that the sources fit perfectly into the essay.

Formatting resources with AI

4. How to Ask ChatGPT to Write an Essay Conclusion

It’s normal to have trouble figuring out what to do when you go over the word limit assigned by your professor. In such situations, ChatGPT is a great tool that allows you to stick to the limits while covering all information bases. Users can get a short but complete summary. An easy way to do it is to copy and paste your essay to the Chat and ask it to summarize. Prompting, “Write a short summary for the essay provided,” is one way to get a simple conclusion.

This feature not only helps you meet strict word count limits, but it also makes sure that the end of your essay is clear and powerful. Chat GPT for essays does more than just help you with the first draft. It’s a flexible instrument for improving and perfecting your texts. More so when it comes to condensing your main points into an interesting ending.

5. Getting Feedback and Making Improvements

Want to know how to use ChatGPT to write an essay? Now you do! But did you also know there are many ways to improve the quality of your essay with ChatGPT? That goes beyond writing the first draft. Students can use it to get helpful comments on things like tone of voice, clarity, and consistency. If the article is already pasted in the model, they can go further and get more than just a spelling check.

Here are some ChatGPT essay example prompts you can use:

  • “Based on the essay provided, what changes can I make in the layout to make it seem more organized?”
  • “What table (columns and rows) can I add to the second subheading to better accommodate the data.”
  • “What can I add to the above essay to get a higher grade?”
  • “Please make subheading three sound more professional.”

These prompts seem simple, but they will bring a new light to your essay! With this feature, students can edit and improve the general flow and clarity of their writing, making sure that their essays not only meet academic standards but also have a proper tone of voice.

How to Write an Essay with ChatGPT and Avoid Pitfalls

Even though ChatGPT is helpful for writing essays, it’s important to know its limitations.

  1. Scarcity of Data
    One big problem is that it might find tools or authors that don’t exist, which could lower the quality of your work. Due to the model’s limited training data, it may show information that isn’t accurate.

    Actually, you can see this happening in the screenshot we provided when we asked ChatGPT to find resources for our hypothetical essay. The second one, The Causes of the Great Depression: A Retrospective by Kenneth A. Snowden, doesn't really exist. While yes, the author is a real researcher who focuses on the American economy, he never wrote such a work.
  2. Plagiarism
    There is still a chance of accidentally using copied content since AI can make text that looks like it came from other sources.
  3. AI Detection
    Another issue is that AI-detector tools can find content that was created by artificial intelligence.
  4. Repetitive Structure
    If you’re wondering, “Can ChatGPT write essays consistently?” then know that ChatGPT often makes material with the same structure. This means that it’s consistent, but it is easy to spot the AI-generated content even without special detection software.

AI Detection Tools

There are multiple sources where you can check your generated texts. Some of the most popular are ZeroGPT, Copyleaks and Writer.

These limitations show that AI writers are not always reliable. To get through this, it’s essential to get help from professional human writers; real people can guarantee the uniqueness of the writing because they use their knowledge and avoid copying.

They collect information from a huge number of sources and double-check whether it is correct and reliable. Human writers also use a variety of writing styles, which helps avoid the boring structure that comes with AI-generated material. With this nuanced method, you can write a unique, personalized essay that stands out.

When it comes to writing great essays, human writers and computers can work together very well. Using the ChatGPT essay writer is a good way to come up with ideas and get the first draft, but it doesn’t have the dependability and skill that human writers naturally have.

Hiring professional writers increases the chances of success in school by guaranteeing a well-written, unique, and polished essay. The best way to succeed is to use creativity and only then turn to technology.

Additional Prompts for ChatGPT Essay Writing

For Revision and Editing:

  • "Review an essay draft and suggest two areas where language can be refined for greater impact."
  • "Identify and correct grammatical errors and unclear phrasing in the paragraph."
  • "Evaluate the overall length of the essay and suggest areas where information could be conveyed more succinctly."

For Clarity in Argumentation:

  • "Determine whether the argument's logical progression is clear and, if necessary, propose rearranging or restructuring."
  • "Check if each paragraph contributes clearly to the overall thesis; revise or eliminate sections that may be irrelevant."
  • "Ensure that the majority of sentences are in the active voice for clarity and directness."

For Clarity in Pronouns:

  • "Review a paragraph for clarity in the use of pronouns, ensuring it's clear what or whom each pronoun refers to."
  • "Replace ambiguous pronouns with specific nouns for greater clarity."

For Transition Words:

  • "Insert appropriate transition words or phrases to improve the coherence between paragraphs."
  • "Identify a section lacking smooth transitions and suggest words to enhance the connection of ideas."

For Consistency:

  • "Ensure consistency in the use of tense throughout the essay."
  • "Check for consistency in the formatting of headings and subheadings."

For Word Choice:

  • "Suggest alternative words or phrases for three instances of repetitive language in a given paragraph."
  • "Replace a vague or overused terms with a more precise and effective words."

For Audience Consideration:

  • "Evaluate the essay from the perspective of a target audience; suggest revisions to make the content more accessible or relevant."
  • "Identify and revise language or examples that might be confusing or alienating to the intended audience."

For Paragraph Focus:

  • "Check that each paragraph has a clear central idea and revise any sentences that stray from this focus."
  • "Identify paragraphs that could benefit from a topic sentence, and suggest a concise and informative opening."

For Sentence Flow:

  • "Examine the flow of sentences within a paragraph; suggest adjustments to improve the overall rhythm."
  • "Check for abrupt shifts in tone or style within sentences, and revise for a smoother flow."
  • "Identify a long and complex sentence; break it down into two or more shorter sentences for clarity."

For Readability and Formatting:

  • "Assess the readability of the essay by considering font size, line spacing, and paragraph indentation; suggest adjustments for better visual clarity."
  • "Check for consistency in formatting (italics, bold, underlining) and make corrections where necessary."
  • "Identify and condense unnecessary details or redundancies in a paragraph."
  • "Condense a paragraph by eliminating unnecessary words without sacrificing meaning."

What Are a Few Reliable ChatGPT Essay Writing Alternatives?

When students start writing essays, it becomes very important for them to find useful tools and ChatGPT alternatives that are more specialized in a certain field. Because of the changing digital environment, many new apps have come out, each one helping with a different part of the writing process. These options not only provide specialized help but also help make writing thorough and effective.


StylusAI is one of the best AI for writing A+ academic papers. Not only is it powered by the Chat GPT essay creator tool, but it has also been carefully trained to write academically. Because it specializes in one particular field, it fully understands how to write well-researched and carefully organized essays. This makes it a reliable partner for academic writing projects.

Stylus Essay Writer

Semantic Scholar

When you get into the details of scholarly study, Semantic Scholar is very helpful. This tool makes it easier to search for scientific literature and scholarly papers on any website, which is important for writing research-based essays. With its large database, Semantic Scholar ensures that students can find reliable and useful sources, which makes their essays more academic.

Semantic Scholar


When it comes to creativity, Quillbot is great at paraphrasing content. This tool allows students to avoid plagiarism and make their writing more unique. This bot is helpful for creating unique and interesting content because it suggests different ways to present your ideas.

Quillbot Paraphraser


Grammarly is not an AI writer per se. It is a grammar checker that can significantly simplify the process of improving writing. Grammarly can check your spelling, consistency, and overall quality of the work. Its easy-to-use interface makes it accessible to students who have never used such tools before. It works as a reliable assistant and helps you write well-organized and error-free reports.

Grammarly Checker

Together, these options make up a complete set of tools that help students tackle essay writing tasks more easily and effectively. While both StylusAI and ChatGPT focus on creating content, Semantic Scholar, Grammarly, and Quillbot help with research, improve language and make sure that the work is unique.


Where Can I Find Out How to Write an Essay with Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is supposed to help you write, not write for you. Ask it to give you thoughts, structure, and direction. To improve credibility, ask for help with specific things like making your cases stronger, suggesting references, or coming up with more ideas for your essay’s main points.

Can You Use Chat GPT to Write Essays?

Yes, but it works better as a tool for writing. To keep your work quality high, get help with certain parts of the writing process, like coming up with ideas, organizing content, or improving points. ChatGPT is a great instrument used for these purposes.

How to Get ChatGPT to Write Longer Essays?

Create a prompt for ChatGPT where you ask it to “Expand the text” or “Add N more words to the text.” This tells the tool that it needs to add more information to your essay and make it as long as you want it to be.

Can Chat GPT Edit Essays?

Of course! Your work can be summed up, rewritten, and edited by ChatGPT. For example, you could say, “Rewrite the text using a professional tone of voice” to make your essay better. This is how to use Chat GPT to write an essay with less effort.

Is There a Risk of Plagiarism When Using ChatGPT to Write Essay?

While ChatGPT is a valuable tool, there’s a risk of unintentional plagiarism. Always look over the information you take from its answers and make sure it’s real. For extra safety, use tools that check for plagiarism to make sure that your writings are unique.


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