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Advertisements Information Or Manipulation Multimedia Essay

These are a few of the common advertising that we can see and hear inside our everyday life. Ad corresponding to oxforddictionaries. com means that "a notice or announcement in a general public medium promoting something, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy". Advertising are everywhere around us. Whether we noticed it or not, it has been long existed. Actually in Egyptian time, they used papyrus to make sales messages and wall structure posters to catch the attention of the consumers. With today's improvement of the multimedia, the amounts of magazines increasing, magazines, TVs and r / c, people are bombarded with a large number of advertising daily.

Advertising is actually important since it creates consciousness to the consumers about products that exist in the market. With the existence of the advert, it can help to improve the demand for a certain products. In addition, it let the consumer to choose from lots of products available in the market. But does all these advertisement really supply the information to the consumers or maybe plain tactics to control us to buy or use the services?

A whole lot of the advertising nowadays are actually manipulating us somewhat than offering us the real information. The promoters are actually clever people. They know that normal advertising that only contain facts are ordinary boring and appear flat. Therefore they created fantasies to help make the advertisement look more desirable. We can plainly see that most advert created used our desire, such as activities, captivating women and superstars so that we become captivated and intend to acquire them. As an example this one commercial about a

deodorant, AXE, that being use by this man. After he uses it, he is able to catch the attention of hot and alluring women towards him. People are being technique by such ad and they started to buy these products. After they wear it, they feel as they are the same as in the commercial. This clearly demonstrates they are using our feelings. Think wisely why they use such action. Will this have relationships with the grade of the merchandise they release to the marketplace? We consumers should become more cautious to the technique found in order to prevent us from being manipulated by the marketers.

Be alert that the advertisers worldwide are succeeding in making people change their lifestyle. In cases like this, they know that popular designer can play their role to make people especially their lovers to follow their way. For example popular artist from Japan, Gazette. Their appearances: clothes they are putting on and their hair, are so cool that lots of fan decided to follow their style. Through the use of such influence, most people don't brain in spending their money just to be same as their idol. Doing this type of advertisements is actually very costly. However, they are ready to spend a lot of money in the advertising so that they can sell their products. It's been estimated that the price of a product may rise to 40% credited to ad costs. Still, due to the success of manipulating the consumers, the advertisers get big money. As an example, according to Welt-Online, they reported that the US pharmaceutical industry put in almost double the amount on advertising (57. 7 billion dollars) than it performed on research (31. 5 billion dollars). Yet few consumers noticed that they will be the ones paying for each and every cent the united states pharmaceutical spent for public relations, advertising, rebates,

packaging since they ordinarily get included in the price calculation. In the end the consumers will pay more to them while the marketers gain more gains.

Another interesting simple truth is that in addition they know how to attract people matching their age group. In one case, they make an effort to persuade several get older between below 8 years old. According to American Psychological Connection, they discovered that small children cannot understand and interpret televised advertising messages wisely and therefore are likely to consider advertisements as truthful, accurate and unbiased. This can lead to numerous problems like detrimental diet plan as evidenced by today's children overweight epidemic. The young children also being targeted as they can also persuade their parents to buy the things they are being drawn to like playthings, sweets and ice cream. One successful commercial like the car models from Hot Wheels where that they had successfully sell thousands of their toys and games. As the kids are unable to think sensibly it is more likely easier to change them by placing more of what they really want in the advert rather than delivering information. On one research, it is found that advertisers experienced put in more than $12 billion yearly on messages aimed at the young ones market. The average child watches more than 40, 000 tv set commercials a year. This plainly shows just how they are prepared to spend money in order manipulate the consumers somewhat than providing them with much more useful information.

The kids are also not the only person being targeted by the promoters. Today's adolescences are also being seduced by them. Most male adolescence love athletics especially sports. The promoters take this chance utilizing the football personalities in their commercial to

market their product. Chances are of us nowadays to check out our idol way. No question some brands become top in their game titles as they are able to increase their selling products and gain more earnings. One example of one popular brand company, Nike, where they hired Lebron James, a specialist NBA player to be one of their ambassadors. The female adolescences also being manipulate by the advertising campaign. Not being biased but the female is most probably easy to be trick by certain advert. Just observe how many women are willing to spend their time and money simply for shopping. Younger women especially in Malaysia nowadays are fascinated and had followed japan style which also called the Harajuku style which have been started by a few of the popular musician like Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda. It is likely of them to answer like this:

"Well, this is the latest tendency for the season".

They buy things such as clothes that are being considered popular for the season. Instead of "What should I wear today?" it has become "What trend should i wear for today?". Not only just clothing, even other things like hairstyle, shoes and even skin color are being considered. It makes us set our mind that it is more important to look good rather than the real purpose of wearing clothes. This shows that ad manipulate alternatively than offering information.

The advertisers also use techniques like the linking of sporting heroes and smoking through sports activities sponsorship, the use of cigarettes by popular people in television programs and cigarette special offers. Like what's occurring in India, as the stars smoke, the viewer plan to do the same thing as they feel it is "macho" to smoking. People almost never think deeply on the result that could be confronted by them on long term area as they think only for short time. Ditto goes

to other products like liquor drinks. The consumption of alcohol is being glamorized and shown without results in advertisements, music, magazines, television set programs and even in movies. With the multimedia overwhelmed by these types of advertisements, no think about more people especially the youngster below aged drink, even although fact that alcohol bring harmful to the body.

Not all advertisements told the truth. A few of it sometimes hides the true information or facts that are said to be advised to the consumers. In fact these are just "sweet talk" so that people will be attracted to what they provide. For example ad about shampoo that can make the head of hair smooth and in a straight line. As nowadays people are eager to have such head of hair, they are easily influence by these kind of commercial and buy the product without knowing the actual fact whether it really do make the mane to be as what they really want for or simply bluffing. On top of hiding the real information in addition they send a blurry reality to the consumers. Just like a fog or mist that people encounter in the early morning, we can't see clearly of that which we are facing before us. We are not sure whether it's safe or danger in front of us. Therefore likewise as the blurry advertisement. It may be good for us and it could be the contrary.

In summary, advertisements do contain both information and at the same time trying to control the consumers. However predicated on the points given previously, it clearly shows that most advertisement are actually manipulating the buyer rather than giving them full information on certain things. To prevent this from happening, the federal government should regulate on which advertisements work to be shown in the media so that less consumers are being strategy by these kind of advertising campaign. Still, it is up to the consumers to be alert on what is happening so that they would be cheated easily by some adverts.

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