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If you were assigned to solve a study case and you have never done that before, you search the web, looking for the right definition and the structure, but it might be a hard work to find the matching or relevant example for your topic. Study cases are not a scholarship essay examples; the case mostly includes the description of the practice, which is based on a real world case. The idea of learning through study case is to generate all best possible solutions for one or another situation, and present your findings to the lecturer and classmates. The assignments for study case differ a lot, and depends on the learning target. The length varies from couple of paragraphs to over forty pages. The complexity might not depend on the size, but short case studies usually more exact information. Some can be easily analyzed and solved within one classroom discussion and all the conclusions would be logical and obvious even from the first look, however, it is not always like that, especially in large scale fields of studies, such as business, psychology, finances, politics & etc. To identify, process and interpret the information from a study case properly, you need not only high level of concentration on details, but also good analytical skills with ability to form a logical and consistent list of your findings and solutions. Organizing all these steps may be extremely time-consuming procedure, which not everyone can handle from the first try, therefore, consider an opportunity to use help from professional writers. On one hand, you go to a bookstore and buy the thematic book to get a better understanding of the topic, on the other hand, you got somebody’s examples which are not always relevant to your assignment. To minimize the time and effort consumption, you can pay someone to write a paper and be confident about the content and the relevance to your studies.

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As a student, you gathered a wide range of theoretical information on the subject by writing essays, memorizing a definitions and taking part in the discussions. Not all the students are able to apply their knowledge in practice straight away after the graduation and that is why case studies became very common in educational world. The better you know what is a case study, the faster you learn from it. Investigation of one person or a group, what is a case study, can last extended amount of time. Usage of different methods like observations and interviews is primarily referred to the question what is a case study, especially, if the scale of your research is big. Study case is a naked practice explained in words, where the problem is hidden in a certain number of steps, made by a company or any other described side. We can approach the study case from different perspectives. What is a case study for a professor/teacher? – It is a perfect illustration of studied subject, where most of main practices are included. The case for a sociological institution can be essay proofreading, which will expand student’s view on the techniques and reading styles. In that sense, teachers are satisfied with the knowledge that students generate, while working on a study case. What is a case study from author’s point of view? – Firstly, we need to mention, that there are different sources from where cases can be taken. For the business topic, the sources are annual reports, business plans, news, transaction analysis and any historical data that contains the situation or an unresolved problem. Some companies are building relationships with universities to let students work on their current issues, and as the result, they get a list of possible solutions for free. The person in charge usually takes a managerial position, and the whole cooperation is considered as very efficient because the company needs only to provide the students with appropriate data and collect the solutions in the end. Hence, a study case is an alternative source of ideas and mental workforce for the author, except if the case is not written far in the past. Some managers, who know exactly the level of the students, can ask them: «write my paper for me cheap» to save time and reduce the amount of routine work with a less costs. Old study cases can be a good basement for ideas, because even if you analyze the old case, you might identify the ideas that have never been distinguished before. The last question is what is a case study for students? – Obviously, it is an assignment, but not an ordinary assignment though. Students with enough practical experience can easily recognize the main idea of such assignment, but for those who cannot interpret written words in reality, it is a real experience from the outer world.

Most of the final year students or fresh graduates tried to apply for a workplace. They attach CV, resume, certificates & etc. but some employers require to attach an additional text to the application, cover letter. What is a cover letter and how is it connected with study case solution experience? – a cover letter is a written text with a detailed explanation of why you are the best candidate. If you already have enough experience, you can list your skills and explain relevant to the position experience, but what if you apply for the first time and there is nothing to tell about your career? The study case experience shows up. It is good to mention that you have solved a several case studies in the relevant field and even though your working experience equals to zero, the company might be interested in your learning skills, and believe that after a couple of solved complicated cases on the paper, learn the processes in practice will not be a big deal for you.

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