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Urban studies papers: significance of urban study in a modern world

A citizen is the most utter description of a modern human being. About sixty percent of world population exists in cities or adjacent urban areas. Practically, this means that two out of every three members of a present-day society present themselves as members of an urban community while writing a CV. From ancient times, cities play a role of cultural, economic, national, political or sacral centers and clusters around which concentrate massive transport arteries and migration routes. Moreover, nowadays this role has become more important than any time before. According to this statement, the significance of urban study could be hardly overrated. Urban studies papers provide vital information about the recent state of a financial and social life in urban territories as well as analytic prognosis about its evolution and transformation in the near future.

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Urban study is a complicated syncretic discipline that combines research methods and stochastic techniques from different fields of science like an anthropology, sociology, history, psychology, economics, meteorology, ecology and even architectural engineering. Performing an exploration work about an urban object requires great experience and a knowledge base, assembled for these disciplines. In addition, one has to keep in mind a specificity of any concrete objective. This requirement does not make the author’s task easier. One just could not use the general research summary template to perform one’s work without months of attentive and patient study of the problem. In the early seventies, the statement about inevitable standardization of every city was highly popular. Fortunately, pessimistic prognoses about the results of a globalization process were not realized – every urban area has its own original cultural and historical identity. A variety of urban studies papers topics is the best reputable confirmation of the municipal center’s uniqueness. Every city or urban area forms and evolves in a consequent correlation with a variety of local environmental factors. Therefore, each urban center requires an individual scientific approach.

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Different types of urban research reports: a brief review

As it has been mentioned earlier, every specific urban study assignment provides its own demands and standards. General urban studies papers format requirements have a lot in common with basic scientific principles of writing a research project, such as an objectivity, systematic approach and reproducibility of the obtained results. One ought to stick to these principles in every type of exploration to achieve acceptance of a scientific community. The special requirements cohere with the concrete goal of a research and with an object of study. It is possible to separate the main groups of modern urban studies papers according to the key-points of a research:

Of course, among the purposes of urban studies papers are the study of the past as well as monitoring of a perpetual city transformation. A municipal study provides also a great and priceless opportunity to make analytic predictions about the future tendencies in urban planning. In summary, an urban research is a unique synthetic branch of study that allows not only preservation of the legacy of the past, but also control of the future dividends.