A social work personal statement: test your social skills

It is an intricate task to find a profession that postulates so high demands to the expectations of a social work discipline. This field of study cannot be called extremely popular because most students rightly consider that it is overcomplicated, but also it is definitely can be defined as extremely significant. Social study is a highly complicated sphere of science, but its importance in the contemporary situation could be hardly overestimated. An attentive reader may notice that a lion’s share of all global transnational objectives has a proximate interconnection with social problems. Problems with migrants, overflow of the population, racial and religious opposition – these are only a few examples of the contemporary social problems. A person with aspirations to devote his or her life to this profession ought to understand all difficulties and obstacles that could be met on this way. An assignment to compose a social work personal statement is not just a way to enter the university; it is also a last possibility to test one’s readiness for this assignment. Therefore, one has to compose one’s personal statement with all possible diligence and patience in order to fix flaws and errors from the very beginning.

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The modern format of social work suggests that all candidates have to show their willingness for this highly complicated discipline. Usually, the competition is exceedingly tense, so you need to prove that your candidacy is the best. All completely grave responsibilities of this assignment lie on your shoulders. You can practically always buy compare and contrast essay about some significant facts or tendency of social study, but the presentation of yourself as a potential specialist is a much more sophisticated task, especially for an inexperienced beginner.

A beginner who wants to enroll a social science course ought to comprehend that this task demands great efforts. Composing a personal statement has a lot in common with writing regular official papers, such as applications, petitions and/or reports. Stick to the official rules of formatting, study a thesis proposal example, use a formal style and all problems will be resolved. Nevertheless, composing a personal declaration has a great number of significant differences. If you think that a personal statement does not mean much to the admission committee, it is the right moment to change your mind. The statistical researches claim that the key-point of successful submission is a perfectly written personal application. Unfortunately, you will not be interviewed unless you compose your statement perfectly. Naturally, this thesis does not claim that you can forget about preparation for the interview. It means only that there is no sense in relying on your ability of verbal communication if you have no great writing experience. It seems a great number of disciplines connected with social study are based on verbal communication, interviewing and oral interrogations, but the personal statement is a little bit sophomoric. In practice, you will be obliged to work with dozens of questionnaires, study forms, and statistical brochures, so if you still need an English paper help you have to think twice before starting the work on the statement. In any case, it will be highly recommendable to examine an official format of personal applications. Here is a concise register of the main requirements supplied by the most significant educational centers:

  • - compliance with a formal writing style. Any example of dialecticism in your application will completely ruin all your hopes to get the desirable vacancy, so double-check your application in order to avoid any errors. You have to guard the purity of your language untiringly.
  • - a correct format of the personal declaration. This demand is rather simple in practice. Just examine ubiquitous examples of writing formats and styles, and select the most appropriate style. It is wise to study an ASA official format with great attention. Even the most exacting commission will receive a correctly written ASA style paper without admonitions.
  • - clarification of your individuality. The representatives of the admission committee deal with thousands of applications every week. You should demonstrate your personal uniqueness and readiness for study. No one will pay attention to an impersonal indistinct application. A style of an ordinary literary essay is the best choice for this situation. Present your personality from the best side. Emphasize your practical skills in a sphere of social study. If you already have some special experience in social work, such as participation in a volunteer organization or successfully finished peculiar courses, do not be shy to mention these facts in your statement. This will certainly bring you extra points during the interview.
  • - objectiveness and correctness. Undoubtedly, your primary target is to introduce your candidacy from the best angle. However, you must avoid fanfaronade. Modesty and correctness are the best friends of an enrollee. Remember that your objective is to present yourself as a decent talented candidate with a great potential, so try to be tactful, while composing a personal application.
  • - complete information about significant facts of your biography. You must be honest with your potential academics from the start. Even in the situation when you have some unpleasant facts in your biography, it will be quite unwise to ignore them in your application. Performing this assignment is like composing a research summary – present the all-important facts and wait for a resolution patiently. Do not be frightened because of circumstances of your private life; the admission committee is obliged to keep all details of an enrollee’s biography in secret. In addition, your openness and honesty will undoubtedly please the representatives of the admission committee.

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