What do you need a sample reaction paper for?

When writing a reaction paper, you need to have a precise and clear idea of what exactly your professor wants you to do. The common purpose of writing a reaction paper is to provide a reflection on the assigned material. At the same time, your professor may want you to compare different materials or to think of it in light of something you were studying in classes, like psychological aspect, economic situation, religious conflict, etc. However, you may only have to express your own thoughts and draw a conclusion in that regard. Anyway, before actually writing your reaction paper you have to take a look at a strong sample, written in accordance with all requirements.

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You need it because you want to have understanding of how to write a reaction paper in order to make success of it. A good-written sample will provide you with the necessary information about the structure of this kind of paper, its content and the style as a whole. But this doesn't mean that there is no need for learning requirements after you saw a sample. Quite the opposite: you should have an exact imagination of the final look of your paper, so it is essential to learn the rules, formats and structure. The more so since not every sample reaction paper may be written the way your professor wants you to write. What is most likely, your professor wants you to do the next: to prove that you have read the given text; to prove that you totally understood it; and, finally, to demonstrate that you are able to use it in absolutely new and creative manner. Additionally, he certainly wants you to adhere to common accepted recommendations in regard to writing a good reaction paper. It has to be at least one full page, but not too broad and long, though; it cannot be any kind of summary; it has to be the evidence of the fact that you as a student understood the text and can handle a discussion about it; it has to include the reaction to the story itself, your impression and position; and, obviously, it has to be rather interesting to read.

  • Read the assigned material very attentively and thoroughly. Make notes where appropriate and write down important moments. Make sure you realize what is the point in the text, its moral and historical, economic, philosophical or else context, if such exists.
  • Define the most substantial and significant information in the text, such as its title, topic or subject, main characters, episodes, chapters, etc. Think of a couple of points that you want to place the emphasis on in your reaction paper.
  • Analyze the material and think of its weaknesses and strengths. Evaluate them and find out which of them plays the most important role in the assigned piece. Did you learn something from reading it? If yes, what is it? Does the author of the text gives a prejudicial opinion about some phenomenon or character? Maybe the author has a one-sided position in some situation in the text? By the way, remember not being one-sided by yourself. Explain your viewpoints and provide detailed description, whether it is something that you agreed on or not.
  • Now, it's time for your personal reaction. What is it? Did you like the piece or not? Was it interesting to you? Was it annoying or just the opposite, was it remarkable and totally thrilling? At the end of the day, what significant issues (such as love, death, wealth, poverty, hatred, betrayal, faithfulness, etc.) raised the author in the piece? Prove your opinion by means of facts and quotations from the given text.
  • Give a couple of relative examples from real world. Try to remember something from your own life, or something you've heard about. You will benefit if you provide an example of situation or use information given by your professor. Also, it is acceptable to provide an example from another piece of literature, if appropriate.
  • As for the format of the paper, the reaction paper has to be at least five hundred words, but not more than a thousand, as long as it cannot be too broad. Nobody likes too broad papers without a precise content. Therefore, avoid mere phrases and be coherent. The best option when choosing type font and size is Times New Roman 12 pt. Make it single-spaced, with the exception of that your professor provided you with another requirements. The reaction paper has to define the key matters and issues raised in the assigned material. The most important moment you have to pay attention to, is avoiding plagiarism. Your paper has to be completely original and contain unique ideas and thoughts. In the light of all above-mentioned, we suggest including sources you cited in the reference list, even if it's just the material you read.

These are the basic guidelines to follow when writing a reaction paper. Please be informed that you can get additional tips, as well as sample papers from our team. Moreover, we can assist you in writing your paper or write it instead of you in the best and professional manner. Our advanced writers can also provide you with many other services that make life of students around the world easier and better. Look below to learn what we are talking about.

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