Reaction Paper Example: Analysis of the Sample Format and Tips

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Reaction Paper Example: Analysis of the Sample Format and Tips

To create a high-quality response paper, you need to understand what elements the article consists of and what factors should be considered before starting the essay writing process. Let's find out what reaction paper means.

A reaction paper is a kind of academic writing in which you need to evaluate something, express your perspective on the topic, add arguments and draw conclusions. Paper allows you to develop writing skills. For example, you will learn to think creatively, analyze information better, highlight important points, and freely express a personal opinion.

In the reaction paper, you should be guided by your own thoughts and accurately set out the problems mentioned in the original work. From the title of the paper, you can see the purpose of the article. The essay requires that you create a chain of reactions that you experienced when familiarizing yourself with the assessment subject.

Reaction Paper Structure and Example

Planning ahead of time helps to create a good paper. This way, you will be able to structure all parts of the essay and not miss key points. The reaction paper volume does not exceed 1-2 pages. If you have not decided on the structure of the essay, we offer you the following sections:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Body paragraphs.
  3. Conclusion.
  4. List of citations.


The introduction should contain the essential details about the subject being assessed and information about the author. The introduction will set the tone for the entire text. Therefore, you should understand what is attractive to your target audience and fill the text with relevant information.

The introduction should interest the reader. If the first paragraph contains unbelievable data, statistics, or quotes, you are on the right track. Briefly state under what circumstances the author created the work and what inspired him. Also, inform the reader about what main problem you want to talk about.

At the end of the introduction, you should write the thesis statement - this is the idea for which you created the article. The thesis statement consists of 1-2 sentences. Let's consider a reaction paper example:

J.K. Rowling has written a perfect piece for children of all ages, taking a particular focus on adolescents. The franchise is ranked # 1 on the most profitable film series with $ 7.7 billion in worldwide profit. "Harry Potter" is a living confirmation of the idea that the success of a film does not depend on the director's fame, but on the attitude to the case, to what he creates.

To determine if your introduction was successful, match it against two criteria.

Hook Availability

In the introduction, you must show the reader that you have the excellent intellectual ability. Do not write an introduction as if you favor the reader and retell a brief summary of the work. Express your own opinions on the topic. Find interesting and little-known facts about the work, then you will be able to show the reader that you have done good research and worked on your essay. Perhaps the information will be strange, but you should not be afraid of it, it will add interest in reading.

Argumentative Statement

The thesis statement has a significant impact on the structuring of text and content. The thesis statement must be strong. However, it would help if you did not scatter throw-around phrases that you cannot argue. You have to get the reader to agree with your opinion. Quotes from influential people or personal experiences can help. Therefore, prepare the arguments in advance so that your article looks believable.


The body is your central part of the essay, which you should give the most attention to. It would help if you described how you conducted the research, what assessment criteria you were guided by, and what conclusion you came to.

We know a few secrets that will simplify the body writing process.

  • First, start each body paragraph with a topic sentence and develop your thoughts further. This will remind the reader what your article is about if he is thinking about something else.
  • Second, select sources, quotes, real-life examples and divide these arguments into three paragraphs. If you are using quotes from the original text you are evaluating, be careful to make sure the phrases are accurate. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism. Comment on examples from the personal reaction text.

You can also fill the central part with theoretical information. For example, briefly retell the plot, describe the characters, and tell us why you agree or disagree with this position. As we mentioned in the main body, there should be a topic sentence of each paragraph. However, remember that one section should only contain one idea. Many ideas can confuse the reader. Use transitory words to let the reader know that you have finished thinking about the idea. Let's consider a reaction paper example:

Chris Columbus is precisely the director who truly believes in it and shoots on this principle. None of the films I watched disappointed me. Harry Potter is one of his best works. Columbus treated the book with due diligence and adequately transferred the images of all the main characters and antagonists to the screen. Based on the book, he made a perfect film for the whole family to watch. Besides, he supplemented the movie with good music. The soundtrack is almost everything for the film. The impression is made not only by the look and background but also by the music. The sound effects in Harry Potter are perfectly combined.

The characters inspire respect, Voldemort is the actual embodiment of evil, Dumbledore is a good teacher and an excellent mentor. Professor McGonnuckle - it was not for nothing that she received the name Minerva. In mythology, she is the goddess of wisdom, and in this film. McGonnuckle is surprisingly wise and insightful but too formal.

Acting makes me endlessly happy. I will note the main trinity: Radcliffe, Grint, Watson. Fifteen years ago, they were only at the beginning of their long journey, and their acting fates are significantly different. Still, it is worth recognizing for their age. They then did everything in their power to play their roles adequately. From an older generation, I will celebrate Maggie Smith in the role of Minerva. It was from this image that I discovered this actress for myself. Robbie Coltrane as Rubeus Hagrid turned out to be an excellent and good-natured giant.

Simple Body Structure

If you have not yet decided how to fill out the central part correctly, we offer you a simple scheme:

  1. Key idea.
  2. Evidence.
  3. Analysis.
  4. Transition.

Key Idea

If your topic is broad, you can write several paragraphs to share ideas on the topic. The section should contain only those sentences that are relevant to the topic. The main body should include two components - labels and arguments. Labels at the beginning of a paragraph will signalize to the reader that you have not finished discussing the topic yet. Arguments are facts, examples, quotes, statistics that reinforce the thesis. Only evidence can make your essay serious.


You can include different types of evidence in a response paper:

  1. Direct proof consists of direct deduction from the basis according to specific inference rules of a given thesis's truth or falsity.
  2. Indirect proof consists of substantiating the falsity or truth of a position in a particular relationship with the thesis. From this, the truth of the thesis is indirectly established or, conversely, its falsity.


When you bring up the evidence, explain why it is powerful. Make sure the evidence supports the main idea of the paragraph. Discuss what evidence means to you.


Bundles are logical bridges between paragraphs. The beginning of each section should contain such a word. For example, it means, without any doubt, in this case, after all, finally, in the end, eventually, in general, on the whole, etc.


A conclusion is the last paragraph of your paper. In conclusion, you can reformulate the thesis and remind the reader what you were trying to prove or disprove. Then point in the evidence, which you managed to collect. Do not write in the conclusion of new information, as the introduction will look incomplete. Advise the reader whether to pay attention to the subject that you were evaluating. Share what kind of aftertaste a book, movie, or painting for you. You can ask a rhetorical question at the end that will make the reader ponder over your words. You can also thank the reader for paying attention to the article. Let's consider an example:

Harry Potter dragged us on for a whole decade, and it will be reviewed by more than one generation of children many, many times because they believed and found a hero for their entire childhood. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the book and the movie to get incredible pleasure.

List of Citations for Reaction Paper

The section "List of sources used" contains a list of citations to which the author refers in work. According to the usual scheme, you can list the sources used in alphabetical order. Information about the sources can be numbered with Arabic figures. However, if your paper is formatted according to a single style, then the list of quotes should correspond to it. Also, consider the requirements of the educational institution.

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