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Multithreaded Environment Vs Event Driven Environment Information Technology Essay

Node. js is the total buzz at this time, and provides program for creating real-time, creating powerful, web applications easily. Node. js/Node provides server area Java Script environment. Node is based on "V8" engine motor which is Google's runtime execution. Both v8 and Node are almost integrated in C and C++ where primary goal is to concentrate on performance and less recollection consumption. V8 helps JavaScript in web browser, especially Google Stainless whereas Node supports long term server process. Many modern environment like Apache count on multithreading for supporting concurrent execution of the business logic; a Node process is not reliant on multithreading. Node is dependant on asynchronous I/O eventing model. Node server can be thought of as single threaded daemon process that implants java script engine for supporting customization. Java script is most beneficial fit as it provides support for call backs.


In 2010 Node possessed a turning point, and it's shaping up to be as popular as Ruby on Rails among developers. Hardly few creators are working upon this new technology which is shifting the way scalable web apps can be developed. Node. js, has been greeted as "the new Ruby on Rails" by some in the developer community. But it isn't a magic pill, nor is it appropriate for all programming scenarios. The progress of Node. js is being sponsored by Joyent, an SF-based cloud software company. Ryan Dahl, who's inventor of Node. js, is employee of the company. He's being consistently hosting events and creating tools for growing Node community. Just lately, Then there's the community. The Ruby community has been criticized for being exclusive and harsh. The Node community provides a welcome distinction and embodies the spirit of many other open-source communities.

Need of Node

Traditional Method of Doing Web I/O was wrong

Figure 1 - Traditional way of Web I/O

There was need of parallelism where web server are designed for request in pursuing way

Figure 2- Parallelized Web I/O

Why Choose Node?

There is no construction or right dialect which does apply for all those web applications.

Node is based on event-driven programming. Event driven development reduces real amount of resources still you get much more out of those resources.

The main benefit of Node is its accessibility. Facebook's chat server is being run by Erlang, which uses same model as node. Tornado, Concurrent server for Python which support Friend Give food to also works on same basis but availability is main benefit of Node over Erlang and Tornado since it uses Java script and java script which is very well known by people.

The node has transformed just how I/O functions are done. Traditional languages and frameworks pre-allocates massive amount resources for each and every end user. Thus communication between web server and databases is most time-intensive part. Node allocates web server resources by using an on-demand basis thus leaving smaller footprints on web server area.

The node does not allocate resources to things when they are waiting around and thus provides efficiency. For e. g. , guess that application needs to talk with database, and it's going to take 100ms for responding. Instead of assigning resources and looking forward to that call to reply, Node uses callback technique. When the databases responds it allocates the resources required to process. This enhances performance, because server is allocated to resources only once they want it rather than while holding out on directories.

Event Powered Programming

Applications which uses with multiple i/o resources has been using multithreaded encoding approaches for long. The main benefit of multithreaded techniques is the fact that it allows applications to take care of activities concurrently resulting in successful execution.

In circumstance of web servers performing I/O functions parallel makes better use of available processors. Operating threads in multicore system is super easy as each thread runs on separate central providing true parallelism. Solo core system includes single processor chip that executes one thread, switches to other and executes it and so forth. Switching takes place because doing I/O operation calls for large number of processor cycles. Evan though many developers have taken advantage of multithreading development environment most of them agree that it can sometime lead to problem that can be difficult independent and accurate such as deadlock. Also multithreading environment is OS based mostly as OS chosen which thread should perform as well as for how enough time thus loses coders control somewhat.

The event driven development provides best choice for programmers and makes development of efficient, scalable systems easy. The model makes program to rely on event notifications.

An asynchronous I/O operation is key factor of event motivated encoding as it avoids request from getting locked until I/O procedure finishes. Suppose that application want to create large amount data to socket. When the buffer gets loaded application will have to hang on until buffer space becomes available thus causing preventing I/O and stopping software from doing any other operations. When the socket writing is manufactured no blocking, it send indication to application saying that further writing is currently extremely hard and request should try out this over time. Meanwhile application is capable of doing other activity. As software registers itself with event notification system it will receive notification once buffer space becomes available.

Event motivated Programming model can also become difficult in following cases

Event notification is not appropriate to all or any intercrosses communication solutions. For example, If two applications are communicating through shared storage or shared space, and distributed space will not provide any take care of for registering events.

Certain programming languages do not provide full support for asynchronous I/O as different activities are necessary for different context. For instance C does not provide Anonymous functions thus designers must provide function each event and event framework.

Multithreaded environment Vs. Event powered Environment

Multithreaded environment can be weighed against Event driven environment based on Food Restaurant analogy.

In thread-based model process would be addressing leading of the brand, inserting order and then wait around in the queue until the order is cooked properly and given. Thus cahier would stay idle until the order is prepared. In peak hours to service more customers the simplest way is to get more cashiers.

Fast food doesn't work in this manner. They use event-driven model where they try to use same amount of cashiers effectively. Once the order is placed which is delivered off for control customer must step aside right after paying. Cashier can process next customer. In some restaurants pager is given that may display or vibrate when order is ready for pick up. The key point is that you aren't blocking the obtaining of new purchases. When your food is set, the cashier - or someone - will indicate you by calling out your name, order quantity or triggering your pager. The function of your order being ready triggers the person to perform some function/action. (In development lingo, this would be thought of as a "callback function". ) You will then rise and get your meal.

Web servers "Traditional function" has always been using thread based mostly model. Whenever Apache or any other web server is started it starts acquiring connections. After acquiring connection server keeps that connection before deal is completed or obtain page is performed. If it takes time to retrieve page from disk or even to do database procedures the web server will have to wait causing obstructing on source/output procedure called as blocking I/O. For scaling such applications additional server copies must be added.

To resolve the problem of obstructing I/O, Node. js uses an event-driven model where the web server allows the request, and then goes on to service the next web need. When the initial submission is completed, it gets back the handling queue so when it reaches the front of the queue the results are repaid (or whatever another action is). This model provides efficiency and scalability because at any point of the time web server is not idle. It always allows requests as it is not waiting for any I/O functions.

Node Internals

Node framework comprises pursuing components.

V8 (Yahoo) : Google's superfast java script implementation.

Libev : Event loop catalogue.

Libeio : Thread pool Collection.

Http Parser.

Evcom : stream socket library together with libdev.

Udns : non-blocking DNS resolver.

Figure 3: Node Architecture

Programming Model In Node. Js

The functions that happen to be called explicitly, can determine flow of program. This function registers equivalent handler callbacks. The http. CreateServer function, which is a wrapper around a low-level efficient HTTP protocol execution, is passed a function as only argument. This function is invoked whenever before data for a fresh request is ready to be read. In another environment, a nave execution might ruin the effect of eventing by synchronously reading a file and sending it back.

Node's Explosive Growth

Node is an appearing technology and must become technical face for web services like Facebook and Twitter which can be massively employed by people over the geographies Unlike PHP or Ruby. It can be inferred from the number from github that Node initially could not prosper. Both committers and amount of commits to node became popular making Node's development very unpredictable. Committers and commits to Node on github began rising in fall 2010.

Figure 4: Explosive development of Node

Developers have just started conversations about node. The following graph illustrates Twitter discussions around node. This graph plainly implies that though there were few spikes surrounding the node this year 2010 the more consistent conversations are being done in 2011

Also when Github traffic is compared for Rails vs. node, Rails got 270, 000 views within the last three months. Node has 325, 000, and it's only going up it's exploding.

Figure 4: Github visits for Node

There is definitely a dazzling future for Node for most reasons. Today every person wants to generate powerful applications like Facebook, Yahoo instant search that are supporting an incredible number of real time users on different devices which range from laptop to mobiles. The applications certainly wants scalability and efficiency. If traditional frameworks used for producing such applications it would take lot of time also cost of hardware would be high. The Node provides scalable and fast model for development.

Node Applications

Node for real time voice

Product Voxer is going to make audio captivating again. That is like walkie-talkie and group IM.

Voxer has used basic rule of walkie-talkie and they have improved the utilization case great deal. When user visits the button and commences talking Voxer transmits message immediately to application individual on other end. It offers two way marketing communications. Both software users can acquire chat requests through notifications so it's up to users whether or not to join talk. Voxer also provides service where users can re-listen communications in case they may have overlooked any part of communication. It also facilitates group talk.

"Basic requirement of Voxer is to keep tone live. Node is the best choice for Voxer since Node allows retaining large number of contacts by keeping very low latency", says Igal Perelman who's the VP of product Voxer. Developing application with node was third iteration of development in first iteration they attempted developing Voxer with C++ for performance reason but it was too complicated to develop. Next they tried out with Python but Pythons exclusive machine was very gradual. In third version they tried out using Node. Node provides best of two worlds since it provides higher level vocabulary Java script for development and at exactly the same time provides high performance online machine as it is developed at the top of Google's V8 Java Script engine.

Node for growing Games

"Node Knockout" hackathon champion built multiplayer version of scrabble and made company out of the project in a single year. Alternatively "Rails Rumble"[Ruby-on-Rails-flavored hackathon] has been conducted for four to five years but has only 1 company from it.

There is not a other technology which is as good as Node when it comes to developing real-time applications. All the other systems works in elderly platform whereas Node was created remember real time systems so other solutions will take quite a while to do same things.

Node for Collaboration

Mokingbird is tool for building wireframes swiftly. Mokingbird is being developed in Node. js and started making money. It really is collaborative drawing tool and at the same time provides real time communication between clients and designers. Mockingbird was developed in very less period. They first attempted expanding Twisted and Tornado but node was easy and simple way


Node. js is very a thrilling technology which allows creating powerful real-time systems easily. Since Node. Js uses java script it can be used it is very simple to use. By finding its benefits, and can used in many applications. Node. Js also supports many third party modules available for everything - including databases interconnection layers, templating machines, email clients, and even whole frameworks connecting all of these things collectively.

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