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The American sociological association has an academic essay writing style for formatting, citation, referencing and the entire text. The 5th and the current edition is what we use when we offer physical therapy coursework help to our clients. The texts in the paper must be in the times new roman 12 point font size or any font type as instructed by your professor. In any case, the font size must not be less than 10. The standard margin is 1 1/4 inches unless your instructor states otherwise. The first page of the text must start with the title of the asa paper. This should come after the title page and the abstracts. The entire text should be organized with several subheadings. Use only three different headings so as to simplify the paper and make it more decent. The first level heads of our asa scholarship essay examples are all capitalized and left-justified. They do not come with bold fonts and the headings are not similar to the introduction. For instance “THE FIRST LEVEL HEAD". The second level head should be italicized and left-justified. They should not come with bold fonts, but they must come with title case for instance "The Second-Level Head". The third level head in an asa paper should come with italics and in left justify, but not with bold fonts and only the first word of the head should be capitalized, for example "The second level head".

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Whenever you are in need of essay help services, you must avoid the mistake of going for every service around you. The top essay writing companies have lots of things that differentiate them from the low-level writers, and those are the things that determine your grade. For instance, every asa paper must come with a title page, and top writing companies observe this. The title page must have the full title of the work followed by the name of the author and the institution. A complete word count of the entire document comes after. When you are dealing with a work by many authors, endeavor to list the full names in a vertical format. However, if there is a particular author who is supposed to receive correspondences about the work, the author’s name should be listed in a footnote at the title page.

You should include an abstract in your case study to enlighten the readers. This must come on a separate page, and it must be placed just after the title page. The title of the document should be the heading. The abstract page should not have the name of the author and it must not be more than one paragraph long. It should be 150-200 words in length. There is a very good practice in asa paper which you should also imbibe. About three to five keywords to help in identifying the main themes in the paper should be included in the same page with the abstract.

The best research paper writers will always tell you how important the endnote and footnotes are to academic works. This is why we ensure that our works have them. They are the tools that will always simplify the work and make it easy for readers to engage in further reading on the topics and ideas raised in the work. When you need to expand on the text, cite materials that are rare or to add to the information given in a table or figure, the endnote or footnotes are the perfect tools for this. You shouldn’t use both at the same time. In extreme cases, footnotes can be used for the title page and the tables, while the endnote is used for the rest of the text in the paper. The footnotes come at the bottom of each page with a referenced work, while the endnote comes at the end of the work in the back matter. Whichever one you choose to use among the two must be numbered consecutively with the Arabic numerals. The pagination in asa paper stipulates that the pages should be numbered in a consecutive manner with Arabic numerals from the title page down to the references or the last page.

  • The table should also have a consecutive system of numbering like (Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3).
  • The same thing goes to the figures like (Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3).
  • Place each table or figure on a different page at the end of the paper with a descriptive title. The title should make proper explanations in such a way that the reader can comprehend the item without making reference to the text.
  • Every column and row in the tables must have a full heading. You should not use abbreviations regularly. Whenever it is possible to give the full text, do it.

Asa has specific methods for citing sources in the text. You can get a very comprehensive guide on asa citations from us. We also offer the best book report ideas to college students. The paper requires that all information given in the text must receive due credit. This is irrespective of whether it is a direct quote or paraphrase. The general citation demands that you offer the author’s last name in full, the year of publication of the source and the page number in parenthesis, all directly after the paraphrase or quote. However, if the author’s name is given as part of the sentence itself, the year must come in parenthesis immediately after the name of the author. Quotes with more than 40 words in asa paper should come in indented paragraphs without quotation marks. The last period in the block quotation is followed by the author’s name, date, and page number. If the “P” in "page" is standing alone, then it must be capitalized without the name of the author and the year of publication. The sources must be listed alphabetically according to the last name of the authors. The titles of books, magazines and journals must be in italics and the titles of articles and other works must be quoted. All entries must be in a hanging indent, with the first lines remaining flush with the left margin, and the last lines having 5 times indentation to the right.

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