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The given style guide is an improved version of the American Sociological Association (ASA) style guide. This style was specially designed to be employed in undergraduate classes, though it doesn’t supersede specific instructions provided by individual instructors.

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First of all, make sure that all your text, including your abstract, title page, references, figures and tables are double-spaced. As for a font size, you require sticking to Arial 12 or Times New Roman of the same size. Set 1,25 for your margins on all four sides. Have your paper stapled. All of the pages need to be numbered.

A typical title page mentions the course title, author’s name, institution’s name not to mention the title of the research paper and date. Arrange this information vertically.

Your abstract in your asa paper example should follow the title page. Its length shouldn’t exceed one paragraph or 150 words. By the way, some instructors are prone to refusing of an abstract.

The body starts on a new page. Make sure the title appears at the top of this sheet.

References require a separate page for their beginning and they normally follow the body of an asa paper example.

Every figure (which refers to your photos, charts, illustrations) and table requires a descriptive title. Number your tables consecutively and the same applies to figures. The title requires placing at the top. Those tables and figures obtained from secondary sources should be placed in the body of the research paper right after your references.

The last names of authors as well as publication dates need to be included in all of your citations. Avoid putting punctuation between the dates and names. Page numbers are also utilized if this particular reference leads to specific passages or it has a direct quote.

If there’s the author’s name in the text, place the date of the publication in parentheses.

If your cited text features two authors, have them both listed.

As for three authors in the cited text, you require listing all the authors right in the first citation and putting the first author as well as «et all» in subsequent citations.

For more than three authors in your asa paper example, utilize «et al» in all of your citations.

Page numbers follow the publication date. Then, a colon is used to separate the date and pages. Avoid making the space between the colon and pages.

Alphabetize a series of references or put them in chronological order and separate by semicolons.

Works with the organizational authorship or even without an author, should feature minimum identification.

Ad for a citation of a reprint of an earlier version, place the earlier publication date in brackets before the recent versions.

Your references also suggest following strict rules:

  • Have your references arranged in alphabetical order by the last names of authors.
  • Use double-space for your references.
  • Utilize 5 inch hanging indentations.
  • Use the first names of authors as well as their initials or middle names if they’re provided.
  • Mark publications with unknown dates of publications with "N.d".
  • If an author has several publications, have them listen in the order they appeared.

You require omitting the state of publication if this city is New York.

Place a colon between the subtitle and title.

Here you should mention the author's first name, last name and his or her initials. The title of the book should be in italics. Don't forget to mention the city of publication as well as postal initials for the state of publication.

Mention his or her last name, first name as well as first name initials. Specify the date of the publication.

For more than two writers, avoid placing a comma between the names of the next-to-last and the last writer.

For anonymous sources adhere to the following rules:

  • Avoid using the word "anonymous" for designating authors.
  • If the writer's name is clearly discerned from the research work itself, place in in brackets.
  • If you can't determine the author's name, start with the title. Place a leading article at the end of your title.

You require indicating the edition right after the title.

As in the case for editions of books mentioned above, you should indicate the volume number right after the title. When it comes to citing all the volumes of a book, your require indicating the number of volumes after the title.

You have the same situation as in the case mentioned above. You need to indicate the translator right after the title.

Most probably, when writing your asa paper example you'll have to rely on republished books. We mean those books went out of print, but then were reissued after a while. So, you require noting the original publication date in bracket, followed by the current publication date.

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