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Getting ready to write a synthesis essay

First of all, let’s figure out what a synthesis essay is. A synthesis is mix of information from a few sources with your own thoughts and ideas. So the key is to argue your ideas using your own reasoning but you should prove your thoughts from the chosen sources. To write this essay you should be able to look through the information and then filter it. Then you should show it in a structured and organized way. The purpose of synthesis essay is to make connections between different parts of information. Otherwise, when you study your topic you need to search for connections to form a strong view on a topic.

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What does a good quality synthesis essay should include?

There are a few types of synthesis essay:

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So lets try to understand what kind of topic do you need. Your topic should be broad enough to mix information from a few sources but don’t take to broad topic too.

Select your sources carefully. You should choose three or four sources for your assignment. It’s important not only to find useful sources but connect them to one another. Choose the most significant facts, which will be useful for writing a synthesis essay.

Develop your thesis. When you are writing a synthesis essay, try to make a strong and interesting thesis, which is based on your research. Re-read the information and try to find facts, quotes, and ideas to support the thesis and take them down.

Outline your essay.

Introduction. Your thesis statement is always in this paragraph. You should also use a hook to interest your readers.

Body paragraph. It’s the main part of synthesis essay. Try to do a good organization in this paragraph.

Do that in your body paragraph:

Conclusion. The last paragraph in your work. Mark the most important arguments and the ways they link to your theme. Try to sum up all your thoughts and make a thoughtful ending.

There are a few techniques for writing a synthesis essay:

Writing and proofreading a synthesis essay

Write a first draft following your plan. Be ready to deflect your plan. Allow yourself to add some new ideas to you essay. Ensure that your new ideas supports your thesis.

Use transitions between different parts of your work. It will make your essay more logical. Wright your final draft.

Revise your work. Proofread your essay try to find grammar or spelling errors. Reading aloud will help you to find weak places and find errors. Ask a friend of yours to check it. He might find some mistakes.

Present your source material. Use footnotes for any quoted and paraphrased

material. Provide a list of source you have used.

Have a rest. It also an significant part of writing a synthesis essay. Working without a rest is widespread writer’s mistake.

From the above you could draw a conclusion that writing a synthesis essay is quiet tough but you can manage it with our tips.

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