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Turabian Paper Overview

When we write a generic essay that explains an ordinary topic in your area for you, the methodology and system of writing may not be of huge importance. However, when you are meant to write some academic papers in the course of your university education, you must do so with a specific paper writing system, and one of the most famous systems is the turabian paper method. The Chicago turabian style illustrates how to write the title page, main text, footnotes, illustrations, bibliographies and other parts of the academic paper. Whenever we write a paper with the turabian style, we always insure consistency all through the writing. Apart from the writing services we offer you, you can also learn how to make a cover letter from us. We can offer sample cover letters to you in this regard. The general guideline for all turabian works is that you must use the times new roman font size 12, and one-inch margins must be observed at the top, bottom and both sides of the paper.

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Turabian paper title page and text

The title page of the turabian paper is mandatory. It should come at the center of the page, fully capitalized, and the page must not be numbered. You should ensure that the title comes at exactly one-third of the way down in the paper. When you get to three-quarter down, you can now type your name, the title of the course, the number, section and the date of submission of the work. This is followed by an epigraph. Though this is optional in some cases, it is highly advised, since it makes your work very creative. When you request for a drama coursework help from us, we ensure that it comes with an epigraph, as it makes the people understand what they are about to be dished. The epigraph comes immediately after the title page and it is meant to establish a comprehensive theme for the paper. It comes on a separate page before the text and it should capture the essence of the entire work in a unique manner. This turabian paper title page should also not be numbered. For sources here, you have to cite them in a quote and also include them in the bibliography. The name of the author, the title of the work and date of quotation must come at the end of the epigraph, and this must come after two hyphens.

In the text, you have to begin with the introduction and end with the usual conclusion. However, the front matter is not considered in the text’s pagination. The text must be of double space and the first line of each paragraph must be indented 5 times. This can be done with just one tab. Do not add more blank lines between the paragraphs, use the indentation only. When you write words in a language different from the main language of the text, always ensure that they are in italics. The titles of particular works like books and arts should also be italicized. Works of arts referred to in the text should also be referenced at the back matter. This is done by inserting the corresponding figure number that appears next to the title of the work in parenthesis.

When you come to the pagination of phd creative writing which we can also help you with, you must start the first page of all texts with the Arabic numeral “1”. All other pages in the text and the back matter should follow suite in a consecutive manner, and these numbers must come at the upper right corner of each page. When you are arranging the pages of a turabian paper, you should not include the student’s last name and date in the pagination. It’s just the number here.

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Turabian paper citations, footnotes and endnotes

Whenever you use any source in the turabian paper, you have to use a citation to signal this. These citations are used even when we write catholic book reviews for our clients, so as to make the work very neat and to help people find the original sources easily. It also gives due respect to the authors of the works.

However, the quotation marks that are in the original text must be preserved. The work must be given as it is in the original text without any alterations. It must be indented 5 times from the left margin and must also appear as a citation in the footnote or the endnote at the end of the page or work.

The turabian paper must come with either footnotes or endnotes. While the footnotes come at the end of each page, the endnotes are placed at the back matter of the entire paper. They are meant to give bibliographies of the sources cited in the text. You should not use both, and the one you choose should include additional comments about the cited works in the text. When you use the footnotes, they must come after a short rule that demarcates them from the text. Each must come with a number corresponding with that of the cited text, and this must be written with a 2 points smaller font size than that of the main text. If you are using an endnote, they should come on a separate page after the illustrations at the back of the work before the bibliography. They must also be numbered consecutively to correspond with the text and illustrations. The list should be labeled with capital letters and the number must correspond with that of the citation in the text. The first quoting in a turabian paper endnote should come with full information while others may come with some abbreviations. The endnotes we use in our life management skills homework help adds clarity to the citations.