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Thematic essay

Writing а thematic essay could never be called an easy thing to do. It remains to be a popular kind of task, although not always the favorite one for some young people. While some students have natural writing talent, others face serious difficulties with this issue. The truth is, strong written expression skills can be really helpful, but they don’t paint the full picture without hard work and patience. To write a remarkable thematic essay response, you have to take it seriously and be responsible. Focus on the task and don’t wait the deadline, no matter how self-confident you are. It means that you have to think of your essay before you write it.

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Thematic essay is about going beyond recall and reiteration of facts, it needs you to create linkages and see connections between separate points in order to make logical conclusions. To get a high mark, you have to demonstrate your comprehension of the subject, show analyzing skills and how you can use them.

Here are some tips that could help you in developing coherent thematic essay:

A thematic essay requires having a prior knowledge base and doesn’t provide any actual documents. So before you actually start completing the task, make sure you understand it. As it’s already been mentioned above, your comprehension plays a significant role. After that, you have to do research on the given subject and gather the needed information. While doing this, try to use reliable sources.

Once you get acquainted with the topic, you have to choose your side. Think widely, be creative and don’t be afraid of unique ideas. Nobody expects you to break new ground, but you are welcome to propose something knew (if you can prove it, of course).

When you have the information, you have to organize it. Make a good plan, which will help you keep your discussion and complete the thematic essay faster.

You can’t get anywhere without a draft. Even if you don’t know what to start with, write anyway. It’s just a draft, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. It will only include the main statements and later you will edit it for excellence. Some students make two or even three drafts before they can be satisfied with their work, as a result they get good marks. So don’t be lazy and write.

Introduction comes first in the beginning of the thematic essay. You have to make a clear and specific thesis statement, which could introduce your point of view and lead to further discussion. All in all, introduction provides your main idea. It has to be coherent so the reader could see from the beginning, what is your paper about.

This part of the thematic essay needs you to get patient and pay much attention to each paragraph. Here, you will write the direct discussion, so keep you main idea in mind. Don’t forget about topic and closing sentences. Usually there are three body paragraphs, but you are free to add some more if it is necessary for a complete answer.

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The end of your thematic essay should provide a logical conclusion. Summarize the main threads of your argument, make connections and show how the information in the body proves your opinion. In other words, let the reader see how convincing your arguments are. The conclusion takes some material from the introduction and may paraphrase your main idea. Also, you can restate the question in various ways if it’s helpful.

Now it is important to reread your essay. Even if you’re tired. Even if it feels like you've completed a huge peace of work. Realize that you will never get a high mark if there are mistakes in the paper. Proofreading and editing are an essential part of thematic essay writing. Be prudential and find a few minutes to check grammar, spelling, punctuation and make sure the format is appropriate. Your goal is the best result, so don’t let your laziness spoil it.

As a matter of fact, writing is always an art, including writing an analytical essay or historical paper. Nevertheless the success of your paper consists of many components, and those who think it's all about talent don't really go far beyond the kitsch. It also depends on knowledge and skills you acquire and develop through experience, persistence and hard work. It takes a lot of time and efforts. Your attitude is also important. Being positive about what you're going to write will make your essay interesting and remarkable.

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