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The fact about a residency personal statement is that it is all about explanation. It gives you the room to explain to the admission committee the things they should know about you as an applicant in the program. While you were explaining why you wanted to be a physician in your medical school admission essay, the residency personal statement should focus on explaining to the team that you have actually garnered what it takes to be an effective member of a medical team. The core point of the statement should be geared at giving the committee a taste of what you are all about while leaving them with the desire to know more about you. Because of this, you have to realize that you are not writing on creative college essay topics that focus on creating beautiful scenes and events in your mind to make a very beautiful text that will marvel people. You are only expected to tell them the truth and nothing but the truth about your life, though in a very stylish and alluring manner. If you pick your pen to write down the personal statement and eventually realize that you do not know where to start or stop, you may need an academic coursework help. This is the time you have to seek us out and hire us to offer the best statements to you. We have experts in each field and they will help you develop the best personal statement ever.

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There are four major points you have to work with when writing the statement. If these are lacking in your personal statement for a residency program, then you can as well bid acceptance into the program goodbye. We offer the best resume writing services, so our personal statements are also the best and they come with the four points properly considered. The first major point of the statement is that you have to start by focusing on your specialty. While you were undergoing rotations in the medical school, you must have picked out one special field as your field of specialization. The statement is the time for you to tell the residency committee which specialty or field you have chosen, and how you actually arrived at that decision. You also have to inform them about your convictions about the field you have chosen. At this juncture, the use of anecdotes to marshal out the points may be necessary, and you may also go the way of telling them why it is this field and not the other field. The statement should be used to explain your experiences and perspectives in the field, telling them where you see yourself in the future and how undeniably committed to the field you are. The next core point of the residency personal statement is that you must focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Don't feel too modest and sincere as to go about telling them about your weaknesses. Now, the fact remains that you have actually gained qualifications and technical skills through the medical school and clinical practice. But this is a general thing that every other applicant has also gained. You have to discover that unique thing about you that will rank you as the number one in the residency program. It is a period of introspection and you have to think about this before you write it. You must realize that your personal experiences are much more important to the committee than the information on your certificate and CV. Many people may find it difficult to come out with these, but there are different systems of doing the thinking and realizing your unique selling points. We can help you with strategies that will help you come out with something unique. We also offer business coursework help. You have to start by thinking about the skills that are needed for the residency program and then remembering all your life activities that have given you the chance to develop such skills. You may have developed some listening skills during your school debate program. You may have learned how to be articulate and precise even while you are under pressure. Things like these are great skills to consider.

This is the third core point and it seems to be the most important. When you were applying for the residency program in the surgical field, you shouldn't bring in anything about a pediatric medicine field. You simply need to focus on the exact program you are applying for its residency. What you may do to captivate the committee is to write a different statement for the research oriented part of the program and another for a clinic based part of the program. This will definitely gain more points for you because it simply goes to explain that you have actually done your homework very well and that you know so much about the program in question.

Some other tips you must know about writing a residency personal statement is that is a formal text or paper. So, you have to write with the same tone used in writing a formal research paper. If you want us to offer you samples that will help you in this regard, you have to contact us for that. You must give an interesting text, and the reader’s interest should be drawn to the text through very unique examples.

  • The use of humor should be very limited because you don't know how humorous members of the committee are.
  • Don’t make it an explanation of everything about you and keep your purpose in mind all the time. When you do these, it should be landing the interview for you.
  • Don't organize this like a medical school essay and don't write as if you are answering a question like "what is a capstone project".

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