ūü§Ě Studybay‚Äôs Honor Code

Studybay is the platform where ambitious students and top experts can cooperate to make learning easier, faster, and more effective.

We believe that every communication between student and expert should be based on respect, and honesty is the key to any successful cooperation. This is why we consider following our Honor Code one of the most important things while using Studybay.

We expect you to read, understand, and agree to comply with this Honor Code designed to protect academic integrity and prevent cheating and fraud. All users, either students or experts, violating any principles described in this document and claiming another user's content as their own, can be and will be restricted or even banned from Studybay.


  • Use Studybay to get learning assistance and better understand your course material.
  • Upload original content, created by you and only you, right from scratch.
  • Follow your educational institution‚Äôs academic honor codes while using Studybay.


  • Use Studybay to copy others‚Äô content and claim it as original content created by you.
  • Upload other people's intellectual property and pass it off as your own.
  • Get help with your study using Studybay when any outside help is forbidden by your educational institution.

Cheating in the form of misusing others' content is bad, in the first place, for the one stealing.

Stealing someone else's work doesn't help learning. Moreover, it provides you with the illusion of learning, while you're not really getting any knowledge or skills. Once you'll have to prove yourself in real work, you and your education will instantly lose any credibility because, due to the lack of knowledge and skills you should've had, you won't perform tasks at a high level you've pretended to be at.

Therefore, cheating is also financially pointless: spending huge amounts of money on your education while also stealing others’ works and decreasing the value of your education makes no sense.

Also, you can get caught on cheating, and this will likely cause very serious consequences. Any academic dishonesty detected in your works by your educational institution may lead to appropriate sanctions, up to and including probation, suspension, or expulsion.

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