What is a well-written grant proposal template?

When a student makes a decision to apply for a grant, he is on his right way. Grants are great, this is what they think, and they really are. You can get money for doing exactly what you want to do. This is a wonderful opportunity to occupy yourself with something that you consider to be exciting and interesting for you without spending your own money and instead, using someone else's money. Pure dream, isn't it? And, such a chance doesn't happen often. Therefore, if you get it, you need to take all the advantages from it. However, grants are not that easy to take. You need to find a good source for getting a grant. And, once you have found it, you need to write an outstanding grant proposal, which requires a host of efforts, time and energy. And, even if you have already written one, there's no guarantee that your grant proposal will win this competition. Writing a proposal is a rather difficult issue and you have to take it accordantly. You need to concentrate and know exactly what you write. But first, it is necessary to take a look at a well-written grant proposal template so that you could imagine what your grant proposal has to look like.

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An effective grant proposal needs to be thoroughly planned and include all essential elements (one of the most important elements is defining the necessity of funding your research). It has to be written with the high level of grammar, spelling and cohesion and, probably, provide a creative approach. The potential readers of the proposal usually have to read a great amount of papers and maybe many will be written in a professional manner and present a huge potential of the researcher. Therefore, if you want your grant proposal to be the leader in this competition, you need to make it the best among the others. Look below at what typical components of a grant proposal template are.

The template will probably not include some special or unique information that some requests for grant proposals require. However, the grant proposal template has to follow a typical structure and include the most commonly accepted components, such as: cover letter, title page and the abstract; statement of the problem and/or statement of the needs; the description of the project; evaluation plan; budget request and budget justification; applicant qualifications; plans for further funding or plans for sustainability; finally, appendices. If you can see the above-mentioned elements provided in the grant proposal template, you can use it without a doubt, or at least read to have a general pattern of a grant proposal. Below, we will learn what to write in each section of proposal that provides those elements.

  • The cover letter. As a rule, it should't be longer than one page (with the exception that a broad cover letter is a requirement of the grant you apply for). In a grant proposal template needs to be an explanation why the company has to be interested in the research project and how it can benefit from it. Also, the has to be a summary of the project and a certain person in case of need to discuss the details regarding the project.
  • The title page usually provides such information, as: the title of the project; name of the company submitting the grant; the address of the company; name of the funder; date defining the beginning and the end of the research project; and, the total amount requested.
  • The statement of the problem. When reading this part of the grant proposal template, you need to pay attention to how powerful the statement of the problem (or the needs statement) is. The point is, this is where the attention of the reviewer has to be grabbed. The problem statement includes the data regarding the problem of the research (it may be provided by means of a table, chart, graph or just text), it has to determine the causes of the problem or the reasons for the need, if appropriate. Finally, it has to define approaches to the problem or the ways of its solution.
  • Project description. Remember that this part should come only after a clear, convincing and effective documenting the need for funding. The purpose of this section is to provide the reader with the detailed plan of project implementation. In other words, it is a guideline through the actions required to accomplish your objective written in such a way that it could raise the interest of the reviewer even more. Anyway, the project description has to contain the following elements: the objectives of the project; the methodology or certain activity in regard to the research problem or need; a time line chart for a clear presentation the amount of time needed for each activity. Take a look at this objective from a good-written grant proposal template: «By May 2016, distribute 1600 copies of the education booklets, 'Prevention of blood diseases' to women in the age of 30 in New York.»
  • In this part of grant proposal template there has to be described the specificity of the objectives and the methods of its achievement. Each method and approach needs to have a detailed description. The best way to do it is to divide it into subsections, so that all objectives and approaches were broken down into series of necessary activities.

These are the main parts you will probably see in a grant proposal template. If you still face difficulties with it and all you think is 'I can't write my paper', please contact us and we will provide you with personal assistance so that your proposal could win.

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