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In fact, there aren’t any right styles for writing paper. The manner of presentation and writing style can greatly vary. Nevertheless, your paper needs to have a number of must-have components. Let’s have a closer look at them.

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It contains your paper's title, your name, phone number, address, e-mail, and birth of date.

Frankly speaking, not every paper needs an abstract. Nevertheless, if your research paper is relatively complex, then you can’t do without this part. Its length ranges from 100 to 300, but it never occupies more than one page. The abstract normally provides a broad overview. It describes the main theme of the research proposal. It also contains the research question posed, methodology and findings. By the way, cited works or footnotes are never listed in the abstract. Do your best to compose a good abstract because it’s the first part of your research work the instructor will see. Of course, it should be impressing in terms of style, content and aesthetic appeal. Don’t write your abstract carelessly and hastily.

An introduction should state the major research problem as well as thesis argument. Here, you should answer what you’re studying and why it’s so important. Persuade your readers that your idea is fully original. You shouldn’t give a lengthy justification for your theme before it has been evidently stated.

As soon as possible, you should indicate what you’re going to do and what you don’t intend to do. In fact, you can limit the scope of your research paper by different factors. For instance, these may be gender, age, time, geographical location, nationality and so on.

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Here you should discuss your research methodology. Tell whether you’ve interviewed people or not. Inform your readers how you’ve conducted your research. You’ve already collected all necessary data, haven’t you? Specify what archives and libraries have been used by you.

Your research process should uncover what other authors have already written about your theme. Your paper needs to provide a discussion or review of what’s already known about the research question and how this knowledge was obtained. Once you pay enough attention to the currently existing science achievements in this field, you can build up your own idea on this solid foundation.

It’s undoubtedly the longest part of any research work regardless of education paper format. That’s the exact place where the author supports his or he thesis and offers arguments. This part is literally stuffed with analysis and citations. The given section normally focuses on the rational development of the thesis with solid arguments and clear reasoning at all points. Certainly, meaningless digressions should be avoided.

Having spent a great deal of energy and time on introducing and arguing all the points of the main body, you should move to the conclusion. This part brings everything together and then underscores what this means. If your conclusion is highly informative and stimulating, the audience will be satisfied. It would be beneficial if you read it independently from the rest of your paper.

As follows from the name, here you mention works cited.

Education research papers often provide one or several appendices. Well, an appendix contains material especially appropriate for enlarging readers understanding. On the other hand, it doesn't fit well into the main body of the research work. Such material may include charts, tables, summaries, questionnaires, interviews, maps, lengthy statistics, pictures, glossaries, survey instruments, lists of terms, copies of historical documents as we as other supplementary things. Your research work may have several appendices. They're normally placed after the main body, but before the bibliography. As usual, they’re designated by such headings as Appendix B, Appendix A, etc.

Some tips to choosing a topic

Well, everything is clear with an outline for your paper, but it's worthless if you haven't picked a topic yet. So let’s see how you should select education paper topics properly.

First, you should have a sincere interest in the topic you're going to take. A boring topic will most likely result in a boring paper.

In fact, you don’t require knowing much about the subject of your work at the outset because the research process normally mines new knowledge.

It makes no sense to use a too broad theme such as "Computers in school" or "The history of universities". On the other hand, an extremely narrow topic would be very difficult to explore.

You should make sure that you’ve just chosen a topic, enabling you to meet your deadline.

Make sure all the necessary research sources are already accessible. Perhaps, you'll have to go another city to look for rare books or something else.

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