Happiness May Be the Most Valuable Aim of Humans Mindset Essay



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Happiness May Be the Most Valuable Aim of Humans Mindset Essay

In today's world without exception everyone wants a happy and fulfilling life. People all around us, the society which we belong and even media instructs us daily that the only path to attain a happy and fulfilling life is to have a higher income. But, could it be true? Firstly we must examine this is of happiness. Mostly, happiness is actually a state of mind or feeling seen as a contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or happiness. For years, a great amount of studies have been done to answer this question. In such a investigation, although some of researchers are supporting that attaining prosperity and possessions is good for us, on the other palm some people say it isn't. For instance, In "The High Price Of Materialism" Tim Kasser says, No matter how many elegant designer clothes, autos, or jewels they might obtain, no matter how big their house or how up-to-date their digital equipment, the lost chance to engage in pleasurable activities and revel in each others' companionship will continue to work against need satisfaction, and thus against their pleasure. Annie Leonard also facilitates her idea through her video about consumerism and joy. In this video tutorial the most crucial thing skipped is people and their satisfaction. And again Juliet Schor claims that with statics "National income has been rising going back 20 years, but methods of the quality of life and contentment have fallen". Although all of these statements verify that delight doesn't come from wealth and belongings, matching to Peter Saunder's "Why Capitalism is wonderful for The soul", In a few companies when staff start to have more profit, it ends in higher living requirements for employees as well as cheaper and even more plentiful goods and services. Which improvement leads to a good life for employees. "Although without money and prosperity life seems difficult, too much concentrating on the possessions affects our mental health, self-control and satisfaction terribly as well as problems our interactions and business lead to unhappiness.

Happiness is the most valuable aim of individual. While the earth is getting complicated and changing daily, almost all people want to have a happy and fulfilling life. In this pursuit of enjoyment, our relationships play a crucial role. In rate of life, whenever we have experienced with some demanding or disappointing situation or instances, in order to take a deep breath we always seek advice from our family members and fly into our family's arms. If we have our own people and their real support, it is the most dependable way to attain the enjoyment and alleviation. But sometimes people can maintain a issue between possessions and relationships. This is actually the point of collapsing real delight, since when the love of money comes to a person, he begins to reject his family. He thinks as though money will bring them happiness and good life. But it won't. As Tim Kasser says in the article of Mixed Messages "a concentrate on materialistic worth detracts from well-being and delight. For example when spouses spend most of their time working to earn money, they neglect opportunities to be with the other person and do what most passions them. " And again in Downshifting in Britain

"Troubles in controlling work-life balance can have a negative impact on the quality of the associations between parents and children and the parent's responsiveness to the child, with implications for child effects. This is particularly important for each and every small children, with evidence suggesting that it is best for children if they can receive rigorous parental contact for the first months(HM Treasury & DTI 2003, p 13-14). "

As you can view in these sentences so long as people don't allocate enough time for their family members, there is absolutely no way to make sure they are happy.

The same situation is also acceptable for people's friends. Friends are known as a second family; even for some people they will be the first. A pal can help us in every hard situation, they can back up us in all over. So always we want to have a good friend. If we choose and manage our friends carefully, as well as we must be careful to keep our relationships with them. The amount of money, possessions, wealth must not be our friends. While we are establishing a a friendly relationship, it mustn't be based on materialistic prices or we mustn't let money to interfere our friendship. When money comes, it could harm our friends and us. Furthermore, if we go through the richest people on the planet, we see that the loneliest people are these abundant people because of money. Relating to lots of people, money means high status, greedy and responsibility. With these prejudices, abundant people cannot socialize easily, by this way they can't be happy. We affiliate this situation with food pyramid, if assume that we now have richest people at the top of string, and the string gets narrowed with the pace of friends, so if we are in the very best of the pyramid we won't have friends who makes us increasingly more happy. To give an example, John Jacob Astor 3 bemoans, " money brings me nothing but a certain uninteresting anxiety. " So in case you have excess amount to spend, so long as you don't have relatives and buddies you can not be happy.

The other most important step to attain the delight is our satisfaction. Because actually the money doesn't make us happy, it can benefit us just by providing some satisfaction. When we lost our satisfaction, it means we lost our joy and this is just what our belongings do. Lots of people in consumer countries and societies feel that they always need more income than they have now, even if they are wealthy and wealthy people. In the booklet of Clive Hamilton, this example is stated with this phrase:" The difficulty with the rat race is, in case you win, you remain a rat. " Because of the culture that they belong to, they are convinced that additional money means always more pleasure. So without exception all people are trying to have more possessions to be satisfied by being in a position to buy what they want. But there is an insidious reality they always neglect, and it is that at the same time they are nurturing their threshold of sufficiency, and lowering their rate of pleasure. The response of how they can boost their threshold is on the other hand their needs change as incomes rise. While this is being happened, usually almost all of people are unaware of this situation. So no subject how they are rich, unconsciously it is working against their satisfaction and happiness. According to the Affluenza, studies implies that most people would like money of $50 000 if the common is $40 000 to money of $70 000 if the average is $100 000, that is, most people would prefer to be poorer, provided others are poorer still. Additionally, in later 2002 when a newspoll survey asked Australian people (richest) if they are able to buy everything they want, the answer researchers got is the fact sixty-two % of Australians believe that they cannot afford to buy everything they need. If we consider Australia is one of the richest countries, it is an extremely good example of dissatisfaction and corporate jungle.

Self-control is the ability to control one's thoughts, behaviors and wants or is the capacity of useful management to the near future, in this process with no control mechanism can you really have a good life or live peaceful. Needless to say NO, because the failing of self-control can cause tremendous personal and societal repercussions on people. So nowadays everyone really needs self- control to take care of with obstructions and bad effects of the environment but our belongings are such a dreadful nightmare for self-control that whenever we look at the whole world anguish of insufficient self-control results from more income people have. Because so long as you have more money your potential to prevent yourself from doing something wrong gets weaken. For example, using of drugs are known as a way of escaping from stress and almost all of people don't utilize it thanks to their self-control because they can see the results of this addiction after utilization, but when there is a person who is rich and can't be happy no longer with his possessions, scheduled to dissatisfaction his/her self-control couldn't work. And at this time he/she lose themselves in drugs and also their happiness lose in it. Beside their happiness their physical health can also be harmed like the mind, center, and other important organs. We are able to give more general examples to the case like use and credit-based card debts. Unless you have significantly more money, by fear of obligations and overconsumption when you are buying something or spending your money you try to be careful because imaginable the results of overconsumption because of your self applied- control, however when you lose it, you plunge into obligations immediately. So without the self-control we cannot be happy since it is best approach to be careful about the dangerous things. And money is the key enemy of the self-control.

On the in contrast there is a lot of people claim that money can purchase happiness using its benefits in terms of providing higher living requirements. Peter Saunders stated that

when workers commence to get more earnings, it leads to higher living standards for employees as well as cheaper and even more plentiful goods and services. Which improvement causes a good life for workers.

Yes until a certain limit it is true because this world which includes capitalist system is not ideal for living without money. Because money provides you essentials like shelter, education, health etc. Furthermore if you have a family, with out a good income you can't envision a good life when you are endeavoring to be alive nowadays. But when you can pay for and it is possible to supply the thing you need, after this point money's importance all of the sudden lower and remains only 1 way to be happy which is not money, just our human relationships and our health and wellness. Based on the Journal of Joy Tests by Fischer, Claude S. Although Americans' prosperity increased substantially during the last few ages, their happiness did not. Because as I said before this isn't the situation of money following a certain point. So no matter without enough money we can not be happy, it doesn't mean happy comes from wealth and property.

To conclude, if you can afford to your basic essentials, after that enjoyment doesn't come from money. On the contrary, as long as you have a great amount of money or try to have more money than you have, in the quest for wealth and possessions you can lose your most significant relationships with your friends and family which make you truly happy, furthermore your mental and physical health can be afflicted very badly because of dissatisfaction and lack of self control. Briefly attaining prosperity is not essential for our fulfillment even it is against.

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