Happiness Is The Most Valuable Aim of Humans

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Happiness Is The Most Valuable Aim of Humans

In the pursuit of happiness, people keep chasing after the feeling rather than making it a part of their lifestyle. They are trying to find joy without knowing the value of it. First of all, we should realize that being happy is crucial for our well-being. Joy tends to improve many areas of our life. Let's take a look at these areas and the role true happiness plays in them.

Professional Life and the Science of Happiness

Joy comes a long way in professional life. Abraham Maslow, a famous theorist, came up with his popular theory of the pursuit of happiness. He concluded that as our basic needs are met, we tend to feel satisfied in life. We feel like we have accomplished a major goal and are moving towards another milestone. It brings us joy.

You must have noticed that happy people are always doing well in their careers, they are at their best in life. The minute they feel sadness, or depression, their performance comes crashing down. So feeling happy is essential for someone who wants to do well in life unless they shut off their feelings and become robotic.

Social Life in Positive Psychology

Who doesn't want a social life? Whenever we want to have the experience of joy, we run to our loved ones like our friends and family. Our social life blooms when we are positive and joyous as we emit good energy that attracts people. They want to be around us. They want well for us.

Life takes many twists and turns, but if we are happy, we will always have a healthy social life and remain satisfied and full of positivity in many ways. If you reflect on your life, there might have been stressful days that would have caused you to lock yourself up in your house. You might have felt like restricting yourself to your room. All this can be detrimental to your mental well-being.

Personal Life Satisfaction

A depressed person often goes around ruining their relationships. It is unfair, but it isn't up to them. Someone sad and upset with life tries to either take it out on others or only happen to feel that distance is the best policy. It isolates them from everything capable of making them feel like their heart is whole. So whenever you feel low, you should run to the relationships that truly make you happy and bring you closer to yourself.

The Value of Being Happy?

Being happy is not merely valuable because it brings you harmony and calmness. It makes several contributions to a person's life without them even realizing it. If you are trying to understand where your joy lies and why it is so valuable to you, we will have a clearer perspective.

Brings You Fulfilment

Fulfillment is something that keeps us moving in life. If we stop feeling it, we lose our motivation to complete any given task. Fulfillment is our main incentive in life. Materialistic things don’t always bring happiness, but they bring fulfillment that can contribute to our joy.

Peace of Mind

Positive feelings and greater happiness give most people peace of mind. We can conquer anything with a calm mind. It enhances your mindfulness. It makes joy a weapon for us. It is our strength and keeps us ready for any ups and downs in life.

Keeps Us Healthy

You can't hide the glow of authentic happiness that comes on your face. It has an impact on your health. If you are happy, your skin glows, your face smiles, your eyes get brighter, and your appearance is fresh. Not only that, it boosts your immune system as well. If you are sad, your face becomes dull, and you seem hopeless in life. Many health issues also come along with depression, such as low blood pressure.

Why do People Struggle to be Happy?

We all have our struggles in daily life. No one has a picture-perfect, dream life where they are on a non-stop roller-coaster of delight and know nothing about sadness. But the harsh reality comes to light when we open our eyes to the truth. Life isn't a fairytale. It will throw challenges at you without warning.

Tight Finances

The thing that makes us unhappy the most is that we don't have enough in our pockets. Salaries remain limited, while our wants have no limit. It might seem like a short-term reason to people who believe time changes and financial stances always improve. For the other half, it runs in the opposite direction. Many feel that you need to have a lot of money for a meaningful life and to be respected by society.

Social Media Impact

Social media has a positive effect on us in many ways. However, sometimes we tend to make other people's lives ideal for us. The way they dress up, how they travel, the way they part, and so on. Everything seems to inspire us. We forget that social media is virtual. It is not the reality. The truth is buried far underneath the pictures and videos that people post all day long. That constant comparison makes us resent our life. It drains the pleasure out. We stop realizing that happiness is subjective well-being. Suppose we perceive that joy lies in pictures and posts, our way of looking at happiness changes. We remain unhappy and depressed.

Unhealthy Personal Life

Our relationships play an important role in joy and the feeling of fulfillment. If we have positive feelings towards our relationships with our family members and friends. And let's face it, the experience of joy becomes ten times greater when it is shared. Even a small argument with our loved ones can make us sad. We feel like staying isolated in our rooms and don't want to talk to anyone. Our early morning walks turn into forced sleep patterns and can cause short-term depression as well.

What Happens When We Are Unhappy?

There are several definitions of happiness. The most common way to refer to it is to consider it an emotional experience that makes us feel things. In the same way, we feel happy, things can also cause a lot of unhappiness. What do you think happens when we feel unhappy?

Surround Themselves with Negativity

We human beings are very weak when it comes to dealing with multiple emotions. A slight inconvenience can cause us to lose focus. Unhappiness is a strong force when it comes to altering our perception.

Usually, these things come from the external environment. We make the mistake of making people, social status, money, and appearance as our source of pleasure. When in reality, it comes from the things which we possess as a person. The father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman said that joy comes from a person's internal strength, patience, point of view, sense of humanity, and ability to lead a positive life.

Constant Efforts to Control Everything

Most individuals who feel like they aren't satisfied with life to tend to make efforts to remain in control of everything. It might be because of their fear of losing what little they have that holds value to them. In the struggle to remain in control, they lose their peace of mind and tranquility. A persistent effort to control all negative outcomes of any decisions drains them out of energy.

Holding a Grudge Becomes Their Habit

Such people become accustomed to holding grudges and keeping heavy hearts. They find it difficult to forgive people who have caused them to harm and hurt them. It doesn't make someone a bad person if they can't let go of pain and hurt. But it contributes great damage to their psychological well-being. It takes too much for people to replay the negativity they have received from other people continually.

They Run Away From Responsibility

People can't handle responsibilities efficiently unless they have a feeling of satisfaction. Being able to take care of responsibilities helps us develop stronger self-esteem. There might be many types of happiness, but this is the most satisfying as we see that our ability to tackle every responsibility is what makes things possible.

The How of Happiness

The famous research and psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky wrote a book named "The How of Happiness" to guide people. Its purpose is to provide them a proper pathway to their happiness. The book is readily available in New York, and many people have found comfort in the advice that the author gives in each chapter.

It also informs people to differentiate between hedonic, which is a pleasure-seeking way, and eudaimonia, the type that helps people thrive in life. Someone lucky enough to have both the kinds and the ability to understand them both separately lives free of negative emotions.

The Types of Happiness

The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle decided to shed light on his theory of types of happiness.

  • Hedonic: Hedonia is a type that is the core of pleasure. Any pleasure-seeking behavior like enjoyment, satisfaction, self-care, or even fulfilling desires.
  • Eudaimonic: It is a type that comes from understanding the meaning of life. It has some interesting components like knowing your life is headed in the same direction, achieving long term goals, welfare for others, living your life the way you want to, and so on.

So, How to be Happy?

Many people only dream but don't know how to be happy. To do it the right way, we must surround ourselves with the things that keep our sense of self-worth and our pride intact. Let's take a look at the things that play a part in making things joyful for us.

Live in the Moment

People tend to focus on making a living and getting through life so much that they forget that they are in the middle of what they wanted. The stress of paying rent, the stress of buying a new car, and the stress of getting expensive items for yourself prevent you from enjoying a night out with friends. Going to a concert might seem useless now, but what will you have when you grow old and reflect on your life? Live in the moment and let yourself free!

Chase Your Dreams

Someone who runs after their goals is far better than a person who gives up. At least the former will be glad that they tried their hundred percent to achieve what they wanted, giving up only makes you feel like a loser and brings your self worth crashing down to the floor. Do yourself a favor, be ambitious, have a clear mind, and start chasing after your education, career, hobbies, and anything else that makes you feel complete.

Block the Negativity

These thoughts are fatal. Negativity is enough to kill people on the inside. Once dead on the inside, we can't consider ourselves living. We turn into workaholics and act like emotionless robots. The more you surround yourself with positivity, the more you will give yourself time and have the energy to fight through the negatives. Remember, inner strength is what brings joy to our lives.

The Mistakes We Make With Happiness

Life is harsh. It will throw many difficult situations right at your face and force you to come out of it yourself. We sometimes think that such conditions are everlasting and there is no possible way out of them. Keep in mind that any pleasure or hardship is not eternal. As the season of life changes, so does the feeling we have inside us.

Treating Happiness as the Goal

Let's put it in a different perspective. The more you chase after this feeling, the more you will feel like it is slipping out of your hands. A person who values being happy above all will never be happy in his life. The more you try to take, the less you have. So understand that these emotions come in waves and last for certain periods in our lives.

Focusing on the Wrong Things in Life

Most of us feel dissatisfied and sad because we have been putting effort into the wrong things in life. We make expensive temporary purchases rather than trying to spend money on everlasting things such as experience. Get an internship that you feel will be helpful, work on a project that will help you develop a practical understanding rather than chasing after grades, and try to make yourself a better version of yourself rather than noticing how others live.

Avoiding the People That Matter

When we are unhappy or have other things to deal with in life that seem more important, we avoid the relationships that make us who we are. There are times in our lives that feel like a rush hour, but it is our biggest mistake. Relationships are a permanent source of comfort. The more we invest in them, the more emotional support and internal strength they give us. So never avoid those who matter to you and love you. Always put these people above everything else in life.

Learn How to Improve Your Joy

To live a joyous life, you should put thought into understanding yourself. Learn more about what your sources of joy and comfort are and improve them. You can work as much as you want. But at the end of the day, you would feel like coming to the sources of joy to feel fulfilled. If these things are out of your life, they will leave you empty.

Be compassionate

You must show love and affection to the people around you. Not just people, animals as well. Try to help everyone as much as you can. Not only will it make them appreciate you, at least you will know after a long hard day that you contributed to someone's life. Try to understand other people's situations and what they are going through. It might feel like it is too much to ask, but if you try to look beyond what people show, you will understand their actions a lot.

Find Things That Give Meaning to Your Life

There is no greater driving force than a sense of purpose. Once you understand what your purpose is in life, you are unstoppable. You will do whatever it takes to get to your goal, and you will do it happily. Engaging in things you care about, such as your job, altruism, education, painting, cycling, or any other hobby of yours, can help you find your purpose. They bring meaning to your life and help you be more of who you are.

Read About Successful People

Reading is an amazing way to escape reality for a while. If you are going through a stressful phase in life, pick a book by your favorite author and start reading. Try to choose the books that help you learn about the lives of those who bore hardships and still came out stronger than ever. No diamond hasn't undergone pressure to get its shine. Understanding that life is turning you into a diamond by making you suffer for a while will help you get a hold of yourself. You will realize if others were able to come out of such struggles, then so will you. Nothing is impossible.

It's Time to Exercise

You might want to relax your mind and body for a while daily. Lives run according to the clock, and the clock runs too fast! It would help if you had something for yourself that stops time for you for a while. Get up in the morning and start exercising. It might be challenging initially, but you will feel fresh, and your body will start changing too. You will stop stressing too much as exercise helps distract the mind and wears off depression.

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