9 Trends In Hardware and Software to Bring You Up to Speed

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9 Trends In Hardware and Software to Bring You Up to Speed

With everything that happened the previous year, is it easy to speak about cut edge technologies and current trends? Actually, it is definitely the thing that we should do because the year of social distancing in the real world has revealed the importance of being close in virtual reality. So, what are computer hardware and software trends that will have the power in 2024?

Hardware Trends You Can't Miss

Though 2024 sounds a bit frightening, and we really don't know what to expect of the upcoming year, it is possible to predict that the real-time situation may be somewhat inspiring.

Laptops Above All

Laptops are not the new word in the computer industry, and their products used to have a very stable tendency for years. However, it was 2020 that showed that some companies like Microsoft or Intel were moving in this direction very slowly. The new generation of mobile computers should have more opportunities, better CPU, and features like flawless camera, good microphone, longer battery life, etc. As a large number of people work from home right now, they need hardware platforms that are oriented on daily usage.

5G Coverage and High-Speed Connectivity

It is obvious that Verizon will announce further expansion of the 5G network, but it is not the only surprise we can expect. It seems that the company is going to work on the Internet of Things and the 5G data transmissions. So, it's only a matter of minutes when we see tablet and laptop companies that will follow this stream and produce mobile devices with this improved type of connection.

Virtual Reality Headsets

We can expect VR technology to come up some steps closer to the mainstream with modern models of wireless headsets for both consoles and PCs. Demand is big and only getting bigger since humanity is ready to change as never before. Maximillian Diez, the CEO of Twenty Five Ventures — a leader in startup consultancy, believes that the pandemic period is the best time to incorporate VR along with social media and online meetings.

New Internet of Things Solutions

The time has come for smart IoT solutions that are suitable for personal use. According to a Business Insider report, we can expect more than 41 billion IoT devices by 2027 compared to 8 billion just 3 years ago. Speaking about 2024, they will surely find their place in the health and safety industry, e.g. with products that detect mask compliance or that elevate body temperature.

Major Software Trends For 2024

Programmers are still the kings of the world, and new software systems will prove this once again. Standing is not an option, and the only way to get the edge of the competitors these days is to stay at the forefront of current trending technologies.

Cloud Computing Everywhere

If there were any doubt in terms of cloud adoptions, the previous year has wiped that away. Forrester has predicted that the cloud information technology market will return to hypergrowth even when most of the industry suffers heavily.

Speaking about cloud trends, it is worth mentioning:

  • growth of multi and hybrid cloud environments;
  • SaaS solutions that reduce cloud breaches, bottlenecks, or blind spots;
  • outsourcing partners focused on data, visibility, IoT, etc.;
  • Focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML).

Cybersecurity Is a Top Priority

Cloud information systems are not the only place where it is important to take control over blind spots and bottlenecks. With society going online, attacking methods are becoming more and more advanced. So, it is time for companies to develop strong security practices. It can be predicted that the current situation will lead to a big demand for cyber insurance policies. There are already some cases of companies who have purchased such insurance, and the chances are this market will be growing through the next year.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

The McKinsey AI survey claims that 50% of respondents stated that their companies are already using AI in at least one function. It means there is no sense to wait for a slowdown since AI will become an integral part of our everyday lives very soon.

What can we expect in 2024?

  • Development of computer vision apps aimed to monitor public spaces. Data sensors, cameras, and artificial computer systems are even able to monitor social distancing.
  • Rise of predictive analysis. Companies need new strategies to expand their influence and find new customers. AI algorithms that become smarter and smarter every day provide businesses with access to sales data and great insights into customers' preferences.
  • Growth of neuro-linguistic programming and automated speech recognition.
  • Implementation of robotics in manufacturing, marketing, finance, and knowledge process outsourcing industries for business processes automation.

Progressive Web Applications Are the Next Big Thing

The days when people were ready to wait for applications to be downloaded are gone, and modern society prefers a quick fix. Progressive web apps are much lighter and faster and offer an incredible user experience. They can work offline and have given 137% in user engagement. From the software development side, PWAs are low-cost and time-saving. Such leaders as Pinterest, Forbes, Starbucks, etc., have already been using this technology and report to have experienced huge increases in their add revenue rate and time their users spend on their apps.

Java Is Still a Hit but Python Steps on the Heels

Since the Java programming language appeared in the mid-'90s, it has reached the dominating position. These days it has been adopted by a large number of behemoths like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. Due to its high performance and security level, Java remains one of the software trends in 2024. However, it has much more to offer:

  • incredible stability;
  • automatic memory allocation;
  • wide use in mobile devices running on Android operating system;
  • wide range of open-source software libraries.

The interesting fact is that Python is catching up. It tops the list of languages that grow extremely fast, and we can expect great success in the long run.

These large-scale trends are going to change not the future but the present. We are witnessing something incredible, and the choice of whether you want to be part of these incredible changes is up to you!

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