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How to Organize a Research Paper to Facilitate the Writing Process

The educational process is coming to an end, and there is only one step left on the way to a new life – writing a research paper. And every student at this moment has an obvious question – how to organize a research paper to achieve excellent results? Usually, a department at the university determines only the steps of performing a diploma, but does not give any idea of how to organize a research paper to make the writing process easier and more effective.

Below, there are useful recommendations for writing a thesis and efficiently organizing this process.

Where to Begin?

If you want to write a comprehensive research paper of a very high quality, you need to have a good idea of what your research paper should contain, as well as what specifications require your special attention. You have to know all these before you start writing your project in order to move in the right direction from the very beginning.

Choosing the right topic is perhaps one of the most difficult sections in the writing process of a research paper. The literate title of your work will directly influence the success of your diploma. If you want to choose your own topic, it is required to approve it with your department. It is necessary to approach the selection of the topic with all the responsibility, because it is much easier to write the project, which topic is interesting and not dull.

If it is very difficult for you to pick an interesting title, you should ask for advice from your supervisor. He or she will be able to help you in picking the title for your diploma that will best reflect the subject of your research.

It is very important to build very good relationships with your scientific supervisor, as it directly influences the process of the writing. If you have a fruitful cooperation with your supervisor, then he or she will support you and guide you through the whole process of writing. The total lack of cooperation results in no help from a supervisor, which is often a blame of a graduate student.

How to Organize a Research Paper in a Correct Way?

Organization of the plan is a very important point. If you do not take into account some important rules for making the thesis plan, it will surely have a negative impact on the result of your work. Therefore, in order not to create a lot of problems and not to waste your time and effort, you should approach the process of organizing the plan thoroughly and competently.

Writing Theoretical Chapters

Maybe it will be a surprise for you, but each chapter of the thesis has a stated structure. It means that it is possible to create a special algorithm (sequence of actions) for writing each chapter of your diploma in any field. In order to write a perfect theoretical part of your research paper, follow the step by step instructions presented below.

  • Finding information online and working with files.
    Before proceeding directly to the writing thesis chapters, it is necessary to collect sufficient information on your topic. One of the main sources of information is, of course, internet. Worldwide network really gives a huge opportunity for rapid and qualitative writing of a research paper. You need to know how make the maximum use of the full potential of the internet for your own purposes.
  • Search for information in the library.
    Despite the great power of internet, it can’t be viewed as the only source of information for writing a thesis. Literature that can be found in good old university libraries can significantly enrich your material. However, you also need to be able library to separate the qualitative information from not useful resources.
  • Scanning of books and magazines.
    When writing the theoretical chapters of a research paper, you often need to scan various materials from papers and magazines. The judicious use of the scanner will accelerate your work very much. In order not to rewrite all the materials from the scanned documents you have found, you can use special popular programs that help converting scanned documents into the text, tables, and images.
  • Scanning of electronic documents.
    Once you learn how to take full advantage of the internet in your work, you’ll discover that the information available in the network, especially qualitative information, is often presented in the form of electronic documents. Sometimes authors give protection to these documents, so no one can copy their achievements. There are special programs that can be downloaded to bypass such protection.

Writing Analysis Chapters

  • Sources of information for the analysis.
    If you are going to write a research paper on the example of a particular company, you will need to obtain the relevant data of the organization.
  • The structure of the analytical chapters.
    The analysis content for different subjects may be different, but the structure is always quite the same. Any analysis chapter should include four important elements, without which it is impossible to write a qualitative analysis.
  • The algorithm of writing analysis.
    In this part you need to do a sequence of actions in order to write the analytical chapters of your research paper.

Writing a Project Chapter

The project part of is the most creative part of the research paper, therefore, it is very difficult to build a detailed algorithm for its writing. Depending on the topic of your project, you need to use your imagination and creativity to successfully write this chapter.

Last Steps in Writing a Research Paper

  • Writing the introduction and conclusion.
    The introduction and conclusion parts often require a lot of improvements. In fact, in order to write the introduction and conclusion, a student does not necessarily need to have the gift of writing. It will take only about an hour of your time, if you follow the simple rules. Conclusion is a recapitulation of the results of the thesis. Usually it is written on three or four pages. It is necessary to briefly and succinctly describe findings in the theoretical and practical part, to evaluate the prospects of development of the researched topic.
  • Making a list of references.
    It is a very important issue. Without any exception, all professors pay close attention to the list of sources of any diploma. There are different rules for making the right list of references depending on the style of formatting you choose for your paper.
  • Making supplements.
    The same as with the list of references, there are important rules that will teach you how to add supplements to your research paper and give references for them in the text. All these rules depend on the formatting style of your paper.
  • Finishing touches and preparing the thesis for publication.
    The fact is that no matter how hard you have tried, you will still find some mistakes in the text of your work after printing. To reduce the number of errors to a minimum, reread your paper several times before printing it, allowing breaks in the process.

Defense of a Research Paper

After you have finished your paper, you need to write summaries and reviews. Despite the fact that all these formalities do not, in fact, affect the quality of the thesis, writing them can take away a lot of time, effort, and nerves. The best way to quickly write a summary or a review is to use a model that can be found online.

Then you need to write a good report for the defense of your paper. Of course, nobody is going to read your diploma from the beginning until the end. Therefore, a good report of your paper will influence the defense process in front of the commission.

You can also create handouts and presentations in MS PowerPoint. The same rules that are applied to the report in the previous paragraph can be used to the presentation as well. The presentation should be performed at the highest level in order to make the defense of the research paper successful.

The last step is to defend your research paper. If you do well during your defense it will be a big plus to your grade.


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