Sample Book Review and The Scholars’ Understanding of Book Reviewing

For centuries journal articles have been having the biggest influence. Throughout that time, they have represented the lion’s share of research findings in the natural sciences. However, textbooks and monographs, as well as other forms of books are still considerably preferred in the social sciences and humanities. At present, the writing and publishing of scholastic books are slowly growing almost in all fields of science – thus, one can easily meet handbooks that propose an Elementary Science homework help. Correspondingly, the reception and evaluation of such literal products become a matter of primary importance. It is a common thing these days that the reviewing of scholarly monographs and academic books is carried out in scientific journals.

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There exist multiple indications of the fact that book reviews create obstreperous discussions and debates among academics. Generally, academics claim that reviews represent a mere subjective impression about a book and therefore, cannot be estimated as academically valuable. Moreover, some reaction paper topics have mentioned that reviews do not propose much print space for developing a constructive argument. Also, some authors have been focusing readers’ attention towards the lack of references in book reviews, claiming this as a sign of poor scholastic quality. Finally, it has been also suggested that book reviews cannot be regarded as scholarship as long as they are not included in the list of works cited. However, book reviews were supported by many enthusiasts who pointed out that reviews assist scholars in keeping abreast of current scientific knowledge. Also, many reviews represent specimens of good English for writing research papers and could be used for scholastic communication between colleagues within the discipline. In addition, the reviewer’s visibility often plays a crucial role for a reviewer’s academic promotion.

As it has been defined by a scientific community, the peer book review is inevitable for scholarship as long as it is able to assess the relative significance and determine the validity of a particular scientific contribution of the reviewed author. Certainly, any scholastic sample book review is unique, because it brings a vivid demonstration of the peer review process. The functions and purposes of book reviews are presented as follows:

  • - announcing. Thus, the primary role of any review is to announce the publication of a recent book and in that way to inform scholars about a new piece of knowledge. Thus, the majority of reviews exist for a purpose of connection and dissemination. Most of them are the ‘calls for action’ and their authors hope to nudge the scholar reader to immediate activity, such as a call for a GMAT homework help may enliven experienced freelancers to propose their service to the interested person. It has been shown by Scholarly Communication in 1979, that one-fifth of the scholarly books is purchased due to the existence of reviews for these books.
  • - scholastic evaluation. Peer reviews are highly important for the scholarly community. Moreover, almost always the reviewer’s interest for a particular book is triggered by reviewer’s specialization in the similar sphere, and this fact decreases the number of instances of profanity to vanishingly rare occasions. Also, the identity of both the reviewer and the author is often known to the scientific audience. This allows locating the work within the field of study and determining its fitness with the existing literature.
  • - a gatekeeping function. Scientific books bear intellectual innovations in the first place, and therefore, ought to be evaluated in term of their appropriateness to the scholarly community. Without a doubt, any paper writer service must have gatekeepers with a similar function! Surely, a negative review could stop the book’s ideas from reaching a wider audience, whilst a review with a positive emphasis on ideas from a book may soothingly influence the critical positions of individual scholars.
  • - an opportunity for a disciplinary discourse. Every well-aimed book review seriously tests the boundaries of the scientific discipline. As long as intellectual work of scientists is half consisted of decision making, scholarly reviews enable the disciplinary journals to make boundary-defining decisions related to the most important branches of science. Such effective decision-making is possible due to active discussions in journals which may be seen as forums for thorough reviewing and reliability testing. The effectiveness is also maintained owing to strict relevance monitoring – for example, no one begins debating about the recent textbook for a Spanish coursework help while the newly-published mathematical handbook is on the agenda.
  • - interpretation by combined effort. One might say that the intellectual background of the reviewer resembles the magnifying lens through which one could examine and estimate the book at hand. There is a proper name for this phenomenon – scientists call it ‘interpretive communities’. It means that the reader perceives texts quite similarly to other people from his or her surroundings. Consequently, the ability to interpret always comes from one’s education and circle of acquaintance. Thus, we can see, that the importance of the intellectual background proves the usefulness of scholastic book reviewing for the umpteenth time.

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