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Research work is an important part of education and scientific work. This type of work usually consists of several stages and starts with a choice of topic and setting the main objectives. It is a creative process, which begins with the main issue: how to start a research proposal? To get an idea of how to implement the task, you can use an appropriate research proposal example.

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A research proposal addresses a specific scientific or academic project. The field of study usually defines the form of such a work and gives exact guidelines. However, the common condition for any research proposal is the presence of literature review and convincing arguments that confirm the need for research. The main objective of the work is to convince the experts that your idea is perspective.

It is also important to provide and describe a methodology of your research, which must fully comply with the requirements of your professional field. A successful proposal must contain the following information: a general description of the idea, deadlines, necessary funding and relation to the sponsor’s plans and interests, the value of your work to other connected parties, recent results and plans for future, etc.

The form and content of you proposal depend much on the requirements of the institution, which you are going to cooperate with. For this reason you should carefully study the provided guidelines before you start.

All proposals generally follow a similar format, but there are different variations depending on the purpose and type of work (whether you try to get a research or training grant, or start a development project). Usually a research proposal contains several basic parts: the title page, the abstract, the introduction (contains information about significance of research and its purpose), the outline of planned research (must be written in a proper academic style and contain methodology of research), literature review, table of contents. The parts of proposal should contain the following information:

  • Title page should indicate the main point of work and must be brief. Sometimes proposer must use a specific format to show basic fiscal and administrative data for project.
  • Abstract contains objectives and methods of the project, formulates the problem, and describes the solutions. Also this part defines the size of necessary funds and applicant’s expertise.
  • Table of contents includes all parts (abstract, introduction, etc), a list of illustrations and tables. Short proposals usually do not need this part.
  • Introduction begins with the description of main targets and introduces the subject. This part should inform what improvements this research can bring to a particular field or how important it is for a specific work. The introduction determines the significance of the problem and should refer to appropriate studies or statistics.
  • Outline is the following part of proposal, which describes your planned research in details. It contains critical literature review that helps to explain how your work differs from others and that you can build something new. This section is the most important part of proposal and it addresses experts in specific field. It contains assumptions and hypotheses that are used in research, a description and schedule of proposed work. In this part of work, it is also necessary to describe the personnel. You should specify how many people of particular academic categories will be participating in the project and describe their responsibilities. You can provide biographical data of each person. This section also details what resources are available for the project and determines the necessary costs.

Each proposal should be written considering the type of target audience. Here is a brief description of each type:

  • Solicited proposal: potential sponsor may issue a specific solicitation - request for proposal, which usually contains definite technical requirements and terms of cooperation.
  • Unsolicited proposal: potential sponsor does not set specific targets, but is supposed to have an interest in the planned research.
  • Preproposal: a brief form of a proposal - a letter or an abstract, which sponsor reviews and makes a preliminary decision.
  • Continuation proposal: is provided as a confirmation to the previous proposal within the framework of a multi-year project, which sponsor has already funded.
  • Renewal proposal: a request to continue funding an existing project, which is about to be terminated.

A brilliant researcher is not necessary fluent in writing. Furthermore, his time is limited and should be spent on research. If you need to write a persuasive proposal, but have difficulties with language or lack of time, you may find an appropriate research proposal example or simply use our service. All you need - is to explain your purpose and give us the key ideas!

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