Dissertation Writing: How to Write your Conclusion, Introduction, and Abstract in 2018

While writing a dissertation, you are expected to conclude with a brief statement every description of your methods as well as every proving assertion for your hypothesis. These logical endings, which you are placing throughout the text of the dissertation, are called conclusions. They help the reader understand what was proven correct and reliable, and what is the author’s resulting opinion for every evidence mentioned. Surely, you need to pay great attention to these fragments, because they will assist you in drawing a full integral picture in the dissertation’s final section. Writing a dissertation may be a daunting task, but drawing a conclusion to it may prove the most important part of the entire process. If done improperly, it may negatively affect the value of your entire research.

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The general aim of a dissertation conclusion, consequently, is to gather all the parts of your investigation in a vivid showcase. State again, shortly, the hypothesis; describe what was your plan to reach the investigation’s goal, then show the research data that came out as a result; specify your chosen methodology for conducting the experiment, if the research previewed any empirical part or required statistical analysis; eventually, bring up the analysis of the received data.

You should check every part of your work with your university tutor, keeping in mind the proper format and the volume of the conclusion. Usually, five pages make an entirely sufficient volume. Sometimes, more pages are needed for declaring a detailed recommendation; also, you might need to have more space for describing the future prospects of your work or the scientific research prediction as well. Use specialized Internet sources for mba dissertation help, or ask your assigned tutor to consult you, because there may be a lot of distinctions from the business dissertation conclusion.

When you have finished deciding how exactly your conclusion will look like, it is now time to continue. There is a set of commonly recognized items, that your supervisor will expect to see in the given section:

  • a short and compact summary. There are just several paragraphs, intended to underline your major findings and key discoveries from all the dissertation text beyond. This also highlights for the second time your own expectation on what should have to be revealed according to the plan of the investigation.
  • the remarks on the importance of your paper. You need to point out the reasons, why your work is significant for practitioners and researchers. This is somewhat similar to writing a resume cover letter.
  • the list of conclusions, collected from the main body of the dissertation.
  • future research recommendations, which ensue from the importance of the work.
  • ending paragraph, just to round up your conclusion to the initial thesis.

Well, a dissertation conclusion ought to be the most remarkable bit, since its impact on the reader is extremely strong – it should be the point of your research spear. Try not to invent the wheel where there is a concise announcement needed. Straight to the point, propose to your reader a snapshot of identified elements - that is what a research summary is meant to be.

Start with an introduction as you did in the previous sections and write down some indications (this section will identify the crucial points of the study, and cover the summary and discussion on the methodology used). Try not to copy everything from the main body of the work, just bring a short description counting on the readers' understanding. Then, present the problem statement of the work followed by the literature review of methods and techniques used. There must be enough information, so that the reader will not need to come back to the methodology section independently.

After that, expose the result of your study without any interpretation - just demonstrate objectively all the evidence that you have collected. Join your Result Summary with a Discussion, and in this chapter the meaning of the study should be extensively highlighted.

The last part is about recommendation to your colleagues in the area of research or to your employer. State your position about the organization of the conducted research and present to the academic community you own view of the future development of this study.

Writing a conclusion is the best possible opportunity to demonstrate brightly the viability of your work. Prove to the reader that your ideas are fresh and totally viable via convincing them in a steadfast potentiality of your research. Remember, you ought to connect all your dissertation's reasoning in a few paragraphs, and the conclusion must address all the main body crucial points.

When in trouble, ask for the assistance on the writing forums or writing services, as it is often a good chance to ease up your load, especially if you want someone to define coursework for you or to offer something like Sociology homework help. The writing services online are relatively cheap and rather helpful, and you can always pin your hopes on their fast and qualified hints. Not only a dissertation conclusion, but a vast amount of offers from simple essays to a term papers sale is available to you at any time.

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