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If you study criminal justice in college or university, you probably know that this is a subject about the system of governmental practices and institutions aimed at social control and taking legislative actions against criminals violating laws. Beginning from the last century criminal justice studying has grown tremendously, which is caused by many social and other reasons. This growth becomes obvious if you take a look at the increasing enrollment of departments concerned with criminology at the graduate and undergraduate levels in countries all over the world. In essence, nowadays academic and practitioner approaches to criminal justice are getting wider and more universal.

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When writing this paper you have to follow a methodical process in determining and restricting your focus, collecting and preparing appropriate information, developing your thesis statement, making the outline and writing both the draft and the over-all project of your paper. Once you've got acquainted with some basic essential literature and critical materials about you research paper topic, you need to build up your controlling issue on the topic.

The next step is making the outline. As in any other kind of research paper, outline consists of introduction, body and conclusion. To make sure that you're building the structure appropriately, you need to contact with your instructor and discuss the specific parts he wants you to include in the research paper.

Introduction comes first and includes your thesis statement and the purpose of your research paper. Thesis statement is usually made to guide your research. It is quite changeable and will become more sharpened in the process of your scientific exploration, as you are going to take notes while reading the literature. Thesis sentence will guide your exploration by means of outlining and informing your target audience about the goal of the paper as a whole. Then, your thesis sentence will get wider and turn into a thesis statement, which includes the first sentence of your main idea and supporting sentences to expand the thesis. All in all, your introduction is going to demonstrate the main points of your idea and prepare the reader to what he will read about.

Body is the section of your paper where you need to present arguments supporting your main idea, which is already mentioned in the introduction. The best way to make a coherent and effective body is usage of three strong arguments to support each position and to prove your points.

The final section of your paper is conclusion. Here, you have to summarize all the arguments that you have already presented in the body and to make a definitive line clear. Explain how you managed to make such conclusion.

As for the formatting style, criminal justice papers format depends on the requirements of your instructor. For this reason, don't get started until you clear his expectations up. Ask him to provide you with detailed information about what your paper needs to look like.

It's not a surprise that writing a good paper depends on the topic you choose. Many students cannot develop their research paper because of a bad and unsuitable topic. Having said that, we suggest looking thoroughly for an interesting topic that is already deeply researched and has potential to be re-researched from another point of view.

  • False Confessions. By false confession we mean an admission of guilt for a crime which the confessor is not responsible for. Practice shows that this phenomenon happens quite often and plays a great role. This issue has a significant psychological aspect, which you may include in your research, too.
  • Death Sentence Mistakes. This is quite a serious and terrifying problem, which has many unresearched moments. You may search for a case when an innocent prisoner was mistakenly sentenced to death and try to find out which circumstances have led to such mortal outcome.
  • Psychological theories of crime. It is already proved that criminal behaviour is influenced by differences in thinking processes of individuals. Each theory explains different kinds of such behaviour as a result of failures in psychological development, mental illness, etc. Try to do research on one of these theories.
  • Organized crime. This issue is about national, international and local groups of criminals, which are highly centralized and are characterized by engaging in illegal activity. In contemporary world this problem is of a high importance and requires further research.
  • There is a permanent anti-terror war waging nowadays. It influences almost each country and doesn't seem to stop in the nearest future. Find out what pushes people to become terrorists and what can be done to put an end to this abnormally dangerous occurrence.

These are only some of possible topics you can pay attention to. In fact, this list can be continued, so if you don't find any of those topics fascinating, we can offer you a lot of other ideas for your research.

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