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Ecclesia Catholica Romana or the Catholic Church plays a leading role among the other religious centers. More than 1.2 billion of people call themselves Catholics. Obviously, speaking about modern Catholicism we have in mind not only its role as a focus of spiritual and religious consolidation but also its political, social and transnational hypostasis. The Modern Church suffered thousands of transformations on its path to its contemporary condition. The Catholic Church is an old and respectable organization that forms a world outlook of millions. This statement imposes additional conditions on the reviewer. Writing a review about every type of simple argumentative essay topics requires objectivity, deep knowledge of the historical material and developed creative skills. Writing a review about any kind of religious literature requires also great tolerance and impartiality. One ought to be very careful and responsive in opinions because any careless or scurrilous statement can hurt feelings of the entire population.

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Nevertheless, religious study is not limited by a single form of theology nowadays. On the base of religious heyday appeared and evolved a plurality of neighboring scientific refereed disciplines, such as history of religion, phenomenology of Catholicism, sociology and psychology of a contemporary religion and even quite exotic disciplines that examine sects and interconnections between Catholicism and other Christian religious movements. Each direction of religious study has its own demands, and a masterful reviewer must select the right set of scientific tools for every single case. Scrupulous examination of the official documents such as papal bulls and statements of Vatican, will assist to avoid different confuses and mistakes during the work and help to write essay about a political or economic influence of the Church. According to strict scientific principles of exploration, academic circles distinguish these major types of religious catholic papers as follows:

  • The missionary proclamations. This type of documents is specially designed to bring the light of the true faith into the hearts of unbelievers. An ideal missionary paper has a great power of persuasion that contributes to the growth of faith in every human soul. Of course, a present style of missionary work suffered great changes in comparison with ancient examples. This notwithstanding, the best samples of this glorious literary direction still capture the reader's imagination with magnificent eloquence, a lavishness of refined metaphors and with its incontrovertible commitment to a strong thesis statement.
  • Official news documentation. This may be a Vatican’s proclamation about the abortion policy or a local Ethiopian religious newspaper with fresh news about the results of an election in local parochial church council. In other words, a diversity of themes causes a sight of admiration from a pedantic reviewer. One has no chance to find these intellectual treasures in a standard booklet of annotated bibliography topics. Writing a review about communications in a church community has a lot in common with a classical columnist's work. Just select a preferable topic, study it with all respect, add a pinch of piety - and the work is done. A gentle reminder about the necessity of tolerance and diplomacy would not be redundant.
  • Historical tracts about the considerable events of Church’s internal life and the stories about the Saints and the miracles of the Lord. Apart from obvious troubles with an old style of narration, a researcher may also face problems with the authenticity of data. Luckily, the position of the Catholic Church is clear and unambiguous – any fact of wander has to be proven documental. The global mission of the Catholic Church is to illuminate the life of a man with a righteous light and protect one’s soul from the impostors that consider fooling a public is as easy as how to make a PowerPoint presentation. This is a paradox, but a religious organization does not take on trust doubtful cases. A reviewer gets full freedom in judgments. Fake prophecies and untrue signs can damage the Church's reputation, so papal edicts prescribe that objectivity is above all. One could not expect an intrusion of the Spanish inquisition - all efforts that benefit the truth will be assessed by the Church Council positively.
  • Periodic theological and scientific literature. It is erroneous to think that the modern Catholicism avoids scientific methods. Thousands of tomes about linguistic, philological, psychological and ontological aspects of religious studies are published every day and it is not an exaggeration at all. There are no strict rules about obligatory sharing of religious teachings for studying the history and etymology of Catholicism because the main goal of Catholicism is to unite human souls, not to divide them.

It would be superfluous to remind the reader that the Catholic Church is not a conglomeration of the traditional dogmas. It is especially so in a contemporary political situation when everyone can witness a new face of the Church. The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis are the only signs that Catholicism still evolves and transforms. A fortune smiles to a person who has a sincere desire to write catholic book reviews! Performing a dissertation about external or internal aspects of religious life is an opportunity to get spiritual experience together with practical qualification. There is no significant difference from a scientific point of view between a dissertation about Bivalvia or details of the congregation. The only essential key point for this study is a complete understanding that the Catholic Church is seeking not new, but eternal values.

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