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Case Study Research

A case study research is used primarily where a deep and holistic analysis of a single case is needed. The research might be aimed at one single phenomenon or particular aspects of the case or it might be an investigation towards generalization. Rather than following some rigid protocols and dealing with a fixed number of samples, a case study focuses on a particular event. In order to reveal good and deep understanding, a researcher examines a single case in its natural surroundings. Most important, every particular feature of the case must escape being clouded with multiple evidences from any other sources. There are different types of a case study: exploratory case studies help researchers narrow the field of a future investigation by circumcising it to the necessary concrete case; critical instance case studies reveal the cause-and-effect connection that underlies the instance of concern; prospective case studies are used to test the hypotheses about the evolution of these and those ongoing social processes.

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In general, reporting on a case study research is a bit similar to writing a literary analysis essay. With the difference that the writer must collect their evidence via the discussion with the interviewee. In order to provide clear and proper notes, the tape recorder may be used. The topic is normally built on the basis of direct speech, that is why all the additional questions and remarks should be kept until the end of the conversation. The objective view on things discussed is the main reason why the author should not give their opinion to the respondent even after the conversation is finished (it may be useful for a possible future revisit).

The following exposition on the base of case study collected data

A completed interview should be attentively investigated for relevant facts and figures, which will be analyzed and systematized. A wide range of collected information from similar cases helps the writer find patterns while comparing the relevant themes. These writing tips for a case study research might come in handy:

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Applicability of case study research to actual information science

As a good and resourceful method, case study research is employed by libraries due to the use of its methodology in their studies. Thus, this is quite an effective way to examine the behavior of library visitors, for example, via comparing the statistics of their inquiries for proposal essay topics, a biology lab report example or a Geography homework help. These in-depth studies help understand some specifics of the interests in the library readers community.

A case study research always implies a complex and thorough investigation, which often includes a large amount of cases’ data, like observations, interviews and document collections to compare and correlate. Multiple cases are also possible within a single research. Researchers have employed this method for decades across the most variegated disciplines. Psychologists as well as social scientists use case study research for real life situations. This is an extremely convenient method for producing new theories, disputing over solutions to a variety of situations, exploring and proposing hypotheses, challenging the theories of investigated phenomenon. The crucial advantage of case studies is that they are fully applicable to real social occasions. Moreover, their public-oriented clarity and highly understandable style result in clear and easily accessible written reports. Case study research reports address their reader directly and facilitate the reader's understanding of complicated and confusing real life situations. Remember that the dissertation and case study writing services are always at your disposal in case you need a thorough research for your professor or academic supervisor, or if you want a quality work submitted by deadline. It’s always a good idea to ask for help from experienced writers if you feel like you should.