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Studybay delivers expert custom writing services to help students reach academic excellence. Our analytical essay writers work on analytical essays while ensuring total compliance with instructions.

What is an Analysis Essay?

An analysis essay outlines the methodological analysis of a judgment about a general issue. However, the body has a stricter emphasis on logic, facts, and empirical evidence compared to other types of essays. It encourages the student to explain or illustrate a subject rather than discuss it as the dialectical plan requires. Therefore, the guiding ideas are drawn from the topic.

The concept you need to explain, demonstrate, justify, and develop to write an analytical essay will always call for an analytical plan. It is also called the causal plan. Despite the structured plan of such an essay, there may be some variations depending on the subject. If you trust our professional analytical essay writing service, we will guide you in identifying the major arguments of analytical essays as they relate to your chosen topic, so boosting your chances of earning a Ph.D. or other advanced degrees.

The Two Primary Types of Analytical Essays

There are two primary approaches to writing an essay paper that the analytical essay writing service can work on. They are:

1️⃣ Statement Approach

The statement approach is the simpler of the two types of analytical essays, and it involves breaking down a particular statement into its individual parts to examine what each part means. This type of analytical essay helps to identify any hidden meanings or implications behind a statement. For instance, one may analyze a quote from a book or movie, and through this analysis, determine what the quote is trying to say.

2️⃣ Argumentative Approach

The argumentative approach is more complex compared to the statement approach. It involves examining an issue and choosing sides based on your opinion or stance. The goal of this type of analytical essay is to persuade readers that your argument is valid and convincing. The argumentative approach can be challenging because you need to provide evidence and strong reasoning to support your claim.

Whichever approach you choose, it's essential to understand that well written analytical essays require both critical thinking and careful analysis. This means that an analysis essay writer needs to be able to dissect the topic, identify its key components, and analyze how they relate to each other. It also requires you to have a deep understanding of the subject matter and be able to provide evidence from credible sources to support your claims.

The Differences Between a University and a High School Analysis Essay

👨‍🎓 University

👩‍🎓 High School

  • Thorough analysis of the topic
  • Typically, a broad or general topic
  • The essay will explain and provide proof for its views, according to the essay. No fixed length is given.
  • One sentence must be used to state the essay
  • There is no set format, and the number of paragraphs you use depends on your argument.
  • 5 paragraphs and 3 main points
  • Title page, introduction, body, and conclusion (including the essay statement)
  • Title page, introduction, body, and conclusion (including the essay statement)

What Is the Main Focus Of Analytical Essays On Different Topics?

To validate a project done by our analytical essay writing services, you must be aware of some major points. As writing an analytical essay involves putting forward the merits and drawbacks of a subject, it can sometimes be intricate.

In the opening paragraph, the background of the chosen topic should be covered. This is the section that concerns the formulation of the research question. It must provide a broader picture of the research. A concise review of the literature that has been performed on the subject must be cited. It will help to demonstrate the importance of the research by expanding the understanding of the area of research.

From there, the essay should state the question the project is addressing more clearly. In the conclusion, there should be a hypothesis that includes the intention of your research.

All the information that you have read, learned and researched should be highlighted in the text. Hence, the focus must imply putting all facts that you have studied in a broader perspective.


In psychology, analysis essays typically involve evaluating both empirical and theoretical research. When our analytical essay paper writing service analyze and input theories in psychology, relevant questions are:

  • Does it make sense?
  • Can it explain the psychological phenomena, or does it leave things unexplained?
  • Have any studies been conducted to test the theory? And if so, what were the findings? What are the conclusions?


The essay should begin with an introductory generic statement in biology. Make sure that the text sets the scene for your readers so that they understand why this research is crucial. At the same time, avoid being too bold with your statements, for example, "This substance kills all cancers". Relevant questions for biology are:

  • A clear presentation of your own point of view
  • An evaluation of the arguments and evidence relevant to the topic
  • An acknowledgment of the limitations of your presented arguments and evidence
  • The conclusion

Political Science

An analytical political science essay aims to answer a given question concerning a political process, event, or future development. The project should ideally be an analyzing process or an event from the past. Moreover, it must not necessarily deal with situations and cases that happen presently.

You should not forget two main points:

  • There should be more than empirical data.
  • The academic level of such a project should be more advanced than a high-school essay.


The first thing an analytical essay writing service considers is the essay's effective usage of pertinent engineering terminology. It is the core of the project. The audience should be informed by an analytical essay by using appropriate academic jargon and reliable data. At a certain degree, two important things to know:

  • You must check the typical format that demonstrates the rational progression of ideas from general to specific with logical conclusions.
  • The analytical essay will appear well-structured and simple to follow if the material is coherent and free of errors.

Provide Maximum Information Regarding Your Personal Research

The research part is irremediably the most important part that needs to be transferred to the analytical essay help online. Without a thorough hint of your comprehension of the subject at hand, it will be impossible for our expert to develop a compelling analytical case. Because of this, the notes must be exhaustive and thorough, so that the sources can be analyzed critically.

Since analysis needs critical thinking, it is crucial to spend the research phase considering the implications of the facts and information that are gathered for the topic at hand. Then, the development of an argument might be possible using the sources according to your conclusions on the subject.

Giving the writer the option of keeping close track of your sources and their precise information is important. If notes are taken properly and sources are organized, the writing will go more smoothly. You should also provide a well-organized collection of materials. This is essential to avoid any incorrect citations which may cause serious issues or incoherence in the project.

Why Should You Pay for an Analytical Essay to Studybay?

Since you cannot be excellent in all subjects, you have the right to hire an analytical essay writing help when you are struggling. Get the guidance you need online for all your essay needs.

🔴 1. If you cannot select an appropriate topic

If you wish to properly investigate the topics that you can analyze, you can discuss them with our experts. They will discuss with you to find the perfect topic and will know how to tailor it to focus more narrowly on the subject.

🔴 2. If you have difficulties focusing on details

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to write factual essays. Our expert will make sure that your chapters are structured properly. They will present your ideas and research in a logical way. Our experts have all graduated from top-ranked universities in the world. They have what it takes to write excellent analytical essays.

🔴 3. If you have planning and time management difficulties

If managing your time to complete an analytical essay within a reasonable timeframe is a difficult assignment for you, hiring our professionals is a good idea. They can plan for each chapter by identifying the tasks that need to be completed to have the perfect research paper. Tight deadlines are not an issue at Studybay as the website proposes competent subject-matter experts who can deliver assignments efficiently and quickly.

🔴 5. If you need help documenting and formatting the essay

An issue that every student confronts when writing his work is the formatting aspect. Every college has a specific style guide to format essays, but many students don’t know how to review, follow, and implement every rule. So, our professional writers are here to help you.

🔴 6. If you don’t know which software to use

Lack of knowledge of useful software can be an issue when writing an analytical essays. Hiring someone who masters the software needed to write the perfect essay is essential.

Why Is Our Analytical Essay Writing Help So Useful for Students?

Our professional team in critical analysis paper writing service is dedicated to providing students with quality work. As we know that the students’ futures are important, we will ensure that the following aspects are met.

✅ It can help improve writing skills to get better grades

When hiring a qualified writer, students gain from having their essays assessed with professionalism. They can also write more skillfully. Additionally, we will provide tailor-made essays in which students can pick up useful techniques they might apply later. A better understanding of style, language, and formatting will be advantageous to them.

✅ You will improve your research work

After reading the essay of our professional writer, you will learn a lot of useful things. You will understand how to research reliable sources and choose the right citations. Citing them correctly, and summarizing arguments properly will make your work stand out from the rest.

✅ Professional writers will help you improve your grades

You will be prepared to manage any written task given to you with the help of our professional advice. They will also give you feedback on your work. This will help you to improve your grades and will earn the merit that you deserve.

✅ We help to save time and stress during the essay writing process

Our essay writing specialists provide a variety of helpful tips and tricks to ease the process. As they can find the best accurate resources, you will surely get positive results. In addition, our experts will give you helpful tips on how to write engagingly to make your essay stand out. This will reduce your stress and give you more free time.

The Key Benefits of Our Analytical Essay Paper Writing Service

✍️Professional writers

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👉 Plagiarism-free essays

The worst academic vice in the world is plagiarism. A skilled writer will use reliable sources to produce unique and original text. He will begin by learning more about your area of study. Once this first step is completed, our expert will check if there is any plagiarized sentence. As a result, you can expect to receive high-quality work.

The experts need to work with the highest level of integrity. In other words, they will not sell your notes to anyone. Our specialists will follow the citation guidelines while citing the work of other authors. So, you will not need to worry about confidentiality matters regarding your request.

👉 Top quality content

Probably the most difficult aspect of writing to master involves creating original, well-researched content. At Studybay, the text will be written from scratch by a native English writer. So, this will ensure that you get good grades and a top-notch project. A good GPA will be ensured only if you hire a high-quality essay writing company.

👉 You will meet your deadline

Qualified essay writers for hire know how to approach academic writing, edit your text, or complete your analytical essay. They will do this in a timely manner, freeing up some time from your schedule. Since some of our experts can complete a project within 24 hours, you will easily meet your deadline.

👉 Affordable Rates

As you are a student, you might have a tight budget. Therefore, you should look for an essay writer who offers fair prices. Do not confuse affordable for a decreased cost. Indeed, you wish the rates to be pocket-friendly, but do not forget that the work you get should be of good value. On most essay-writing websites that offer low rates, the quality is compromised. However, on a professional website such as Studybay, you will be sure of getting quality work.

👉 Good reputation

Examine a writer's reputation before hiring them to create an essay. Consider whether they adhere to deadlines, whether their work is entirely original, and how they handle confidentiality. Some websites such as ours will offer you a money-back guarantee. This means that you will get a refund if you are not satisfied with the result. There is also the option of editing your essay at zero cost.

👉 Reduces Stress

For many people, writing can be a source of stress. This is especially true for students who are juggling multiple classes and numerous research papers with short deadlines. They will have plenty of room to start fretting or perhaps feeling anxious while working with our professional authors. By asking for essay writing assistance with your analytical essay, you can put an end to any worries you might have about that particular subject.

👉 Guaranteed anonymity

Not only will you be able to submit your project on time and in an amazing condition, but you can do this proudly claiming that you did everything. The work of an amazing writer will impress your professors. In their eyes, you will be the one who did the research, wrote the analytical essay and put so much effort into meeting their instructions.

👉 Free Revisions

Your teachers may occasionally ask you to make changes to your project. It is totally normal and if something like this happens, you don’t need to worry. Responsible professional authors will edit your work. If you request these adjustments before the deadline, they will typically not charge you anything.

Hire Analytical Essay Writer Online

Once you have successfully placed your order, choose the most suitable expert who will thoroughly scan your instructions and create an outline to make sure that the dissertation mirrors the guidelines that you shared.

These authors can create well-researched and thought-provoking articles by drawing on their educational experiences. Our specialists can also adapt their writing styles to suit the needs of each student.

At Studybay, the analytical essay writers may be professionals in their field, teachers, or academics. They are experts who fully understand the mentality and behavior of students and incorporate it into the research. Their knowledge extends from the undergraduate level and beyond.

Buy an Analytical Essay in One Click!

Our ordering procedure is quite straightforward. Here's how it's done:

  1. Visit our website and register using any of the offered methods.
  2. Log in to your account and click the "CREATE A PROJECT" button.
  3. Fill in as many details as you can about your essay and click CREATE to submit it.
  4. Choose a writer who provides the greatest services at a reasonable price.
  5. Pay for the work (it is possible to divide the payment into two parts).
  6. Communicate with the writer throughout the process to have your essay completed. If you run into any problems, please contact the support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum length that a writer writes per day?

Depending on the subject and writing speed of a writer, the length can be 500 to 3000 words. So, do not hesitate to give all the info required to the chosen expert.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, our service follows international laws and offers a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the task, you can claim back your money.

Can someone write my analytical essay for me?

Absolutely, it is legal to have a qualified person write your analytical essay. If you need additional information on the agreement between the website and yourself, you just need to check the requirements of the website.

What’s the price of a typical analysis essay?

The price for an analytical essays starts at $15 depending on the deadline and number of pages that you require. You can use the calculator on our website to determine the price before you buy analytical essay.

How long does it take to write an analytical essay?

The deadline to write an essay strictly depends on you. If you need the essay within 24 hours and give all the necessary info in due time, it will be possible.

How can I hire a professional writer on Studybay?

First of all, to hire a professional writer on our website it is essential to create an account. Then, you should provide essential information regarding the writing, choose the expert and proceed to the payment.

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