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What is Art History Paper

Usually students begin to study art history in college, so it may be an absolutely new subject for them. History as a whole and art are closely connected, have many common points and divided into the same periods. Still, it's not the same. So before you think of your art history paper format and start working on it, we would like you to get acquainted with the meaning of this course and its main characteristics.

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This is the study of art objects within the history of humanity and stylistic contexts, such as style, genre, format and design. This discipline covers arts of painting, sculpture, architecture and also arts of ceramics, furniture and decorative objects.

Art history has different aspects. On the one hand, there is art criticism, which discusses and evaluates visual art. Its aim is to find a rational basis for art appreciation. On the other hand, there is also a philosophy of art, which deals with the fundamental nature of art. It includes such aspects as interpretation, representation, expression and form.

As you can see, art history may be very interesting for those who love beauty, want to know more about it or are artists by themselves. It is also not easy to learn because it requires knowledge of history as a separate discipline. Anyway, even if you are a beginner in learning visual arts, you certainly possess basic skills that you got from other studies which will help you with this one. If you know how to analyze literature of a certain historical period, you won't find it that hard to write as if you were a historian. Remember how you made arguments and proved your point? The same thing is going to be with art history, except here, you will use a piece of visual art (instead of a poem, for example) to develop your argumentation.

Before dealing with art history paper topics, you have to decide what assignment you need to do because these two moments depend on each other. Historians have different approaches and methods regarding art exploration, but some of them are ordinary and are used in other branches of science. Pay attention that there are many ways of doing research on art history. For this reason, you have to discuss your future paper with the instructor in order to realize what he expects from you. In any case, the way of exploration depends on the art history paper topics.

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Now you know that this is a serious task and you have to prepare for it thoroughly. Moreover, it is important to target the needed topic. There has to be something that you are very curious about, otherwise your paper isn't going to be interesting.

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