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In addition to this, one person starts the spread of the rumour and as such when t=0 the number of people who know about the rumour is equal to 1, therefore the y-intercept is (0,1). Due to the fact that the y-intercept is given by C/(1+A), it is possible to derive; From section one, the vertical dilation of a surge function of the form y=Ate^(-bt) is affected by the A term, and hence as A is increased so to is the local maximum. Therefore, it can be deduced that A=8xe^(-0.2x). In regards to the b term, as b is increased the local maximum is increased and the function approaches the x-axis at a faster rate, this would be represented by graph C.4 billion as of 2016 (United Nations Population Fund, 2014.) It is estimated that within this century the human population will exceed 9 billion people and will eventually reach 10 billion after 2084 (United Nations Population Fund, 2014.) These projections made by the United Nations Population Fund assumes that the human population will continu...

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surge and logistic assignment 1

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