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This data base/ women’s medical record, also had information on Ethnicity, age, religion as entered by the staff and not the women who completed the survey. The questionnaire had both qualitative and quantitate data but for this paper only quantitative variables are used. Maternal age, weight and height, parity, diet and lifestyle courses were used. Socio demographic and income related datamarital status, nationality, educational level, employment status of both the woman and her partner. There were 107 variables. According to National statistics more baby are born outside of marriage so the martial status was changed into with partner and without partner to accommodate married and co habiting and not living with partner and single. There were 5 groups of smoking status and that was changed into smoking now, at the time of interview and not smoking. This does not account for those who stopped smoking during the pregnancy or any other cofounder influence. The variables were Body ma...

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