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Tiede murders Nugent after she has become more and more wearied by the emotional effects of her determination. Tiede excuses her absence from the city for nine months with a few questions and uses her resources to help small traders and fellow citizens. Finally, Nugent's investment analyst uses Tiede's negligence to gain the support of her odd family from previously negotiated payments. Having worked with Skip Hollandsworth, a co-writer whose text was published in Texas Weekly, Linklater portrays Bernie in the eyes of Carthagerian people, practically offering remarks like an interview to the main characters, in a wide range of authentic locals, mostly older folk. Black's marvelously judged work, which is droppingly mature but just as seriously as possible, is reminiscent of previous high-wire behavior, such as the priceless turn by Charles Laughton, in the Ruggles of Red Gap, as the gift butler, and Alec Guinness' unforgettable predator in The Ladykillers, in a malevolent direction. ...

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Write a rhetorical analysis essay over the 2011 movie, Bernie. -Identify examples of ethos (credibility and authority), logos( Statistics, facts, logical reasoning), and pathos (Strong emotion) throughout the movie -Please make sure the similarity index does not exceed 20% I've included links to a r...

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