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Authors use ethos to convey trustworthiness through tone variations, eye contact and through his reputation. One can ask himself or herself so many questions that can make him or her trust the writer, questions like educational or professional experience, is he/her a valid source? Kairos: Kairos refers to element of speech that appreciates and bring about support from a specific time, settings and the place where the speech is taking place. One of the questions that can be asked by the audience is; how is this writer or author making the most of the moment? Key words: author, emotions, settings, audience, purpose. The meaning of the four words pathos, logos, ethos and Kairos has been covered in the song “The Saints are coming” by u2 and bono. “The Saints Are Coming” was performed by the Scottish punk rock band. The writer of the song wrote it about a friend who had recently joined the army and was tragically killed in Northern Ireland. This song was performed in several occ...

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Rhetorical analysis of music video

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