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Body #1 • Topic Sentence: Many people from the past and to this day today have converted themselves to a vegan diet for the betterment of their health. • Supporting Sentence #1: Another benefit of vegan diet is the intake of whole foods which contains protective nutrients rather than meat, egg, and dairy counterparts (Zamir, 2004). • Supporting Sentence #2: Problems such as chronic tiredness, inability to sleep well, decaying teeth, and also the inability to maintain a healthy weight can be bad results of a vegan diet. • Transition: But the rich diet, if done poorly, means that vegans are still healthier than your average omnivore. III. • Supporting Sentence #3: However, the result of both diets aid in reducing cholesterol levels but the low-fat vegan diet shows remarkably greater improvements (Cole & Morgan, 2011). • Supporting Sentence #4: During 2006, in a study published in Diabetes Care journals, researchers contrasted the effects of following a low-fat ...

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Persuasive Speech - Veganism

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