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I witnessed how the nurses in the clinic facility attended to her, mainly; assisting her feed, drug administration and the polite queries they probed my grandmother. The whole experience motivated me more towards helping the undeserved people in different communities whom according to Bridges, are the have nots who struggle to acquire basic needs. The motivation that hardened me more into physician assistant was meeting Mitchell Sanson PA-C and Erica Stone PA-C, who introduced me to the enormous scope of practice, named medicine. Having the two of them was a life blessing to me, as they encouraged me to learn and understand more in medicine. I comprehended the knowledge behind body behaviour, how the body works, numerous tests done to patients and the distinct drugs that subdue or trigger specific pathways. After that, I stayed focused on my studies at the University of North Florida. I was now had set goals and also aimed at improving my GPA from 2. My motivational quote was that p...

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I am is applying to PA school. Write a personal statement in relation to being a physician assistant.

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