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to be considered in this case analysis include environment business model performance and principal issue criteria for choice recommendation and plan of action. The environment of operation of this skin care firm was based in Japan. However with the expansion of the company and its momentum in the market in 1999 Paolo de Cesare presented his analysis on how the company could be globalized. As a result more attention was given to the expansion of the readily available conducive business environment. His analysis brought on board the idea of the expansion of the company. At this point the issues that stood out were the markets that were most important to enter then and the organization model. Next was the business model in which a global management had to be adopted. Firstly the seven divisions of P&G in United States organization was fragmented to twenty six product categories and each had its product supply product development and marketing and sales capabilities. Further the inter...

Case Study (69 pages)
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P & G Japan: The SK-II Globalization Project

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