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other (Kendall 2021). The activity can generally be described as the system’s operation. Activity diagram ensures that the flow of activities are drawn from an operation to the other. It basically entails the involvement of all type of flow control while they use various elements such as join fork etc. The flow of activity can either be concurrent sequential or branched. The diagram below shows how an activity would look like for a car washing system. The first activity is to find cars available for washing in the garage. When found the system marksactivity stops. Otherwise it continues to search if the car may be found in the parking slot. If it continually fails the car is marked for investigation then the flow of activity stops. Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: Activity Diagram showing a car washing system. REFERENCES Dennis A. Wixom B. & Tegarden D. (2015). Systems Analysis and Design: An Object-Oriented Approach with UML (5th ed.). Wiley. Kendall K. (2021). Systems Analysis and ...

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Answer the following questions 1. What are Object-Oriented Concepts 2. What is Use Case Modeling and UML 3. What is an Activity Diagram - what would it look like when documenting the activities in Washing a Car or Fast-Food Purchases?

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