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The main goal of using use case models is to solve a real situational problem, with full description of the user’s set goals, the interaction in existence between the entire system and the user, and the intended behavior that the system displays in meeting the user’s goals (Dennis et al. Therefore, in UML (Unified Modeling Language), a sue case model can outline the system’s overall summary detailing the requirements required for use by the system’s user, and how they plan on interacting with the system. Activity Diagram in UML Activity diagram is basically a representation of the system’s activity flowchart that shows how activities flow from one event to the other (Kendall, 2021).

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Answer the following questions 1. What are Object-Oriented Concepts 2. What is Use Case Modeling and UML 3. What is an Activity Diagram - what would it look like when documenting the activities in Washing a Car or Fast-Food Purchases?

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